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Giving life a fighting chance

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Giving life a fighting chance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Giving life a fighting chance
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  1. Giving life a fighting chance What the Church, science and human history say about abortion

  2. Abortion is a Term That Elicits Great Emotions

  3. Why do people feel so strongly? Pro-Choice Position Pro-Life Position Abortion is understood as the direct ending of an innocent human life. It is an arbitrary determination that the life of the woman (mother)is somehow more important than the life of the unborn baby. • Abortion is seen as necessary to protect women’s rights. • Without abortion, women would be forced to keep a pregnancy and a baby, even if they don’t want to.

  4. Women in college are at the highest risk for abortions • One out of five abortions occurs in this age group • Forcing to choose between sacrificing her education or her career and sacrificing her child is not much of a “free choice” Is pro-choice really pro-woman?

  5. Women Deserve Better than abortion • Women choose abortion when they feel they have no other options. • No one is supporting them to make the choice that both they and their baby can live with. • Every abortion is a reflection that we have failed women and that women have settled for less.

  6. No Law can make a wrong choice right • Abortion is not a measure of society’s success in helping women, but a success of its failure. • 1/3 of the children of the millennial generation were killed by abortion.

  7. What Happens Before Birth? Let’s take a look!

  8. In Years past, it was possible to dismiss the unborn child as a “clump of cells” Before the invention of the ultrasound and other modern technology, when we began to actually see what unborn babies looked like, people weren’t sure what went on before birth.

  9. Through modern medicine & science, we can see the beginning of human life • From the first moment of conception, whether through natural means, or in vitro, a brand new human being is begun, with his or her own DNA, who will make no other change than to grow and develop through a lifetime. You used to look just like this!

  10. Even the tiniest humans are still humans, with inalienable rights • Even in US laws there is contradiction. In some states, if a pregnant woman is murdered (even if she is just a few days pregnant), the murderer is charged with double homicide. • But, that same woman could get a legal abortion all 9 months. • What’s going on?

  11. To justify abortion, some people deny that the unborn baby is a person. Where have we seen that before? What is gained by anyone by denying personhood? All this leads to is abuse and exploitation. After all, if it’s not a person, then what’s the problem?

  12. Today, there is no doubt about it • “A person’s a person, no matter how small!” • This is proven by science. • It’s our job to make it understood by everyone. • A blastocyst, embryo, fetus, infant, baby, toddler, child, even teenagers. All the same. All human! All with dignity and a right to life.

  13. You Are the Pro-life generation! • Today’s youth and young adults are the most pro-life in over 40 years. • You understand that society’s problems are not solved by the destruction brought to both babies and women by abortion.

  14. We are called to holiness and to goodness in the world Pope Francis says, “Conscienceis the interior space in which we can listen to and hear the truth, the good, the voice of God.It is the inner place of our relationship with him, who speaks to our heart and helps us to discern, to understand the path we ought to take, and once the decision is made, to move forward, to remain faithful.”

  15. Hope After Abortion • Millions of women and men have been hurt by abortion. • It is not an action without emotional and physical consequences. • God forgives abortion. • There is healing for those affected by abortion.

  16. We are the ambassadors for a culture of life • We can build a culture of life by doing positive action to let people know that everyone has dignity. • There is no situation so desperate that abortion is the only solution.