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Chiropody Treatment in Newcastle PowerPoint Presentation
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Chiropody Treatment in Newcastle

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Chiropody Treatment in Newcastle - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Friendly foot treatment, or a start to correcting problems like plantar fasciitis or painful knees.

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many people get the terms podiatrists

Many people get the terms podiatrists and chiropodists confused. Chiropody is the "assessment of the foot, and the treatment and prevention of disease disorders or dysfunctions of the foot by therapeutic, orthotic or palliative means." A chiropodist helps to maintain and improve the mobility of patients with certain foot problems. They also assist in administering various treatment methods to alleviate any pain and discomfort, and offer health education to improve a person's overall quality of life. Chiropodists can specialize in a number of areas, including pediatrics, geriatrics, sports injuries, rheumatology, soft tissue surgery or diabetic care.

visiting a high street nail bar every once

Visiting a high street nail bar every once in a while, might make you feel better, but the underlying ailments aren't taken care of and might surface up sooner than later. Having regular appointments with a specialist in Podiatry London ensures that you receive a wider range of benefits.Chiropodists or podiatrists are highly qualified specialists who are trained to spot the early signs of any future foot damage and even treat any skin or nail problems. An average nail bar just offers you cosmetic options whereas you receive proper treatment from a podiatrist for your feet based issues.

podiatrists are american trained foot specialists

Podiatrists are American trained foot specialists. Both chiropodists and podiatrists are governed by the Ontario College of Chiropodists and both must pass comprehensive Board and provincial licensing exams. Chiropody is a 3 year, while podiatry is a 4 year, post baccalaureate program.

Chiropody clinics maintain a high level of hygiene as their procedures require medical treatment. All the equipment used is properly sterilised, or the use of disposable equipment is practised so as not to put the patient's health at risk.

it is a common fungal infection of the foot

It is a common fungal infection of the foot, referred to as the ringworm of the foot. It is a surface fungal infection which causes dry, red, flaking skin which can be itchy or even painful. Normally, these lesions bud between the toes to extend to the bottom and the sides of the foot to even the toenails. The toenails become thickened, discolored and even painful. Infection at this stage is commonly referred to as onychomycosis. The infection can be easily contracted in damp areas like showers, gyms, swimming pool lockers or any other areas where the fungus can thrive. It gets cured by applying an anti-fungal cream and keeping the area dry. However, if it does not self-heal in about two weeks, it is best to seek a chiropodist for its treatment.

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