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14 Week Blockade Management Process

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14 Week Blockade Management Process - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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14 Week Blockade Management Process. Purpose and Scope. This document describes the special arrangements to be implemented by the project to manage the works undertaken during the 14 week blockade commencing on the 20 th February 2010

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Presentation Transcript

Purpose and Scope

  • This document describes the special arrangements to be implemented by the project to manage the works undertaken during the 14 week blockade commencing on the 20th February 2010
  • It covers the high level scope of works that will be undertaken during the 14 weeks.
  • The objectives of the document are to:
    • Outline the management arrangements for:
      • Progress reporting
      • Planning updates
      • Site access and site activity management
      • Duty management
  • Nothing stated in this document is an amendment to the Rule Book
  • This document should be read in conjunction with the 14 week blockade co-ordination pack

14 Week Blockade

20th February to 1st June 2010

WP05 – Woodyard Close TSL Decommission

WP03: Canonbury

Pf 4 Staircase

Pf 4 Lift + Plantroom

Pf 2/3 Staircase

PF2/3 Lift + Plantroom

Pf 1 Staircase

Pf 1 Lift + Plantroom

LOROL: fitout

WP03: Highbury & Islington

Install new concourse

Pf8 Lift installation

Pf1 Lift installation

Pf2/7 Lift Installation

Lift plantroom

Pf1 Staircase

Pf 2/7 staircase

Pf1 fitout

Pf2/7 fitout

LOROL: fitout

WP03: Caledonian Rd

Pf 1/2 Lift + Plantroom

New Pf 1

New footbridge + staircases

Lift installation

LOROL: fitout

WP12: Gospel Oak

Platform extension Westbound

WP12: Boleyn RdBridge Deck Replacement

WP12: Dalston Kingsland

Pf extension Eastbound


WP12: Homerton

Pf extension Eastbound


WP05: Maiden LaneSubstation Part Decommission

WP04: Lea Jnc

WP05: Court Garden


WP05 – Hackney CentralTPH Decommission

WP05: Primrose Hill ITSL

WP05: York WayReconfiguration MPTSL + Incline TSC

Pway: Dalston JnPlain Line

ELL Phase 1A:

S&C Installation

Dalston Curve Plain Lining

H&I head shunt

Pway – rerail and conductor rail

Signal bases / structures

WP05: Graham Road Curve Reconfiguration

WP03: Pway

Install 610 Pts at Camden

WP03 : Pway

Reballast & lower no.2 lines inc 612 & 611 pts

WP03: Camley Street Bridge

Demolition and reinstatement of bridge deck

WP02 – Signal bases, structures, Locs etc


OHLE Foundations

Install OHLE Steelwork, SPS & switching

New Wire Runs & Registration

Realignment of existing wire runs & registration

Stage S

Install LOCs

Signalling Installation


Wheels Free Period

Testing & Commissioning


CORE AREA - WP03 Pway Installation

  • Key Notes (Issues / Assumptions / Resource confirmations)
  • Section 61 is approved for 0800 to 2200 working
  • Logistics for the engineering trains are carefully managed
  • Pre-blockade sewer and track works are completed
  • Sewer works complete ahead of track
  • Scope:
  • Remove the old track scheme and Install the final scheme, including track drainage and 4 S&C units. Track will be commissioned to suit stage s.
  • Works planned:
  • Recoveries at Camden Road East Junction, Caledonian Rd inc 201 points, Dalston Western Jn 204A, 204B, 205 and 206B points plus plain line through station.
  • Recover Conductor Rail Camden Road to Highbury and Dalston to Hackney Central.
  • Remove existing No.2 Lines, spoil and strut excavations from Caledonian Road to Highbury.
  • Install 2851m of track and 4 S&C units between Camden and Dalston
  • Install 400m of twin track on No. 1 lines Highbury Grove – Court Gardens
  • Install Western Outfall Drainage 3No. Caissons and 120m of Deep Sewer
  • Install 5 No. Southern Drainage Connections

CORE AREA – Phase 1a P-Way Installation

  • Key Notes (Issues / Assumptions / Resource confirmations)
  • Section 61 is approved for 0800 to 2200 working
  • Logistics for the engineering trains are carefully managed
  • Interface with the NLL works ( Stray current and power feeds)
  • Scope:
  • Phase 1A is the connection between the Highbury & Islington and Dalston Junction comprising of infrastructure upgrades and renewals to convert the existing No 2 NLL lines to DC ELL lines.
  • Works planned:
  • Relay 2 no Crossovers (141, 142, 143, 144 pts) between Highbury & Islington and Cannonbury Stations on the No 2 Lines
  • Install buffer stop and head shunt at Highbury and Islington
  • Install 620m plain line at Dalston curve
  • Install 500m Conductor rail installation
  • Rerailing between Highbury & Islington and Cannonbury
  • Works planned post 14 week blockade:
  • Install Cable Management System
  • Install 8 no signal bases
  • Install 2 UTX’s and 8 Loc bases

CORE AREA - WP03 OHL Foundations, Erection of Steel & SPS, Wire Runs

  • Scope:
  • Install the final OLE scheme, section prove then install permanent earthed sections to suit stage s.
  • Works planned:
  • 18 Foundations
  • 38 Bridge Arms
  • 60 Pedestals
  • 18 Portals
  • 36 STS, TTC
  • 10 New Wire Runs
  • 6 Wire Alterations
  • 4 De-wire
  • 9 Section Insulators
  • 8 Switches
  • Section Proving (15th, 16th May)
  • Key Interfaces and constraints
  • P-way works
  • Station works
  • Signalling Wheels free
  • Key Notes (Issues / Assumptions / Resource confirmations)
  • Track access prior to blockade
  • Stage S PES
  • Special foundations on Wall 1N & 2N
  • All planned foundations are complete prior to the blockade

WP03 OHLE – West Hampstead, Kentish Town West & Brondesbury

  • Scope:
  • Complete remaining works at Brondesbury & West Hampstead. All works on Kentish Town West.
  • Works planned:
  • 1 Structure & SPS
  • 3 Structures to remove
  • Wire transfers
  • Key Interfaces and constraints
  • Carillion Civils
  • Kentish Town structure interface with new
  • platform
  • Key Notes (Issues / Assumptions / Resource confirmations)
  • Prep works prior to blockade

WP05 – Mitre Bridge, Primrose Hill, Woodyard Close, Graham Road Curve, York Way & Court Gardens

  • Scope:
  • Install the final OLE scheme as far as possible dependant upon stage s and section prove.
  • Works planned:
  • 4 Structures
  • 14 Switches
  • 5 Neutral Sections
  • 4 Remove Neutral Sections
  • Section Proving (15th, 16th May)
  • Key Interfaces and constraints
  • Atkins works
  • Stage S
  • Possession interfaces with other railways
  • Key Notes (Issues / Assumptions / Resource confirmations)
  • Track access prior to blockade
  • Stage S PES
  • 42 Structures overloaded at Primrose Hill
  • Position of Neutral Section magnets at Camden
  • Non-approval of 3 bead neutral section

Civils WP02 / WP12 / Bridge Works

Scope: Installation of Signal Bases, Replacement of Camley Street Bridge Deck, New Deck Construction at Boleyn Road and the Extension of Existing Station Platforms at Dalston Kingsland

  • Key Notes (Issues / Assumptions / Resource confirmations)
  • EDF HV & LV Diversions for Camley Street Demolition.
  • Works need to be completed to enable stage “S” commissioning.

Works planned:

Work Package 2

  • Installation of 9 Screw Piled & 14 Concrete Signal Bases
  • Erection of 5 Signal Gantries
  • Erection of 4 Signal Cantilevers
  • Install 160m of SPT Walkways

Camley Street

  • Demolish Existing Deck
  • Construct New Deck
  • Slide New Deck
  • Replace Ballast

Boleyn Road

  • Construct Wing Wall North & South
  • Erect Steel Super Structure
  • Construct New Concrete Deck
  • Brick Cladding to Wing Walls

Dalston Kingsland

  • Oversail Blocks to East Bound
  • Platform Copers to East Bound
  • Oversail Blocks to West Bound
  • Platform Copers to West Bound

Further platform extension works (Hampstead Heath, Brondenesbury Park, Finchley & Frognal Gospel Oak and West Hampstead)


WP02 – Stage S Signalling Installation

  • Scope:
  • Construction, testing and commissioning of a temporary signalling system, utilising the existing signal box control system.
  • Works planned:
  • 6 Main aspect auto signals on straight posts and 2 banner repeaters
  • 5 Main aspect auto signals on gantries
  • 10 modular location cases and two existing (2/18, 2/14) replicated on north side of railway
  • 10 AWS, 4 TPWS
  • 20 Digital TI-21 Track Circuits as opposed to Axle Counters
  • 11 SPTs, new telecomms concentrator
  • All Points to be plain-lined except 608A/B and 609
  • Small, additional Control and Indication signaller’s panel to be installed at Camden Road signal box
  • 2 x 27 core signalling cables, 20 pair Telecoms cable & screen and 2 x 650v Power cables fed from the existing Highbury & Islington Sub Station
  • Key Interfaces and constraints
  • Carillion civil and OLE works
  • Carillion signalling civil works
  • Key Notes (Issues / Assumptions / Resource confirmations)
  • EIS and CIP approval
  • Commissioning plan approval

WP02 – Stage 1 & 2 Signalling Installation

  • Scope:
  • Installation of the final signalling infrastructure for stages 1 & 2
  • Works planned:
  • Installation of 38 AWS
  • Installation of 16 point machines
  • Installation of 14 Locs
  • Installation of 35 TPWS
  • Installation of 121 Axle counters
  • Erection of 9 signal gantry structures
  • Erection of 78 signal posts
  • Erection of 91 SPT’s
  • Installation of 4 DNO’s
  • Key Interfaces and constraints
  • Carillion civil and OLE works
  • Carillion signalling civil works
  • Atkins Stage S works
  • Key Notes (Issues / Assumptions / Resource confirmations)
  • All infrastructure required for stages 1 & 2 is installed during the blockade
  • All recoveries are made during the first 2 weeks of the blockade


  • Scope:
  • The scope for the three Core Stations in the NLRIP is the construction of 6 new passenger platforms, 8 x DDA compliant lifts, 3 x SME’s and 3 x passenger footbridges along with a major concourse extension at Highbury and Islington Station.
  • Works planned
  • H & I - Concourse extension and fit out, 3 no lifts, 3 no platform stairs, platform construction, platform canopies, M & E installation.
  • Caledonian Road Station – Platform demolition and construction, installation of footbridge and 2 no lifts
  • Canonbury Station – Platform Construction, installation of 3 no lift, 3 platform stairs, footbridge, SME and link span.
  • Key Interfaces and constraints
  • Other WP’s requiring to work in Core Stations areas
  • Logistic restrictions on material storage and delivery
  • Dependent on Train Plan
  • Key Notes (Issues / Assumptions / Resource confirmations)
  • Predominantly a civil build type
  • Some elements are critical for opening of Stations

Blockade Overview

  • During the blockade, there will be one worksite covering the entire length of the blockade
  • The engineering supervisors throughout the blockade will be provided by Carillion and will be based from Salamis yard (weekends may vary)
  • Activity maps will be used to allocate site access points and zonal working
  • Zones within the blockade will be managed by a COSS for each work group, under the direction of the ES
  • Weekly PDR’s will confirm access points / zonal management / train movements and resolve clashes
  • Weekly white board meetings will be conducted to fully brief the ES’s on work activities and safety
  • Carillion will be responsible for the resolution of work space clashes
  • Client will be responsible for the prioritisation of activities, should clashes occur
  • The project control room will be utilised during the blockade for detailed planning and reporting
  • Duty Management team will monitor progress and distribute all reports

14 Week Blockade

  • Single possession / worksite
  • 20th February to 1st June 2010
  • Carillion are the ‘principle contractor’
  • Carillion will provide the ES for the blockade
  • All Coss / Crane Controllers / machine Controllers must sign in and out with the ES

Activity Maps

  • Maps of the blockade have been used to organise the site activity into zones
  • The blockade maps are owned and managed by Client
  • The zones detail what type of work will be undertaken in a particular area
  • The maps detail which access point will be used for a particular zone and which contractor will have primary use of the access point
  • Train movements are detailed on the maps, showing access and egress times and locations
  • The maps are under change control and are updated each week to show progress and any changes to the programme (John Smith is the authorised client representative to approve any changes)
  • The blockade maps will be published every Friday and they will detail the last 7 days activity and the remaining work activity for the blockade

Activity Map – Change Control

  • The activity maps and the P3e programme is under strict change control, change can be summarised as follows:-
    • Changes / new freight haulage requirements
    • Movement of activities from one week to the next
    • Changes in critical resource requirements
    • Scope changes
    • Site access changes
  • These changes should be submitted at the daily Blockade review meeting for discussion, approval will be subject to analysis of programme impact and potential integration issues.

Site Arrangements

  • Access to the blockade will be as detailed within the activity maps, which presents the zones and the access points that will be used for that particular zone within the blockade.
  • All site operatives will first sign in and then at the end of the shift sign out, the following locations:-
    • Goods way, Corsica Street, Hackney Wick, Salamis Yard – SAC
    • Chalk Farm – Access only
    • Boleyn Road – Access only
    • Court Gardens – Access only
    • Hornsey project offices – SAC
    • Graham Road – Access only
    • Murphys Yard – Access only
  • Access to the trackside area will be limited to all inducted staff and visitors with the minimum of Personal Track Safety (PTS) certification.

Management of work within the blockade

  • Carillion as per the normal contractual conditions are the principle contractor
  • All OTP movements will be managed with the ES in overall charge of their movements within the worksite. Assisted by a suitably qualified COSS
  • Carillion will manage all train and plant movements on site utilising a movement board, located within Salamis yard which will be updated on a daily basis
  • Carillion will supply at peak times gate keepers at the main access points
  • It is proposed that we will run a test / ghost train during the last day of the possession to prove the infrastructure and systems
  • The site supervisors will have colour coded stickers on their hard hats that represent the zone that they are responsible for, these zones are detailed within the site activity maps.

Project Delivery Management Team

  • The Project Delivery Management Team consists of the Senior Management Team, Project Managers, Construction / Site Managers, Project Engineers who are supported by the Duty Management Team, the Programme Controls Team and the Engineering Team.
  • This teams responsibility will be to manage the blockade on a continuous manner throughout the blockade.
  • The team will:
    • monitor and report progress
    • update the integrated programme
    • instigate remedial action plans
    • chair progress meetings
    • act as a focal point for emergency situations

Duty Management Team

  • The primary responsibilities of the duty management team during the blockade are to:-
    • monitor progress against the programmed activities
    • distribute the type 2 reports
    • act as a central communication point
    • facilitate any movements or changes in haulage requirements via NDS

Programme Controls Team

  • The Programme Controls Team consists of the Programme Control Manager, Planning Manager, P3e planners and reporting analysts
  • This teams responsibility will be to manage the blockade programme and reports on a continuous manner throughout the blockade.
  • The team will:
    • monitor and report progress
    • update the integrated programme
    • instigate remedial action plans
    • publish daily reporting analysis data
    • resolve any potential rescheduling issues with the project managers
  • The Client, Atkins and Carillion programme controls team will provide resources throughout the period of the blockade working normal offices hours 7 days a week.

Weekly PDR’s

  • Dedicated blockade Plan Do Reviews will be undertaken each week, following a standard agenda
  • PDR’s will be managed by Carillion
  • PDR’s will be attended by Carillion / Atkins / Client
  • The PDR will look at activity completed in the last 7 days and work planned in the next 14 days
  • PDRs will be undertaken every Monday at Chalk Farm site offices (Project Control Room) commencing 12pm

PDR Agenda

  • Agenda
    • Work items completed in the last 7 days
    • Planned work items in the next 14 days
      • Train movements
      • Site access responsibility
      • Activity movements (ie works moving between weeks)
      • Resources (Plant and labour)
      • 3rd party works
      • Possession limits

Daily Blockade Management Meeting

  • The daily management meeting will be undertaken at 9.30am every week day chaired by Client
  • Attendance will be at a minimum the following:-
    • Work Package Project Managers (Client/ Atkins / Carillion)
    • Construction Managers (Client / Atkins / Carillion)
    • Work Package Planners (Client / Atkins / Carillion)
    • Engineering representatives as required
    • Programme Controls reporting representatives
  • Agenda
    • Review of any safety issues
    • Progress in the last 24hrs
    • Issues & risks update
    • Programme changes / impact (Blockade change requests)
    • Resource constraints
    • Activities due in the next 24hrs

Management of Clashes

  • Carillion will facilitate the resolution of any worksite clashes through the use of their Blockade Managers, should these issues not be resolved then they will be escalated to client for resolution.
  • John Smith is the nominated representative to facilitate resolution of any potential worksite clashes.
  • Any site clashes, ie plant movements will be the responsibility of the rostered ES to resolve, these will then be reported at the daily ES conference call.
  • It should be noted that work priority will change during the blockade from the civils activities to the signalling / commissioning activities during the wheels free period. The exact dates are documented within the 14 week programme.

Reporting Process - Overview

  • Type 2 report every 24hrs (4hrs during commissioning and section proving)
  • Type 2 reports will detail any safety incidents or concerns, these will be discussed in detail at the daily management meeting
  • Daily volume report (detailing planned vs actual)
  • Performance (detailing planned vs actual production rates)
  • During the testing and commissioning period test logs and their results will be included within the reporting process
  • Activity maps will be updated and issued every week
  • P3e will be scheduled every 24hrs
  • Progress will be sent from site every 24hrs utilising the project dairy
  • Weekly executive milestone reports will be issued each Friday to the executive stakeholder group
  • Weekly senior management report (report used for a weekly 15min management meeting)

Reporting Timetable

  • A full P3e programme will be issued Friday at 1pm each week
  • The type 2 report will be published for the next 7 days on the Friday of each week
  • Progress will progressively be submitted from site to the P3e planners, with a final update at the end of each shift
  • Client site management will confirm / audit / monitor contractor progress
  • The type 2 data will be submitted to the duty planner by 8.30 each day (the duty planner is identified on the planner roster)
  • Type 2 to be published at the 9am management meeting every day
  • Following any amendments to the type 2 report at the management meeting the report will be issued to the senior stakeholder group
  • P3e will be fully reforecast and scheduled by 1pm each day
  • A full reporting suite (issued to senior management) will be published by 3pm each day
  • Daily management conference held at 6pm to discuss progress and key issues (0844 1234567 code 1234#)
  • A daily Carillion Operations / ES conference will be undertaken at 5pm to discuss any changes to the following days activities

QSRA Process

  • A weekly QSRA will be undertaken on the 14 week programme, in the following sequence:-
    • A cut of the programme will be taken at 12.00pm each Wednesday
    • The Contractor / planners will then be available to drive out any issues in logic and constraints during Wednesday afternoon
    • The Client / Contractor Project Managers will be available to update any
    • The QSRA will concentrate on the next weeks activities, the wheels free milestone and the final commissioning weekend
    • The final QSRA report will be published on the Friday of each week

P3e update process

  • P3e should be updated by the Contractor P3e planners on a daily basis by 1pm, this update should include:-
    • Progress
    • Activities rescheduled (if required)
    • A commentary on activities that require further review, or have any potential interface issues
    • Updated volumes on the activities
  • The data date for the 14 week blockade programme will be moved at 17.00 each day to 00.00 of the following day.
  • The normal Integrated Programme will require the WP02 activities to be updated each day and the movement of the data date will follow the normal process.

Weekly Timetable








Draft Type 2 8.30am

Draft Type 2 8.30am

Draft Type 2 8.30am

Draft Type 2 8.30am

Draft Type 2 8.30am

Draft Type 2 8.30am

Draft Type 2 8.30am

Daily 9am Management Meeting (Review and agreed type 2)

Type 2 9.30am

Type 2 9.30am

Type 2 9.30am

Type 2 9.30am

Type 2 9.30am

Type 2 9.30am

Type 2 9.30am

Daily 9.30am Plan Review

P3e Update 1pm

P3e Update 1pm

P3e Update 1pm

P3e Update 1pm

P3e Update 1pm

P3e Update 1pm

P3e Update 1pm

Performance Report

Performance Report

Performance Report

Performance Report

Performance Report

Performance Report

Performance Report

Daily 6pm Telephone Conference

Daily 5pm Carillion Operations / ES Telephone Conference

PDR 12pm

White Board 12pm

Exec MS Issued

7 day Type 2 Issued

QSRA Issued

Daily Programme update Carillion / Conference 8pm to 10pm