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The new trend of Digital currency PowerPoint Presentation
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The new trend of Digital currency

The new trend of Digital currency

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The new trend of Digital currency

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  1. The new trend of Digital currency

  2. Examples: The global financial community's most popular topic "Bitcoin" Bitcoin The most widely applied electronic money based

  3. California, a car dealer, sold a 4 Tesla S Performance Model electric cars with trading currency of Bitcoins. Bitcoin – Buy Car - Real Estate Bitcoin transactions can buy a Tesla electric car. Currently priced at $ 62,400 for U.S. Tesla Model S Performance and Bitcoinis equivalent to 59 units.

  4. Bitcoin環遊世界 Bitcoin – Travel around the world A newly married American couple with a virtual currency of "bitcoins" Completion of one hundred and one days journey, across three continents, And only survived with only bitcoin.

  5. Examples of the wide range uses of bitcoin areas TAOBAO Amazon website - Bitcoin trading - Bitcoin payment One Foundation -Lushan seismic receiver 235 bitcoin donations and has successfully cashed 40,000 yuan Howard Johnson hotel chain -Bitcoin pay hotel charges

  6. Bitcoin value 〉 2013 Bitcoin value 1 Bitcoin = one thousand ++ U.S.D ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 2009 Bitcoin value $ 1 = 1309.03 bitcoin

  7. Civilians becomes millionaire! ! Four years ago, the Norwegian Kristoffer Koch spent 150 kroner (about $ 26) to buy a then unknown virtual currency Bitcoin, and then settled in April last year, it has grown worth 500 million kronor, equivalent to The U.S. dollar is $ 885,520. BitCoin bought four years ago, has now gone up three times. Bitcoin is a new electronic money, digital currency in the international arena. It has a large degree of recognition. Can be used to buy a cup of coffee and you can even directly converted into real money.

  8. U TOKEN?

  9. UTOKEN International Trading Exchange UFUN Group currently developed and used, which is called U Token, is a global e-commerce business dealings arising from an Internet e-value coins and currently in circulation in 12 countries in e-commerce circles. 令您财富增值的平台

  10. Analysis from the Internet features, bitcoin and U Token digital coin are an excellent. currency points: 1)Internet of Finance 2) Network of credit money. 3) Have the function of preventing inflation. 4) Have a financial investment properties. 5) Are no boundaries in the global business can be money in circulation. 6) Commercial transactions on the Internet through the accumulation of electronic money continued appreciation.


  12. The differences between U Token and Bitcoin

  13. Online Shopping Gold Trading U Token Project Support Real Estate Development

  14. UTOKEN 2013年1月 - 2013年12月 2013 January - 2013 December Bonus coins with 2 +1,A total of six times the appreciation of 600%

  15. Bitcoin Market Price BITCOIN The first 12 months Second Year Third Year 1 USD = 1309 units 1 Bitcoin = 0.0008 USD USD25

  16. 19/1/2014 Officially upgraded to international standard electronic money, and freely transferable, upgrade to a more stable international platform. We are towards a new milestone.

  17. UToken Business model

  18. International Market By successfully run the business to 12 countries

  19. Buy real estate 1.5 million UToken units Bangkok Marina Resort & Spa

  20. U币使用领域广泛实例 For charitable purposes Yayasanedrm International Disaster Relief Fund to accept 40,000 U Token Philippine disaster relief donations as petrels and the success of existing RM12000

  21. U币使用领域广泛实例 Free Trade Item Purchase Allow more people to participate in making value-added

  22. U币使用领域广泛实例 Barter system

  23. U币使用领域广泛实例 Accommodation

  24. How to get UTOKENS?

  25. Value-added point UToken - Business demand increase, UToken value increases • Every 200000on growth performance, increases0.001 • When after the price reaches 0.30, it will be the declare its first bonus U Token is a passive income!

  26. How to preserve UToken value??

  27. Media reports: 马来西亚的股票交易所 Bursa Malaysia Internet News

  28. Part of the mainstream media attention reports: BANGKOK MARINA RESORT & SPA

  29. One of the future business plans World Bank

  30. International professional management team • Makes UToken worldwide • Allows UToken to continuerising its value

  31. UTOKEN > Listed in NASDAQ NASDAQ Is the United States an electronic exchange, founded in 1971, is the world's second only behind the New York Stock Exchange market value and is the second-largest stock exchange.

  32. Grasp U Token Grasp electronic financial wealth Build your e-commerce Kingdom

  33. Thanks谢谢!