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1890 FACILITIES GRANT PROGRAM. National Extension and Research Administrative Officers’ Conference (NERAOC) May 22 - 25, 2011. National Institute of Food and Agriculture Office of Extramural Programs Award Management Branch Session No. 11 May 23, 2011 Adriene Woodin, Section Leader.

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1890 facilities grant program


National Extension and Research

Administrative Officers’ Conference


May 22 - 25, 2011


National Institute of Food and AgricultureOffice of Extramural ProgramsAward Management BranchSession No. 11May 23, 2011Adriene Woodin, Section Leader

topics for discussion
Topics for Discussion
  • Authorized Representative’s (AR) Statement of Certification
  • Proposal/Award Objectives
  • Requests for Approvals
  • No-Cost Extension (NCE)Requests
  • Project and Construction Management Costs
topics for discussion cont d
Topics for Discussion (Cont’d)
  • Pre-construction Environmental Assessment
  • Emergency Acquisitions
  • Annual Performance Reports
  • Timely Completion
  • Grant Close-out
  • Continuing Responsibilities
proposal award objectives
Proposal/Award Objectives
  • Objectives should be reasonable and attainable for the funding provided.
  • Delete those objectives that are obsolete and/or unattainable (requires NIFA approval).
ar statement of certification
AR Statement of Certification
  • This document is to be submitted when requesting NIFA’s approval for A/E Services and Contractual Arrangements.
  • See: Article 14. Bid Guarantees and Bonding of the Special Terms & Conditions – C.
requests for approval
Requests for Approval
  • Allow a minimum of 30-days for NIFA approval when submitting post-award action requests.
  • Including all required information in the request will help expedite the approval process.
  • Requests may be sent via email as a PDF attachment
no cost extension nce requests
No-Cost Extension (NCE) Requests
  • All grants must be kept current and NCE requests must be submitted prior to expiration of award.
  • Requests must contain all information required for an extension.
nce requests cont d
NCE Requests (Cont’d)
  • Expired awards will not be “revived”.
  • Funds remaining on expired grants will be de-obligated and returned to U.S. Treasury.
  • Final reports will be required.
project management costs
Project Management Costs
  • Administrative or project oversight, including participation in or supervision of bid, negotiation, or contract administration processes are Unallowable Project Costs.
  • See Article 8. Project Costs of the Special Terms & Conditions – C.
construction management costs
Construction Management Costs
  • Construction Management Costs specific to on-site supervision and inspection of construction activities to check quality and quantity of work in progress is allowable.
construction management costs cont d
Construction Management Costs (cont’d)
  • Construction Manager must be qualified by education, training, or experience
  • Requests for Construction Manager salary costs must be tied directly to an on-going construction project
    • Include the amount of time involvement
pre construction environment assessments pea
Pre-Construction Environment Assessments (PEA)
  • A PEA is required for the construction or renovation of physical facilities.
  • PEA approval required before construction contractors are hired.
    • Project costs would be unallowable if PEA is not completed.
pre construction environmental assessments cont d
Pre-Construction Environmental Assessments (Cont’d)
  • Due to complexity of the PEA document, considerable time may be needed for NIFA’s review.
  • The PEA must be prepared by an independent third party such as an A-E firm.
pre construction environmental assessments cont d1
Pre-Construction Environmental Assessments (Cont’d)

Requests for NIFA review of a PEA should:

  • Identify the current and past names of the facility in the request (if applicable).
  • Identify the Fiscal Year(s) and Objective(s) it is related to.
  • Contain your Authorized Representative’s signature.
pre construction environmental assessments cont d2
Pre-Construction Environmental Assessments (Cont’d)
  • References:
    • Article 9. Environmental Requirements of the Special Terms and Conditions – C.
    • Section 1502.10 of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969.
emergency acquisitions
Emergency Acquisitions
  • Allows up to 10% of the annual appropriation amount for emergency acquisitions, repairs, and small expenditures related to advertising and bid costs.
  • Emergency Acquisition Funds are not cumulative from year to year.
emergency acquisitions cont d
Emergency Acquisitions(Cont’d)
  • If emergency situation goes beyond the approved scope of work as stated in the five-year plan, NIFA review and approval is required.
  • NIFA must be notified within 90 days of the incurring emergency expenditures.
emergency acquisitions cont d1
Emergency Acquisitions(Cont’d)
  • Non-compliance of these guidelines may forfeit institution’s use of this provision for future grant awards.
  • NIFA maintains the right to withdraw this provision for an institution at its discretion.
annual performance reports
Annual Performance Reports
  • Applications for renewal funds should contain the Annual report for the grant being renewed.
  • Separate Annual Reports are required for all other open awards. Do not include these reports with your funding application.
  • Post-award approvals and new funds will be withheld for any overdue or incomplete annual reports.
annual performance reports1
Annual Performance Reports
  • Annual performance reports are used for NIFA Congressional reporting .
    • Accurate and up-to-date reporting is important.
  • Refer to Article 12. Performance Monitoring and Reporting, Special Terms and Conditions – C for full requirements and formatting.
timely completion
Timely Completion
  • Many Facilities grants from Fiscal Years 88, 93, 98, and 03 remain open:
    • Two 1988 awards – 18 years since last funding
    • Five 1993 awards – 14 years since last funding
    • Over half of the 1998 projects have not been completed – 8 years since last funding
    • Only one 2003 grant has been completed and closed
timely completion1
Timely Completion
  • It is important to follow proposed project time-lines to complete activities:
    • Open projects are reported to Congress.
    • Jeopardizes future funds for Program.
    • Appears funds/Program are not needed.
  • What are the issues which preclude timely completion of projects?
grant close out
Grant Close-out
  • Final Performance and Financial Reports
    • Due within 90 days after grant expiration.
    • Refer to Article 26. Grant Closeout in the Special Terms and Conditions – C for full requirements and report formatting
continuing responsibilities
  • Real Property – use or disposition of property after award close-out shall continue to conform to Program Authorizing Language
  • Records Retention – grant records shall be maintained and available for inspection for a period of three years after NIFA acceptance of final reports and award close-out
contact us
  • Darlene Brown, Grants Specialist – (202) 401-4189, (AL-GA)


  • Barbara Dodson, Grants Specialist – (202) 401-0327, (KY- NC)
  • bdodson@NIFA.usda.gov
  • Jeffrey Jacobs, Grants Specialist – (202) 690-5717, (OK-WV)


  • Rochelle McCrea, Team Leader – (202) 401-2880


  • Duane Alphs, Team Leader – (202) 401-4326


  • Adriene Woodin, Branch Chief – (202)-401-4320


Fax numbers: (202) 401-3237 or (202) 401-1804 or (202) 401-6271

mailing information
  • Express Mail:

Awards Management Branch


800 9th Street, SW, Room _____

Washington, DC 20024

  • Regular Mail:

Awards Management Branch


1400 Independence Avenue, SW, Mail Stop 2271

Washington, DC 20250