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Answer these questions as truthfully as possible……. PowerPoint Presentation
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Answer these questions as truthfully as possible…….

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Answer these questions as truthfully as possible……. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Answer these questions as truthfully as possible…….
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  1. Answer these questions as truthfully as possible……. I always turn off the lights when leaving a room I never get a lift if I could walk/cycle I turn the TV off every time I leave the room – even if I am only going for 15 minutes I never leave my laptop/PC/Console on when I am eating a meal somewhere else. I always wear a t-shirt more than once (never throw it in the wash after 2 hours)

  2. How does what you do Impact on the planet and produce Carbon?

  3. You may remember the Joneses, who eventually decided to go on a holiday to the West Indies. In order to save the planet, they now want their holiday to be “Carbon Neutral” by saving money and changing their lifestyle. They have produced some ideas that will save money and carbon, but will mean a sacrifice of their own comfort.

  4. The first task is to decide how the Joneses will get to their Summer Holiday in the “Wonderful West Indies” Decide how they are going to get to the airport, which flight they take and hotel they stay in. Add the excursions and you have your first cash and carbon “cost”

  5. Each family member is willing to cut out one or two things that they enjoy. Use this list to help them decide what to sacrifice, for the benefit of the holiday and the planet. To start off, investigate the carbon savings and cash savings of each sacrifice, and choose the “best” option Remember, you are saving both cash and carbon!

  6. calculator After checking on a couple of websites the Jones family have found they can save carbon in lots of different ways. calculator There are 8 everyday carbon savings they could make. Some will cost money, some will save money. Mr Jones wants to have either Loft or wall insulation, and wondered if he could have both if the family had only one car.

  7. Make sure you have been following the checklist Now, transfer your decisions into the Summary Sheet to find out the grand totals and the amount of carbon you’ll need to offset!

  8. Finally, now you have all of the savings in both cash and carbon you can complete the table of tasks to see how much the Joneses holiday will cost. Remember to include an amount at £10 per tonne for offsetting any extra carbon they couldn’t save themselves!

  9. Now you need to present your findings to the Joneses showing them what they are giving up for the planet! Mrs Jones : Phantom of the Opera Mr Jones : Golf and Poker Carbon Offset needed £28 for 2.8 tonnes Cash cost: £5000 Henry Jones: Theme Park Rugby Tish Jones : 2 lots of watersports