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A WebQuest about WebQuests

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A WebQuest about WebQuests - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A WebQuest about WebQuests. (For Teachers). Introduction. The Web is filled with fabulous teaching and learning content. How do you get students to use the Web to effectively ask questions, find information, evaluate information and create digital content?

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The Web is filled with fabulous teaching and learning content. How do you get students to use the Web to effectively ask questions, find information, evaluate information and create digital content?

One way to do this is to have students complete a WebQuest!

introduction cont
Introduction cont.

“A WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented lesson format in which most or all the information that learners work with comes from the Web” (WebQuest.org).

In this WebQuest you will:

  • Explore 2 WebQuests
  • Learn how to create a WebQuest
  • Plan a WebQuest that can be used in class or posted on your classroom blog for homework.

You have been voted “Teachers of the Year” by your Ministry of Education. Therefore, a local online newspaper would like to do a story about you that includes your biographies, as well as links to your classroom blogs. The paper would also like to feature sample lesson plans. So, you have been asked to create WebQuests for the occasion!

By the end of this workshop, you will create an engaging WebQuest to post on your blog, use with your students and share with your local paper.



Step 1: Divide into groups of 3 teachers.

1 person should navigate the computer.

1 person should take notes.

1 person should make sure your complete your assignment on time.

Everyone should work together to complete this WebQuest about WebQuests!



Step 2: Review WebQuests created by other teachers.

Before you create a WebQuest, it is useful to view WebQuests created by other teachers! Visit and review A Trip to Belize, Career Pathways, and any other WebQuest here.

Please answer the following questions:

What are the components of a standard WebQuest?

What are characteristics of an effective WebQuest? Make sure to think about qualities such as content, look and feel, creativity, critical thinking…

Brainstorm a list of 10 different WebQuest topics you could use to teach your students this fall.



Step 3: Plan your WebQuest.

As a group, plan your WebQuest using the WebQuest planner document.

Remember that your WebQuest will be evaluated using the rubric at the end of this WebQuest.

Your plan should include text, images and links for each component of your WebQuest.

Your WebQuest should require students to be creative, think critically and post comments on your classroom blog.



Step 4: Build your WebQuest.

Post your WebQuest on your classroom blog.

While this is a group created WebQuest, everyone should post a copy of the WebQuest on her/her own blog so that the WebQuest can be used by your students this year and so that you get practice posting content to WordPress.



Congratulation for completing your WebQuest!

Please exchange WebQuests with a colleague in your workshop.

Evaluate one another’s WebQuests using the rubric in this document.

Discuss your evaluations.

At home consider revising your WebQuest based on the feedback you received from your colleague.

Extra credit: Assign your WebQuest to your students. Write a reflection about how your WebQuest lesson went on the the RAKTN!


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