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Mimi and Micky

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Mimi and Micky - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mimi and Micky. Written by: Catherine. Once upon a time there were two girls and they were sisters. One of their names was Mimi and the other Micky. Mimi was the good one with magic powers. Micky was the bad one who always asked Mimi to fix her problems.

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Mimi and Micky

Written by: Catherine


Once upon a time there were two girls and they weresisters. One of their names was Mimi and the other Micky. Mimi was the good one with magic powers. Micky was the bad one who always asked Mimi to fix her problems.


One day Micky was playing in her mom’s room and she broke her mom’s beautiful vase that was bought a couple of days before. Micky asked Mimi to fix it and she did.

Another time, Micky asked Mimi to give her the answers for her English test. So she did. Her teacher, Mrs. Greace, was a witch but nobody knew. She knew that Mimi gave Micky answers. She was going to tell her mom and dad soon.

Then there was another time when Micky asked Mimi if she could take the blame, because she spilled Coke on the white carpet. So she did.


On report card day Mimi got straight A’s, but Micky got a lot of F’s. So when they came home they asked each other what they got. Mimi was afraid that if their mom saw what Micky got she’d be mad. So Micky asked if Mimi could change it. Mimi thought it over. She knew that in her heart she shouldn’t be helping Micky with all her problems, but, she loved her sister and wanted to help her.


That night, everybody went to sleep. In the middle of the night, in Mimi’s room, appeared a fairy. Mimi woke up. She got scared! The fairy’s name was Suzani. She was calling Mimi’s name. Mimi knew it was a fairy, she was just making sure it was a good fairy. It was, so Mimi got out of her bed. Suzani said to Mimi that she shouldn't use her powers because she was getting herself in trouble. Suzani said that she would take away Mimi’s powers if she didn’t stop using them for bad things.


The next day, Micky and Mimi went to school. Then they went to their classrooms. All their teachers came. While the teachers were writing on the chalkboard, the principal announced on the speaker that they were having a pumpkin contest. Everybody was excited. Mimi’s and Micky’s classes went last to estimate the weight of the pumpkin.

When Micky saw Mimi she was happy, because Mimi had powers and she could estimate the right answer. Micky would always estimate the wrong number. This time she really wanted to win. She asked Mimi kindly, “Will you please tell me the correct estimate? Please?” Mimi thought it over. She remembered what Suzani said, but the look on Micky’s face made her believe that she just had to use her powers. Mimi decided to give her the answer.


Later that afternoon, the principal announced the winner of the pumpkin contest. The winner was Micky. Suddenly, Suzani appeared. Suzani told Mimi how disappointed she was and then Suzani zapped the powers out of Mimi.


It was the end of that school day. Mimi looked droopy as she was walking out of school when she started to smell smoke. Micky and some of her friends were still in the gym. They also smelled smoke and wanted to get out of the building. Then they ran upstairs.


Mimi heard Micky calling. She was saying, “Use your magic powers,” but Mimi said she couldn’t because the fairy, Suzani, took them away. “Why?” asked Micky. “Because of you. You kept on asking me to help you do bad things.” Mimi said.

Suddenly Mrs.Greace came. She went into the room and zapped herself to the place where Micky and her friends were. Mimi was surprised!


Mimi didn’t know that the teacher could do that. Then Micky said, “How did you get in here?” “There is no time to explain , let me help you get out. Every teacher upstairs has an escape ladder in the closet Let me get it.”Mrs. Greace said. She got it and put it down the window. Then they got down. Firefighters were coming. Mimi asked Mrs.Greace, “You have magic powers too?” “Yes I do, but I only use them for good stuff that is very important.”

On that day Mimi learned that if you are given something special, you should only use it for good things.