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Blog IT An introduction to Blogging PowerPoint Presentation
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Blog IT An introduction to Blogging

Blog IT An introduction to Blogging

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Blog IT An introduction to Blogging

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  1. Blog IT An introduction to Blogging

  2. What Is Blogging? Blog stands for Web Log. They are an online dairy or journal. • For example could use a blog to • Make a diary of your personal thoughts • Document a holiday • Document the day to day activity of projects • Latest News Here are some examples of blogs:

  3. Navigate To Blogger Site When the browser opens click anywhere in the address bar. Now type “” as in this close up

  4. Step 2 – Log In To Your Gmail / Google Account Log in to your gmail account ( also known as google account ) by entering your username & password. Then click “Sign In” When setting up a blog using, a gmail account is easiest. If you want to avoid having a gmail account just click the “Create A Blog” button

  5. If you clicked on “Create A Blog” without signing in you'll get this screen If you have a gmail account sign by clicking here Otherwise enter the details asked for and click continue.

  6. Now that you have logged in/ created a gmail accountyou can sign up to Enter a Display name & accept the terms of service by checking the box. Then click continue

  7. Next you'll be asked to give a your blog a title and a blog address. Once you've typed in a blog address click the “Check Availability” link. If it's not available you'll have to come up with another address. When you've found an available blog address click continue.

  8. Create Your Post Enter title here Enter the main text here Enter Labels Here Labels are the keywords of the content. They help you and others find posts on particular topics at a later date. When your happy with your what you've done select publish.

  9. Now you've created your first blog and published your first post. Before we continue here are some things to note This URL is your blog address. E.G The latest post is always at the top. This means the older content is pushed down the page. These sections are called gadgets and are static. i.e. They don't move down the page automatically Visitors can post and view comments by clicking here