the relationship between dental health and heart disease l.
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Dental Health and Heart Disease PowerPoint Presentation
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Dental Health and Heart Disease

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Dental Health and Heart Disease - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on It came to light that your San Francisco dentist could also have the ability to alert you to your risk of any heart illness.

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Dental Health and Heart Disease

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Heart disease is a major problem in America. For this reason, common medical examinations are proposed for everybody. Back in the first decade of the twenty first century though, it came to light that your San Francisco dentist could also have the ability to alert you to your risk of this illness. Dental health and heart illness are connected in numerous methods. For those who have false teeth, your natural teeth are deteriorating or you have gum illness, your chances of heart illness are significantly greater. Even though these studies show a link between the two, a cause-and-effect relationship has yet to be recognized. Further investigation requires to be accomplished, but why take the chance until it is. See your San Francisco dentist right now.Many studies have shown that those that had a heart attack or required heart surgery or a transplant had a higher chance of also having dental problems. Gum disease lead this list as it contributes to high bacteria levels in the mouth. Whenever you brush and floss, you run the risk of allowing bacteria enter the blood stream. What occurs next is where the challenge comes in.

Bacteria that originates in the mouth area can go through the body. It may then end up inside the bloodstream. While doing so, it lines the artery walls and could result in atherosclerosis and


artery blockage. In addition, if this is a strep bacteria, bacterial endocarditis may well result. This can be a condition in which vegetable matters grows in the heart valves. For this reason, you need to pay a visit to your San Francisco dentist a minimum of twice a year for cleanings. Floss regularly and speak to your dentist about an antibiotic mouthwash.Weak dental health could also lead to changes within the diet. The quantity of fiber may be decreased leading to an unbalanced diet and heart disease. Other elements are in play. When you have been through heart surgery, you have to have an antibiotic just before any dental work, such as cleanings. Gum illness could also be irritated by the treatment of heart disease. As you'll be able to see, this relationship is incredibly crucial and one that need to be discussed with not only your physician, but your dentist likewise. Your life could be at risk otherwise.Hopefully you have found this article helpful about San Francisco dentist.  Visit us again for more information.