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ME Freshman Day. Welcome Learning community and ME outreach ME undergraduate curriculum Advising process Extracurricular activities – ASME, SAE Q/A session Lab tour & open house. Some Advices. Tougher work ahead Build solid math & physics foundation Learn how to manage time and organize

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Me freshman day
ME Freshman Day

  • Welcome

  • Learning community and ME outreach

  • ME undergraduate curriculum

  • Advising process

  • Extracurricular activities – ASME, SAE

  • Q/A session

  • Lab tour & open house

Some advices
Some Advices

  • Tougher work ahead

    • Build solid math & physics foundation

    • Learn how to manage time and organize

  • Plenty of help available (mentor/tutor program)

    • Ask for, demand for, and take advantage of

  • Enjoy the ride

    • Maximize your experience

    • Learn how to learn

Learning community
Learning Community

  • Definition: a collaborative system where students and faculty work together to foster a communal partnership in the learning process.

  • Implement various programs to foster a collaborative culture of learning in the classroom and encourage involvement in structured professional and educationaloutreach activities

Learn how to learn
Learn How to Learn

  • Life-long learning: a learning process throughout one’s lifetime with the aim of improving knowledge, professional skills, and promoting personal fulfillment. It could be both formal and informal types of learning, and should continue throughout adult life beyond regular school education period

  • Learning Through Teaching (LTT): Empowers students with self-learning capability by involving them in the structured classroom and/or laboratory teaching process.

Ltt concept
LTT Concept

  • “Tell me and I may forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand.”

  • “Ask me to teach and I learn” - Teaching is the ultimate learning activity since it requires the utilization of higher order learning skills such as analysis, synthesis, self-evaluation as well as effective communication

Me outreach program
ME Outreach Program

Outreach: A systematic attempt to provide

services beyond conventional limits to

particular segments of the community.

In the present case, we define the outreach

as services beyond routine classroom and

laboratory activities.

Why outreach
Why Outreach?

  • Learn how to become an engineering professional.

    • Technical competency, serve community

    • Ethical and professional responsibilities; understand global and societal relevancy; life-long learning

  • Outreach program maximizes this effort through experiential learning by requiring students to step outside their classrooms to collaborate with their peers within the school and to interact with engineering professionals outside the school

What is the requirement
What is the requirement?

  • All students are required to accomplish a pre-determined amount of professional and/or educational outreach activities before graduation

  • An outreach point system has been used to quantify the level of achievement (see point table)

  • A total of 6 points is needed for graduation (over a period of 3-4 years)

Me freshman day

An example of how a typical ME student can earn the required outreach point (6) before he/she can graduate:

When this will be enforced
When this will be enforced? outreach point (6) before he/she can graduate

  • As a pilot test program starting Fall 2003

  • Everyone will be invited to participate in the outreach point system  it can be retroactive to include all outreach activities done before, special recognition will be given to top performers within senior group next year

  • Expect to be a graduation requirement for all Freshmen who will enter the program Fall 2004

Mentor program
Mentor Program outreach point (6) before he/she can graduate

  • A relationship about building a partnership between mentor and mentee (protégé) to enhance the self-worth of both and to foster growth, goal achievement, and support.

  • Voluntary basis, counting as outreach point

  • Yearly meeting will be arranged

Mentor guidelines
Mentor Guidelines outreach point (6) before he/she can graduate

  • Provide monitoring of freshmen to prevent them from becoming overwhelmed; be supportive.

  • Counseling on study and organization skills and other survival tactics.

  • Give information on how to access resources, both in academic support and life-management, available for students.

  • Provide professional advices such as tutoring, professional society membership, job search tips, etc..

  • Provide mentorship in a non-threatening and non-judgmental manner to both parties.

Mentor program1
Mentor Program outreach point (6) before he/she can graduate

  • 14 seniors and 22 juniors

  • A departmental mentor site will be arranged for everyone to be involved

  • For now, pair freshmen to mentors through email (email must be provided)

  • Comment on program effectiveness for future improvements

Tutor program
Tutor Program outreach point (6) before he/she can graduate

  • Is there a need?

  • What subject areas should be included?

    • Calculus, Physics, basic sciences, others

  • When will be the best time for tutor program?

  • Temporary arrangement

    • 5-7:30 PM Monday to Thursday

    • Room A226 across from ME main office

Questions and comments
Questions and Comments outreach point (6) before he/she can graduate

What can i contribute now
What can I contribute now? outreach point (6) before he/she can graduate

  • Be a Freshman mentor

    • Participate in Freshman day activity as a lab tour guide (Sept. 16 & 18, 3:30 and 5:00 pm)

    • Serve as a mentor to 5 freshmen (whole year)

  • Be a tutor

    • 40 hours during evening (after 5 pm)

    • Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, all subjects in basic sciences, basic-level Pro-E and MathCAD, and others