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Architecture Design Your Desire Home With a Purpose PowerPoint Presentation
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Architecture Design Your Desire Home With a Purpose

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Architecture Design Your Desire Home With a Purpose - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Architecture Design Your Desire Home With a Purpose

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  1. Architecture Design Your Desire Home With a Purpose Architecture Design Your Desire Home With a Purpose There are well over a million new real estate "starts" in the world each year, but only a part of those homes are especially designed. It's a sad thing. Your house the biggest individual investment most people create in their life-time. Your house has a major impact on you you members. It's not just a product, it's your house. It's the surroundings you take up and connect to during a bigger part of your life than anywhere else. And we are all formed and affected by types. "But I can't afford a customized house design," you say. Well that may be so, but even if you are choosing from standard programs or choosing programs from a book of house styles, you can create better choices and understand what your ideal house can be by learning a little about what comprises good style. You need to raise your level of attention. As a designer I am often requested, what is the most essential consideration when you style a house? In my opinion, the best quality is that there needs to be purposefulness to the program. To experience this, your house strategy should have a primary concept or idea as the main of the style and style strategy. This should offer company, as well as circulation, to your house strategy. The most direct and simple methods of planning programs is often the best architects in world. One that I have used as a basis of many different programs is the traditional "four rectangle strategy." The primary shape of your house a rectangle, with an axis that functions as a plug. This is the idea used in the traditional "Georgian Style" house. The primary areas of the house are in each of the area pieces, with a corridor and stairwell as the middle becoming an association between areas on the same ground. The higher ground would also have a similar design with rooms in the sides, bathroom at the end of the area. As you walk through your dream house like this, the areas experience right since they are structured in a way that seems sensible.

  2. Take a look at a common house strategy. It will probably have some of this filled with meaning company as the actual idea. Perhaps the middle area is broader in one area, such as in the lobby. The stairwell may bend, or go off to the side of the middle axis. You may find bigger room in the back that still matches with the structured strategy. Try to think about how you want your areas to fit together and create the areas circulation in an organized way. Other planning ideas are more complicated, and may be the right one for you. Innovative planning will help you appear at a significant, and filled with meaning floor-plan. No matter what, your house style needs programs that satisfies your needs. A house may be intricate and expensive, but without programs with reliability and oneness, it will not experience right. You want to experience resolved, content and happy in your house. Create your house with a filled with meaning strategy so that your house becomes a ideal fit for your members of the family.