pay administration guidelines fy08 merit cola meeting n.
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Pay Administration Guidelines FY08 Merit/COLA Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Pay Administration Guidelines FY08 Merit/COLA Meeting

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Pay Administration Guidelines FY08 Merit/COLA Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pay Administration Guidelines FY08 Merit/COLA Meeting. May 15 & 16, 2007. Welcome. Mary DiGiacinto HRSC/Compensation Juliet Dickerson HRSC/Compensation Vicky Kelly HR Service Center Jim Airey/Ron Powell SOM Dean’s Office Candace Chow Payroll Buzz Merrick HR e-Learning. Today.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Mary DiGiacinto HRSC/Compensation
  • Juliet Dickerson HRSC/Compensation
  • Vicky Kelly HR Service Center
  • Jim Airey/Ron Powell SOM Dean’s Office
  • Candace Chow Payroll
  • Buzz Merrick HR e-Learning
  • Review of critical dates
  • Review of guidelines
  • eUMB processing: Important changes for FY08
  • Specific instructions for each employee class
  • Timetable for paycheck results
  • Training on key changes in eUMB
critical dates
  • May 29th – June 16th: Initiators enter COLA/Merit
  • June 11th Employee Actions due (actions effective on or after 7/1/07 will be held by HRSC until 7/9/07)
  • June 17th –July 1st : Approval time
  • June 17th – July 7th: HR/Compensation Audits/Corrections
  • July 9th – Information loaded
  • COLA 2%
  • Merit is 2.5%
  • Non-Exempt salary structure updated
  • Over max = one-time payment
  • All Regular NEX employees must earn $20,772 at 100% FTE
  • Leap year adjustments in FY08
non exempt structure
Non-Exempt Structure
  • Revised July 1, 2007
  • Market adjustment to ranges
  • Below minimum – Effective May 27th, HR will adjust the salaries for all NEX employees to the new minimum
  • Adjustment will appear on the 6/15/07 paycheck and updated salary will appear on the PITP
payroll increase transaction page
Payroll Increase Transaction Page

The PITP is:

  • For processing COLA, Merit and faculty pay changes
  • Used for Regular employees only
  • Only for processing select actions that are effective July 1, 2007
pitp employee classes
PITP Employee Classes
  • Regular Non-Exempt (Code 20)
  • Regular Exempt (Code 33)
  • Regular Faculty – (01,02,03,15)
  • Post-docs (19)
pitp processing fy08
PITP processing FY08
  • COLA is 2% for all
  • Merit to be input as a flat dollar amount
  • You can enter and approve by Employee Class
notes from hrsc
Notes From HRSC
  • Department or salary changes received in HRSC after 6/11/07will be entered in eUMB starting 7/9/07 – Regular employees only
  • Will process new hire paperwork throughout the COLA/Merit processing period
  • Actions effective on or before 7/1/07, that are received in HRSC after June 11th cutoff, will require two(2) E/A Forms
notes from hrsc continued
Notes From HRSC(continued)
  • Final data in the PITP will include all staff information entered by HRSC through June 16th
  • Prior to approval period, data will be refreshed nightly
  • Attached list of actions indicates which actions are affected by PITP
FY08 actions other than COLA/Merit

Effective on or After 7/1/07

  • For employees on the PITP: Will be processed after July 9th and should incorporate post COLA/Merit salary
  • For employees not on the PITP: HRSC will continue to process as usual
  • Refer to attached examples for processing salary changes like re-evaluations and promotions
non exempt code 20
Non-Exempt(Code 20)

Sequence of Increases

  • Adjustment to new minimum
  • Leap Year calculation
  • COLA
  • Merit
  • Promotions/other adjustments effective July 1st (done by dept. on an EA Form)
non exempt code 201
Non-Exempt (Code 20)
  • Adjustment to new minimum (HR)
  • Leap Year Calculation (CITS)
  • COLA: 2%, pre-loaded not overridable by users. (PITP)
  • Merit: 2.5% pre-loaded regardless of fund source and not overridable (PITP)
non exempt code 20 continued
Non-Exempt (Code 20)Continued
  • Reduce salaries to the max (HR)
  • Over max: initiate one time payment (HR and Payroll)
  • Back out merit for those employees who were rated Below Standards or Unsatisfactory (HR)
non exempt code 20 what users will do
Non-Exempt(Code 20):What Users will do
  • Verify your list of over-max and Below Standards/Unsatisfactory now
  • Confirm COLA and Merit are correct in the PITP
  • Validate final salary amounts
non exempt code 20 probation

UMB Regular employee for less than 6 months

Receives COLA

NOT eligible for Merit

Receives 2.5% probation increase at the end of 6 months

Status change

Existing UMB regular employee who gets promoted, transferred, etc.

Receives COLA

Receives Merit

Also receives 2.5% after probation, if competitive promotion

Non-Exempt (Code 20): Probation
exempt code 33
Exempt(Code 33)

Order of Increases

  • Leap Year Calculation
  • COLA
  • Merit
  • Promotions/other adjustments effective July 1st (done on EA Form)
allowances defined by comp rate codes
AllowancesDefined by Comp Rate Codes
  • Allowances for Faculty and Staff are not COLA/Merit eligible
    • Administrative Stipend
    • Incentives
    • International Cost of Living
    • International Hardship
    • Housing
  • Will appear on report, but not on PITP
exempt code 33 what users will do
Exempt (Code 33): What Users will do
  • Merit: Enter amount based on department decisions about merit pool up to the maximum of the range
  • Complete form for one-time pay for employees over max and submit Dean or VP’s office (see web links slide)
  • Exception form: required for total increase greater than 15%.
exempt code 33 over max
Exempt (Code 33): Over Max
  • Over max: run query and department decides on the one time payment. Dean or VP’s office reviews and approves
  • Name of query in eUMB: UMB_HR_PRJ_MER_XCEDE_MAX
exempt code 33 fy08 exempt merit one time pay
Exempt (Code 33): FY08 Exempt Merit One Time Pay
  • Payments for Exempt over maximum will continue this year
  • Exempt Merit one time payment is required, use FY08 Exempt Merit One Time Pay Form
  • Approvers can query for salaries over maximum and then get authorization from Dean or VP to make 1-time payments; due to the Dean’s Office by June 1st.
faculty codes 01 02 03 15 19
Faculty (Codes 01,02,03,15,19)

Order of Increases

  • Leap Year Calculation
  • COLA
  • Merit
  • Fiscal Year Changes: FTE/Funding changes - changes to title, rank or tenure managed by current process or SOM/Dean’s office
faculty what users will do
Faculty: What Users will do
  • COLA: Verify
  • Merit: enter amount based on department decisions about Merit pool
  • Exception form: required for total increase greater than 15%
  • NRSA Post-docs: notify HR of NRSA status by June 1st
faculty what users will do continued
Faculty: What users will docontinued
  • FY Change: Enter FTE change as needed
  • After increases have been processed forfiscalyearchangesonly (FYChg):
    • Generate Employee Pre-Print for each Faculty member (only those who had FY change)
    • Sign Off (get signatures)
    • Send to HRSC by July 31st to be filed
faculty what hr will do
Faculty: What HR will do
  • COLA: pre-load 2%- not overridable
  • NRSA post-docs: we will validate NRSA status and back out COLA as needed
  • Carolyn Footman (6-1850) is contact for policy issues
  • SOM: contact Dean’s Office for assistance on TAS (Total Approved Salary) and FTE changes
key contacts during pitp processing
Key Contacts during PITP processing
  • Juliet Dickerson – School of Medicine and Administration & Finance
    • Ext. 6-7171

Vicky Kelly – all other Schools and Departments

    • Ext. 6-7600
technical questions
Technical Questions?
  • Stephen Eddy
    • Ext. 6-4848
  • Nancy Priest
    • Ext. 6-4831
school of medicine
School of Medicine

FY 08 Merit & COLA Processing

  • All approvals will be done in the Dean’s Office
  • June 17th – July 1st by:
  • Ron Powell X6-2607, Jim Airey X6-2880
  • Exception forms for >15%

  • due by June 1st
  • Faculty Salaries should be consistent with Total Approved Salary (TAS) submitted to Academic Administration (due 5/25/07)
fy 08 merit cola processing clinical faculty

School of Medicine

  • In eUMB if you are not paying the full TAS, the standard hours and FTE need to reflect the percentage of TAS to be paid in eUMB
  • FTE = eUMB Salary/TAS
  • Standard Hours = (eUMB Salary/TAS) x 40 hours
school of medicine1
School of Medicine

FY 08 Merit & COLA Processing


  • Full-time faculty not fully-funded need to be reflected as 1 FTE in eUMB

Communication to Employees

Paycheck Results

communication to employees
Communication to Employees
  • E-mail to Payroll Reps - please customize
  • Payroll Reps must e-mail or print memo for all eligible employees for 6/18
  • Please answer employee questions in department – do not have them call FS-Payroll or HRSC
paycheck results 08 01 for pitp employees
Paycheck Results – 08-01for PITP Employees
  • Period: 6/24 – 7/7
  • Paydate: 7/13
    • No Changes to annual, bi-weekly gross is slightly different due to leap year
    • New benefit deduction amounts as a result of open enrollment
    • For Faculty: no Teachers retirement
paycheck results 08 02
Paycheck Results – 08-02
  • Period: 7/8 –7/21
  • Paydate: 7/27
    • Includes increase for COLA and Merit and other fiscal year changes for Faculty plus retro pay for 7/1-7/7
    • For Faculty: no Teachers retirement
paycheck results 0 8 03
Paycheck Results – 08-03
  • Period: 7/22 – 8/4
  • Paydate: 8/10
    • Normal FY08 bi-weekly
    • Continues throughout year or until next Employee Action
    • One-time payment for Non-Exempt and Exempt employees over maximum
    • For Faculty: no Teachers retirement
  • To download a copy of the UMB Merit and COLA Processing Guide:

  • For forms to process increases over 15%

  • For pay guidelines and salary structure:

  • For the FY08 Exempt One Time Merit Pay form:

using the transaction page
Using the Transaction Page
  • How to navigate to the eUMB page
  • How to enter, edit, report
  • How to approve and report
  • How to save the report as a file (for reference)
  • How to get assistance if you need help
the plan
The Plan
  • Enter - then Report
  • Edit (if needed) - then Report
  • Review – any issues? See steps 1 and 2
  • Report, check for data changes based on employee actions
  • Approve beginning 6/17/07
how to prepare
How to Prepare?
  • What to do to get ready?
    • Get list together (spreadsheet, hand-written list, etc.)
    • Understand the eUMB Transaction Page is sorted by Department, Employee Class, Name – may be different than your list! Try to make them match
    • Validate the number of employees & names
    • Implement The Plan
portal communications
Portal Communications
  • How to navigate to the portal
  • Changing the layout of your page