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Introduction. Programme. ENBIS and Pro-ENBIS Industrial Visits The Words of Soren Bisgaard ISRU’s support for Six-Sigma Then - the Main Speakers Stories from the Front line Black and Decker - The Benefits Motorola - Some Specifics. Dave Stewardson Director of ISRU

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  • ENBIS and Pro-ENBIS

    • Industrial Visits

  • The Words of Soren Bisgaard

  • ISRU’s support for Six-Sigma

  • Then - the Main Speakers

    • Stories from the Front line

    • Black and Decker - The Benefits

    • Motorola - Some Specifics

Introduction 3339045

Dave Stewardson

Director of ISRU

But also President of ENBIS

Introduction 3339045


European Network for Business and Industrial Statistics



Big supporters of Six-Sigma throughout Europe

Introduction 3339045


- To promote the widespread use of sound science driven, applied statistical methods in European business and industry,

- That membership consists primarily of statistical practitioners from business and industry,

- To emphasize multidisciplinary problem solving involving statistics,

- To facilitate the rapid transfer of statistical methods and related technologies to and from business and industry

Introduction 3339045

Vision – continued

- To link academic teaching and research in statistics with industrial and business practice,

- To facilitate and sponsor continuing professional development,

- To keep its membership up to date in the field of statistics and related technologies,

- To seek collaborative agreements with related organizations.

- ENBIS is a web based society

Introduction 3339045


Working groups

  • Design of experiments

  • Reliability and safety

  • Data mining / warehousing

  • General statistical modelling

  • Process modelling and control

  • Quality improvement

  • Statistical consultancy

Local networks

  • bENBIS (Belgium)

  • nENBIS (Netherlands)

  • iENBIS (Israel)

Introduction 3339045



  • No membership fee (for the time being)

  • 500 members (May, 2002)

Corporate Members

  • 500 Euros per annum

  • 7 Corporate members (May, 2002)

Introduction 3339045

Membership benefits

  • ENBIS offers its members:

  • Network facilities

  • Conferences

  • Courses

  • Thematic network Pro-ENBIS

Introduction 3339045

Networking facilities

  • The website offers:

  • ENBIS News

  • General announcements

  • Event lists

  • Links to relevant websites

  • Information on other members

  • Forum facilities

Introduction 3339045


Pro-ENBIS is a thematic network of organisations contracted for three years with the European Commission.

Its mission is “to promote the widespread use of sound science driven, applied statistical methods in European business and industry.”

Pro-ENBIS was granted a budget from the EC of about 800 000 Euros.

Introduction 3339045


Aims include:

Start a European Training Network

Found European Measurement System Audit

Draft new European Journal - web-based

Inorgorate a European Business-to-Business Mentoring Scheme

Publish a ‘State-of-the-Art’ report on the use of Industrial Statistics in Europe

Access further funding to promote ENBIS

Introduction 3339045


Training Network now has more than 50 participants

Push to help implement Six-Sigma throughout Europe - this is a massive resource.

Including the non-EC states!

Introduction 3339045


Planned ‘Workshops’ for 2003:

Sardinia alongside DEINDE conference on Designed experiments - February

Maastrict (Netherlands) alongside ESREL reliability conference - June

Currently planning UK based Workshop

Introduction 3339045

ENBIS industrial visit

Siemens Electric Heating ASBratsbergvegan 5N-7493TRONDHEIMNorway


Tel No +47 73 95 90 00

Introduction 3339045

ENBIS team

Jon Tyssedal,

Professor of Statistics, NTNU

Expert in Statistics

Maria Fernanda Ramalhoto,

Professor of Statistics,Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon

Expert in Reliability and Quality Improvement

Ron Kenett,

International Management Consultant, CEO KPA Ltd.

Expert in Industrial Statistics and Quality Management

Six sigma and reliability for nestle

Six-Sigma and ReliabilityFor Nestle

Dave Stewardson - ISRU with

Froydis Berke - Matforsk Norway

Soren Bisgaard - USA

Poul Thyregod - Denmark

Bo Bergman - Sweden

Pro enbis

All joint authors - presenters- are members of:

Pro-Enbis and ENBIS.

This presentation is supported by Pro-Enbis a Thematic Network funded under the ‘Growth’ programme of the European Commission’s 5th Framework research programme - contract number G6RT-CT-2001-05059

Rational for six sigma
Rational for Six-Sigma

Improve processes

Team - project based improvement

Properly costed benefits

Grow your own expertise

Visible success

Use of modern improvement tools

Rational for modern maintenance
Rational for Modern Maintenance

Preventative maintenance

Condition monitoring

Better planning

Less machine downtime

Operators monitor machine and process condition

Rationales fit
Rationales Fit!

Everyone is involved

Monitoring - to help operators get better control over the process

Publicise success

Soren bisgaard leading industrial statistician

Soren BisgaardLeading Industrial Statistician

Extract from Presentation

The success of change programs
The “Success” of Change Programs?

“Performance improvement efforts …

have as much impact on

operational and financial results as a

ceremonial rain dance has on the weather”

Schaffer and Thomson,

Harvard Business Review (1992)

Change management two alternative approaches
Change Management:Two Alternative Approaches

Activity Based




Result Oriented


Reference: Schaffer and Thomson, HBR, Jan-Feb. 1992

Activity centered programs
Activity Centered Programs

  • Activity Centered Programs: The pursuit of activities that sound good, but contribute little to the bottom line

  • Assumption: If we carry out enough of the “right” activities, performance improvements will follow

    • This many people have been trained

    • This many companies have been certified

  • Bias Towards Orthodoxy:Weak or no empirical evidence to assess the relationship between efforts and results

An alternative result driven improvement programs
An Alternative: Result-Driven Improvement Programs

  • Result-Driven Programs: Focus on achieving specific, measurable,operational improvements within a few months

  • Examples of specific measurable goals:

    • Increase yield

    • Reduce delivery time

    • Increase inventory turns

    • Improved customer satisfaction

    • Reduce product development time

Result oriented programs
Result Oriented Programs:

  • Project based

  • Experimental

  • Guided by empirical evidence

  • Measurable results

  • Easier to assess cause and effect

  • Cascading strategy

Why transformation efforts fail
Why Transformation Efforts Fail!

  • John Kotter, Professor, Harvard Business School

  • Leading scholar on Change Management

  • Lists 8 common errors in managing change, two of which are:

    • Not establishing a sense of urgency

    • Not systematically planning for and creating short term wins

Six sigma demystified
Six Sigma Demystified*

  • Alignment of customers, strategy, process and people

  • Significant measurable business results

  • Large scale deployment of advanced quality and statistical tools

  • Data based, quantitative

*Adapted from Zinkgraf (1999), Sigma Breakthrough

Technologies Inc., Austin, TX.

Keys to success
Keys to Success*

  • Set clear expectations for results

  • Measure the progress (metrics)

  • Manage for results

*Adapted from Zinkgraf (1999), Sigma Breakthrough

Technologies Inc., Austin, TX.

Six sigma
Six Sigma

  • The precise definition of Six Sigma is not important; the content of the program is

  • A disciplined quantitative approach for improvement of defined metrics

  • Can be applied to all business processes, manufacturing, finance and services

Focus of six sigma
Focus of Six Sigma*

  • Accelerating fast breakthrough performance

  • Significant financial results in 4-8 months

  • Ensuring Six Sigma is an extension of the Corporate culture, not the program of the month

  • Results first, then culture change!

*Adapted from Zinkgraf (1999), Sigma Breakthrough

Technologies Inc., Austin, TX.

Six sigma reasons for success
Six Sigma: Reasons for Success

  • The Success at Motorola, GE and AlliedSignal has been attributed to:

    • Strong leadership (Jack Welch, Larry Bossidy etc. personally involved)

    • Initial focus on operations

    • Aggressive project selection (potential savings in cost of poor quality > $50,000/year)

    • Training the right people

Introduction 3339045

Web-page example: From Quality Digest

By Thomas Pyzdek a consultant in Six Sigma.

Introduction 3339045

Hands-on Support for Champions Black-Belts and Master Blackbelts

Full Six-Sigma programme from October - Black Belt - Green Belt - Yellow Belt - training and support

This is VERY market / customer driven

Plus - access to on-line support

Keys to success mark ii
Keys to Success Mark II Blackbelts

1. Need to overcome demands on peoples time

2. Need to overcome reluctance to try new methods - fear of failure

3. Must be allowed to discover that the key methods are self correcting!

In other words - you can’t really fail at all

Blackboard 5
Blackboard 5 ... Blackbelts

  • is a comprehensive and flexible e-learning software platform

  • has evolved from Blackboard’s award winning software

Isru s courses
ISRU’s Courses Blackbelts

ISRU have 3 certified courses available on Blackboard:

  • DoE (Design of Experiments)

  • MQT (Modern Quality Tools)

  • SPC (Statistical Process Control)

Course package
Course package Blackbelts

  • Announcements

  • Course information

  • Staff information

  • Course documents

  • Assignments

  • Books

  • Communication

  • External links

  • Tools

Course information
Course information Blackbelts

1. Detailed course material

2. Video clips

Staff information
Staff information ... Blackbelts

  • Provides background and contact information on course instructors

  • These instructors are available Mon-Fri 9am-5pm to provide continued support

Course documents
Course documents Blackbelts

  • 5 minute self assessment memory tests

  • Excel self assessment tests

  • Minitab self assessment tests

Assignments Blackbelts

  • Not marked automatically

  • Similar in style to the self assessments

  • Once completed a certificate is awarded

Communication Blackbelts

  • E-mail

  • Discussion Board - Company to Company swapping of ideas and experiences

  • Virtual Classroom

Tools Blackbelts

  • Course calendar

  • Tasks

  • My grades

  • Address book

  • and more ...

Follow up

Follow-Up Blackbelts

If you need further details of:




Contact us any time

Introduction 3339045

Now Blackbelts

The main event!!