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8 th grade project february reflection n.
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8 th Grade Project February Reflection PowerPoint Presentation
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8 th Grade Project February Reflection

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8 th Grade Project February Reflection
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8 th Grade Project February Reflection

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  1. 8th Grade Project February Reflection Hunter Flowers

  2. What I learned • February has been the biggest learning stage so far in this project. At the beginning of the month, I had nothing but a repainted frame and a bin of parts ready to assemble.I now have a nearly completed bike. • I learned how to properly install the front fork and stem. • I learned how to attach the hydraulic disc brakes and rotors on the front and back and mount the lever on the handlebars. • I also learned how to install the entire bottom bracket and chain guide, which was a very tedious process. • Erik, the Golden Bear Bikes Service Manager, and my mentor, Sean James, showed me how to use advanced, specialty tools to re-cut the bottom bracket threads within the frame, as well as score the edge of the threads to remove excess paint and allow the bottom bracket to thread in correctly. This was a very important process that ensured my pedals would spin smoothly and not creak. • In addition, I learned how to assemble the rear cassette and install it on the wheel. The cassette is the group of large and small chain rings with teeth that the chain rolls over. The different sizes allow for different amounts of resistance when pedaling. Cassette Bottom bracket threading and scoring tool Front fork

  3. Mentor Collaboration • My mentor and I collaborated once in person, as well as through several texts and emails. • This month, my mentor was able to set up an appointment at Golden Bear Bikes for me to use their workshop. • Thanks to my mentor, Sean James, I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to actually be in a legitimatebike repair shop and work with their tools to assemble my bike. • We met at Golden Bear Bikes on February 25, and worked on my bike together for roughly 2 hours. • Also, the Service Manager of the bike shop helped me with the process and guided me in many ways. • My mentor was very important in this phase of the project as he guided me every step of the way while I was installing nearly all parts on my bike. Erik

  4. The bench to the right is a workbench set up at Golden Bear Bikes. It is similar to the one I worked at with my bike. In the picture to the right, you can see Erik, the Service Manager, Sean James, my mentor, and me. Erik Me Sean

  5. Here you can see my applying grease to the bottom bracket. In this picture, you can see me installing the front fork. The picture below shows me installing the handlebars. The picture to the right shows me attaching the front disc brakes to the fork.

  6. Bike Progress

  7. March Goals • My goal for the end of March is to have a completed, fully functional bike. • To make this happen, I will have to meet with my mentor and install my rear derailleur and chain. • I will also have to put on my pedals and grips. • Lastly, in March, I will do all of the final little touches to make my bike look professional and operate well. This will include washing it, applying decals, adjusting the pressure of the front suspension, and checking the air pressure of the tires. • My bike will be ready to hit the bike park by the end of March.

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