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WEEK IN SPORTS vol 19. Manny retires after 19 MLB seasons . See also mariners opening day 2011. Mariners v A’s. 1-7.

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Manny retires after 19 MLB seasons

See also mariners opening day 2011


Mariners v A’s


This game starts in the 2nd inning on a 2-2 pitch form Gio Gonzalez flies of the bat of Langerhans and lands over the right field fence the mariners up 1-0. with Mutsiu on second a fly ball is popped up to Ichiro he makes the catch Mutsi tries to tag up to 3rd but Ichiro throws a bullet to 3rdFiggins applies the tag to get the out. With 1 out and a runner on second coco crisp triples to right center to tie the game up at 1. an easy pop up hit to Bradley is lost in the sun Willingham sprits to 3rd and later scores on the RBI grounded out. The A’s keep the bats going Elise singles threw the hole between 3rd and short to bring home the 3rd run. The Mutsui with the bases loaded singles to right. The next batter Kert Suzuki is hit by a pitch and brigs home another run. The A’s avoided the 3 game sweep by winning the series finally.


Mariners v Rangers


Erik Bedard makes his return to the Mariners after injury struggle. It gets of to a rocky start on a 3-1 pitch in the first Elvis Adrues goes yard 1-0 Texas. Next inning with runners on 1st and 2ndBarbone triples bring home Napoli from 2nd and Torealbo from 1st. 3-0 Texas. The former ranger that came over in the cliff lee deal Justin Smoak doubles to right center Bradley scores Texas now leads 3-1.after scoring another run the M’s run into trouble Nelson Cruz homers for his 4th connective game. Texas would tag on 2 more runs and so would the mariners Texas wins 6-4.


Mariners v rangers


Michael Pinda makes MLB debut for the Mariners. In the bottom of the seconded Cruz draws a walk and Moorland triples off Pinad Texas up 1-0. in the bottom of the 6thwith Ian Kinsler on 2nd the ranging MVP award winner Josh Hamilton doubles off Pinda to bring home Kinsler. 2 batters latter on a 3-1 pitch Michael young goes extra base Hamilton scores 3-0 Texas. In the top of the 7th with runners at the corners jack Wilson singles of the former Mariner Mark Lowe M’s down 3-1.after the rangers swap pitchers Michael sunders singles to bring the m’s with in one. With the bases loaded Bradley at the plate he hits a blooper into center felid but Borbone robs Bradley of a 2 run single Texas wins 3-2.


Mariners v Indians


The mariners home opener went wrong. In the first no one on 1 man out Asduble Cabrera on a 2-1 pitch lines barley over the left field wall Cleveland on top. The m’s run into a troublesome 4th runners at the corners Haffner drops a blooper into center Chin soo-coo scores 2-0 tribe. Next batter Cabrera singles to left center 3-0 tribe. Next batter Kerns doubles down the left field line 5 strait hits in the 4th. After 2 more Indians score Tom Willhelsen relives Vargas after only 3.1/3 innings pitched. First batter Santana with the bases covered singles to right Hannahan and Grambley score 8-0 Indians. Next batter it can’t be much worse or can it, Haffner goes yard off Willhelmsen, a 10 run 4th inning 14 batters to the plate. The game would end 12-3 final


Mariners v Indians


A pitchers duel no doubt Justin Masterson versus Doug Fister. in the top of the forth Orlando Cabrera swings hits a line drive and nails his teammate Asdrdle Cabrera in the inside of the leg, A.Cabrera was originally called out but it was a foul ball, so O.Cabrera gets another chance with the bases full hits a sac fly to Bradley his runners tag Milton's throw to the plate is offline Fister tries but can’t keep the ball from going into the dug out so instead of 1, 2 Indians will score. The m’s down 2 Figgins on 1st and Masterson throws a pass ball and Figgins attempts for 3rd base and he’s safe with one out but Bradley and Cust go down swigging and they strand Figgins. Bottom of the 7th 2 on 2 outs and sunders singles to center justinSmoak will score 1-2 Indians. Next batter Ichiro tries a 2 out bunt but it goes right to the pitcher. Bottom 9 2 outs and Lagerhans strikes out the Indians win game 2


Manny Says Goodbye

The Dominic Republic born baseball player Manny Ramirez retires after he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs, rather than to take a 100 game suspension Manny decides to retire from Major League Baseball. The 12x all star played 19 big league seasons with the Indians, red sox, dodgers, white sox and 6 games with the rays. He is a 9x silver slugger and 2x world series winner and a 1x world series MVP. See you later Manny.


Sounders v Fire


The action in this one started fast, Rosalice cross a ball to white from 16 yard out in front of the goal he heads one in the air past keeper Sean Johnson. 90 seconds later the game was level Patrick Nyarko cross a ball on the grounded and into the penalty area, Diego Chaves on the right hand side of the goal shots left Keller extends fully but can’t save it. Chaves becomes the first Member of the fire to score in his first 3 games with the club. 25 minute Steve Zakunai dose a give go to White down the side of the field he beats the defenders and instead of a cross he shots the ball to the goalies right and scores from a closed angle 2-1 Seattle. The rest of the match was all keller a free kick goes off the 3 man wall to Marco Papa his shot is at the low left hand corner and some how Keller denies Papa. A 1 on 1 shot from Ferarie Keller saves with his feet, then next shot papa from the penalty area bounces off the ground and smothers it