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Delehoy Daily

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Delehoy Daily. Mrs. Delehoy’s class hard at work during math.

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delehoy daily
Delehoy Daily

Mrs. Delehoy’s class hard at work during math.

Ladies and gentleman we are here to tell you about “ Cans Around the Oval.” First we ask students to bring in cans for the food drive. We donate this because some people can’t afford food for themselves. It is called cans around the oval because it started at the CSU oval. Our goal this year is to get 2012 pounds of food. The cans can not be: dented, and not used. Cans Around the oval goes till October 17. Please, please ,please bring in cans. The class with the most cans gets a 30 min. kick ball game with Dr. Gile.

STOP! Bullying

“Hey! Stop that, how would you feel if someone was doing that to you!” Hi this Mrs. Delehoy’s class reporters, A’ine and Aubrey, we are here to tell you about bullying and how to stop it. First of all, we’ve caught kids bullying, by giving each other nasty faces. They’ve given each other nasty faces like sticking tongues out and rolling their eyes. Next, they’re calling each other names. Also, they are physically hurting each other in four square. If we take action and just quit bullying everyone can have fun and be who they are. Finally, we can confront the person bullying. We can say, “hey stop it that’s not nice. How would you feel if someone did that to you?” To sum up, we want this conflict to stop and there needs to be change. Join us following habit and preventing bullying.

Cans Around the Oval

Stop bullying!


By: Annabel and Savanna

By: A’ine and Aubrey

September 28, 2012