knowing the signs and symptoms of an anxiety n.
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Knowing the Signs and Symptoms of an Anxiety Disorder PowerPoint Presentation
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Knowing the Signs and Symptoms of an Anxiety Disorder

Knowing the Signs and Symptoms of an Anxiety Disorder

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Knowing the Signs and Symptoms of an Anxiety Disorder

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  1. Knowing the Signs and Symptoms of an Anxiety Disorder

  2. Millions of people suffer from anxiety disorders and panic attacks. For as common as the disorder is, many people don’t know the signs and symptoms that could help get them the treatment they need. • Anxiety disorder treatment plans will help patients who are diagnosed with it live fuller, more active lives without fear or anxiety. • For people who have severe cases of the disorder, the result is a life of isolation and constant fear or panic

  3. Identifying the Signs and Symptoms • Anxiety disorder treatment plans that involve treatment for anxiety disorders will be designed around two things, controlling the symptoms and counseling to help the patient cope with the mental and emotional aspects of the condition. • Anxiety disorder treatment plans look closely at these symptoms to make sure they cannot be attributed to other health conditions. • There are medications available that will help the patient to relax and focus more closely on what is happening around them. • Each person’s symptoms will be different, depending on their level of anxiety and how they cope during a stressful event.

  4. Common Treatment Options • Once the symptoms have been identified and an anxiety disorder treatment plan is being developed, the doctor will look at factors in the person’s life that may affect their level of anxiety. • Medications like Xanax can reduce a person’s stress levels if they know they are going to be in a situation that is likely to trigger a flare-up. • Some people take the medication on a regular basis due to health conditions that can act as a natural trigger. • Along with the use of medications, a counselor may be needed to help the patient work through conditions or events they have going on in their lives that can lead to bouts of anxiety or stress.

  5. Learning to Live Without Fear • Patients who are diagnosed with anxiety disorders or panic attacks may find it extremely difficult to let go of the fears they have that are associated with different situations. • With the counselor’s help and the use of medication to maintain a level of balance when it comes to stress, the patient’s anxiety disorder treatment plan may actually help them learn to live without fear. • Doctors can help control the symptoms through medication, but the patient will have to work on how they perceive stress and to what degree they let it control them. • The counselor can offer valid options that will help them prioritize events and rate them according to a scale. This will help the patient work through the anxiety they may feel and give them an opportunity to begin to take control of their lives.

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