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5 . 3. Section Roundup

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5 . 3. Section Roundup. Exploration of project hand-in and section roundup. Question Clinic: FAQ. In lecture exploration of answers to frequently asked student questions. Exploratory Milestone. Exploration of the Week 6 Exploratory Milestone. To do: Complete questions.

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5 3 section roundup

5.3.Section Roundup

Exploration of project hand-in and section roundup

question clinic faq
Question Clinic: FAQ

In lecture exploration of answers to frequently asked student questions

exploratory milestone
Exploratory Milestone

Exploration of the Week 6 Exploratory Milestone


To do:

Complete questions

Week 6 Exploratory Milestone (Question 1)

Remember this is not a binding contract – it is intended to help you plan and manage your development.


Week 6 Exploratory Milestone (Question 2)

Initial time estimates tend to be optimistic and rarely realised. Experience (sometimes bitter) enables better estimates!


Week 6 Exploratory Milestone (Question 3)

Please do identify any specific areas of concern or uncertainty on which you would like to receive feedback.

csc2007 oscars
CSC2007 Oscars

Mid-way awards


CSC2007 Oscars

The first lecture on Week 7 will be an awards ceremony (a bit of fun) based on the Week 6 Exploratory Milestone submission.

A number of different prize categories can/may be recognised and rewarded, as follows:


CSC2007 Oscars

Most authentic rendition of a classic computer game

Most original/fun game design or game play idea

Game I least want to present at the Board of Examiners


CSC2007 Oscars

Most comprehensive game design including development plan and contingency planning.

Game with the best title

Game with the most inappropriate title


CSC2007 Oscars

Submission with the most impressive exploratory code

Aside: There actually will be prizes!

debugging advice
Debugging Advice

Overview of debugging advice


Debugging in games

Debugging in games is often hard:

Update/draw process happens very frequently and quickly (~60 times second, 17ms per tick). It can be hard to reason about what is happening.

A lot of the available debugging tools cannot be easily applied to games (including GPU interaction)


Debugging (The Commandments)

Thou shalt have a clear understanding of what should happen

This may be obvious, but sometimes people start debugging without a clear understanding of what should happen.

Thou shalt reproduce the problem consistently

It is much easier to debug and test a problem that can be consistently reproduced, although sometimes this is not realistically achieveable.

Thou shalt test your assumptions

Debugging is a process of identifying your assumptions (this can be hard) and then testing to see if they hold.


Debugging (The Commandments)

Thou shalt divide and conquer

In order to manage game complexity, ‘high-level’ assumptions should be firstly checked to enable the search to be constrained.

Thou shalt think and look

Debugging is a process of identifying an assumption and then checking the code (log file, debugger, print statements) to test that assumption.

Thou shalt change on thing at a time

When testing changes to a program, only one factor should be changed at a time to limit interdependency.


Debugging (The Commandments)

Thou shalt keep an audit trail

Either using code versioning (or pen & paper and simple backups) , keep a record of changes made to the program

Thou shalt thoroughly test the correction

The correction should be tested to ensure the original problem has been fixed with no impact on existing working components.

Thou shalt not let the problem unfixed

Ignoring a problem only increases the new bug complexity and can introduce later problems or introduce dependency upon the buggy code.



Today we explored:

  • Information to be submitted for the Week 6 Handin
  • Useful approach towards game debugging

To do:

  • Bring together explored material to progress design and develop code
  • Develop work plan for next week
  • Work towards completing hand-in