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Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd. PowerPoint Presentation
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Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd.

Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd.

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Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd.

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  1. EFB Carbonising and Its Utilisation in Cement Manufacturing for GHG Reduction Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency and the CDM Workshop held in Jakarta Indonesia 13 September 2006 by Masato Tamura Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd.

  2. Siapa IHI ?Who is IHI ? 1USD = \110 Didirikan/Established : December, 1853 Modal/Capital : 590,218 (Thousands of US dollars) Sales tahunan/Annual sales : 5,530,628 (Thousands of US dollars) Pegawai/Employees : 7,386 Pabrik/Works : 13 in Japan Perusahan utama/Major affiliated companies : 99 in Japan Kantor, subsidiari /Offices, Subsidiaries & JV : 58 in Overseas (as of Mar. 2005) Contoh produk utama/Examples of Major products Jet engines Shield tunneling machine Power station 2

  3. Planned PROJECT - EFB Carbonising and Its Utilisation in Cement Manufacturing for GHG Reduction - 3

  4. Palm Oil Mill : Oil Production Process Steaming FFB Fruit Press Palm Crude Oil Core oil Seed EFB Shell Fibre Waste Power Boiler Incinerator 4

  5. Cement Kiln Pulveriser Cement factory:Cement producing process 130kg/ton-cement COAL Limestone 6,000kcal/kg Clay Silica Cooler Iron material Plaster Cement 5

  6. Carbonising plant Raw Materials Heating gas Heating gas Pyrolysis gas External Heating type Kiln Dust collector Carbonising fuel 6

  7. Carbonising process Firing temp. >850℃ Heating gas temp. 550℃ Down sizing <□150mm Flue gas temp.160℃ Boiler Stack waste Bagfilter Air heater Combustion chamber Gas cooler Residence time 1hr Gas cooler crusher Carbonising furnace Flying ash Pyrolysis gas temp. 430~470℃ Limestone Active carbon Ash pot Char Discharger Cl <0.5% iron・aluminum separator φ5~20mm pellet Dechlorine Equipment Iron・Aluminum Waste Flue gas Pelletiser Carbonised fuel Carbonised fuel Pyrolysis gas (option) Iron, Aluminum 7

  8. Carbonising Process Inside of the combustion chambre 8

  9. Possible Operation without external fuels It is possible to operate with only waste calorie without any external fuels. •Dryer   : Direct heating by hot flue gas from Combustion chamber •Carboniser : In-direct heating by hot flue gas from Combustion chamber •Combustion chamber  : High temperature firing of pyrolysis gas Operating without external fuels Without external fuel 9

  10. Volatile matter Fixed carbon Ash Water Fuel ratio Fuel ratio A B C Coal Carbonised fuel Property of Carbonised fuel from waste Fuel properties 10

  11. Combustibility of waste Carbonised fuel Similar combustion performance with Coal • Fuel ratio • Ignition and burnout properties • Combustion speed (Carbonised temp.,obtained Fuel ratio) E D Coal F Fuel ratio Burnout [%] Residence time [s] Carbonising temp. [OC] 11

  12. Palm Oil Grinding FFB Cement Kiln Plaster Plaster Plaster Carboniser Pulverising Cement Combination of Palm Oil Mill and Cement Industry Cement Factory Cement Factory Palm Oil Mill Palm Oil Mill CO2 from Coal Palm Oil Palm Oil Steaming Steaming Compress Compress Grinding Grinding FFB Coal Coal Shell/ Shell/ Fibre Fibre Cement Kiln Cement Kiln Power CO2 from Bio-Fuel generation Transportation Transportation EFB Carboniser Carboniser Pulverising Cement Cement Bio Bio - - Fuel Fuel 12

  13. Example of Expected Results Case study of one Palm Oil Mill in sumatra CO2 Reduction: 32,350 ton-CO2/year replacement of Waste EFB68,400 ton/year 8,840 ton-CO2e/year reduction of CH4 from land-fill EFB6,840 ton/year 68,400 ton/year EFB will be 13,680 ton/year carbonised fuel. It can be expected more than 20MJ/kg calorific value. 13

  14. Expected Future Planning Farm Waste Export to foreign Country Low rank coal Cement Industry Carboniser Forest Waste Power Generation Food Waste High Grade Carbonised Fuel Steel manufacturing 14