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Clubs Training 2014

Clubs Training 2014

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Clubs Training 2014

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  1. Clubs Training 2014

  2. Outline of Training • Introduction • Club Training • Club Space (Lockers, Offices, Mail Boxes) • Club Logistics (Email, • Event Planning (EOHSS, Booking Space, Advertising) • Club Offices, Lockers and Mailboxes • Budgets, Funding and Fundraising • McMaster Email Accounts and EOHSS PIN Codes • Club Executive Council • Serious stuff...

  3. Club Administration Jessica Irvine Clubs Administrator SudeshnaDhar Assistant Clubs Administrator Office MUSC Room 215 905-525-9140 x24113 Office Hours 9:00am – 5:00pm

  4. The Clubs Administrator Hi! I’m Jessica Irvine. A few things about me: • From a small town outside of Ottawa (Go Sens!!!) • Graduated from McMaster University • Worked for the MSU for over 5 years • Majored in Classical Studies and History • I love horses, cars, and country music

  5. The Assistant Clubs Administrator • Hi, I’m SudeshaDhar. A few things about me: • From Suva, Fiji • IRC Hall representative • Studying Molecular Biology and Genetics

  6. Ratification Congratulations on receiving MSU Club Status! Applications for 2014-2015 will be due on Friday March 14, 2014. - As per the Club Operating Policy, make sure your Club holds Executive elections before then.

  7. About Clubs The MSU recognizes over 360 clubs in 5 distinct categories: • Academic • Recreational • Social Issues • Religious • Cultural

  8. What does it mean to be a recognized MSU club? According to the Clubs Operating Policy 1.9.9 Recognition as an “MSU Club” is a privilege based upon observance of certain procedures and acceptance of certain responsibilities. It follows that this privilege can be withdrawn if these procedures are neglected or responsibilities abrogated by the organization or group.

  9. Responsibilities of an MSU club • To maintain a positive image of not only your club but the MSU as well. Follow the Student Code of Conduct! • To maintain your club and run it to the best of your ability. Be aware of all policies that apply. • As an exec, you are setting an example for all the general members of your club. Please be informed and responsible!! • Always check the clubs website • Always check mailboxes, emails, and keep lockers/offices clean

  10. Privileges of being an MSU club • Room Bookings • Use of MSU bulletin boards • Use of the MSU name • Funding from the MSU and the Student Services Committee • Use of Compass Information to sell your tickets (at a reasonable rate of 3%)*, or advertise your event free of charge • Have a mailbox/office/locker in ClubSpace • Have risk management liability for events (as per policy) • Advertise events on the MSU Event Calendar, in The Silhouette, and Public Service Announcements on CFMU-FM 93.3 free of charge • Do billing and credit at the Underground *3% covers cost of staff labour, organization and administration re: ticket handling, counting and processing.

  11. Who can be a club member? • Membership in clubs shall be open to all MSU members. • [Except where it jeopardizes the integrity of the club’s purpose, as determined by the Clubs Administrator in consultation with said club’s executive.]   • Non-MSU members (part-time or grad students, staff, community members) • May hold club membership upon invitation of the club • May not hold executive office, or any position which gives them the authority to expend MSU Club funds. MSU membership = Full time (18 units+) Undergraduate student

  12. Clubspace • Clubspace is an open concept space designed for MSU clubs located on the 2nd floor of the Student Centre (Room 215). It is where the Club Administrator and Assistant Club Administrator offices are, as well as the club boardroom (215b), club offices and lockers, and the CEC office. • To book Clubspace, contact the Clubs Administrator: • You do NOT need an EOHSS form to book Clubspace • Daily bookings are posted in the Clubs Admin office window • NOTE- PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE FURNITURE OR BRING FURNITURE INTO CLUBSPACE

  13. ClubSpace can be used for… • Brief Club related meetings • Preparations for events • Special events and meetings (book with Clubs Admin) • A meeting spot to gather before moving to a room or event • Studying • Friendly chit-chat • OR anything that adds to the inclusion of all students using the space

  14. Club Lockers • ClubSpace is equipped with 168 lockers ranging in size from small, medium and large. The size of locker will be given based on use and need described in your application. Clubs can apply for lockers by completing the application and submitting it no later than noon on the due date • Applications are Due: Friday January 24th, 2014 • Locker assignments will be available early October • Make an appointment to sign Locker contract with Assistant Clubs Admin ( • Pay the $10 refundable lock deposit at the MSU Accounting window (MUSC 201) • Bring receipt to Asst Clubs Admin who will then provide you with a lock. • Locker Applications are available on the Club Space page of the MSU website at www.

  15. Club Offices • Club Offices • There are 9 offices available in Clubspace • There are 3 clubs per office, totaling 27 total office spaces • Applications must be submitted for club offices • Applications due September 27st, 2013 • Applications available on the MSU website • Offices are assigned by lottery process • Fair and equitable method of assigning space

  16. Mail Boxes • Every club will receive a mailbox • Assignments posted next to mail boxes and online • Check your mail on a weekly basis • Boxes are not secure (open area) • Mailing Address: Your Club Name c/o MSU Clubs Administrator MUSC 215, McMaster University 1280 Main Street West, Hamilton, Ontario L8S 4S4

  17. Event Planning • What is an “event”? • ANYTHING an MSU club does ON or OFF campus • You and your friends sitting, having coffee, talking about your club...NOT an event! • Executives and Members having a meeting, getting registrations, going somewhere, promoting, hosting...IS an event! • Clear distinction: are you doing this as YOU the person, or are you doing this as a CLUB. As a club? It is an event!

  18. Accessible • Accessibility is the degree to which all people can access devices, services and environments that are barrier-free • Accessibility is also a process. It is the proactive identification, removal and prevention of barriers to persons with disabilities

  19. Inclusion • …happens when places and spaces are physically and socially accessible. • …is felt. • Individuals feel included when they feel safe in expressing all aspects of their identity as they engage in the life of the community

  20. The Check List • Budget – forecast accessibility costs • Scheduling – consult Faith and Spirituality Day Calendar and provide sufficient notice of event • Getting to Event– route is accessible • Meeting Facility & Space – obstacle free • Registration – identify needs i.e. dietary, prayer, scent-free, disability etc. • Signage – clear wording and design • Advertising & Promotion – positive images, respectful language, accessibility promotion • Menu – variety of options

  21. Event Approval • So, you want to host an event? What do you do? TWO steps: • Step 1: Get the event approved • EOHSS, Waivers, Bus Monitor Contracts, Film Showings • Step 2: Book space for the event • Conference & Event Services • McMaster University Student Centre (MUSC) Administration • Faculty of Health Sciences • Miscellaneous • Off-Campus?

  22. Step 1: Approval & EOHSS • Before ANY “event” (remember the definition?) can be held ON or OFF campus – it MUST be approved by the Clubs Administrator and EOHSS! • To receive your PIN please contact the Clubs Administrator. • Exceptions (there always is!): ANY meeting being held on the 2nd floor of the McMaster University Student Centre (all meeting rooms and clubspace). This is the ONLY exception! • WHY? Why do I have to have my event approved? • Ensures that event organizers are taking into account any risk associated with the event (planning a SAFE, INCLUSIVE and ACCESSIBLE event for all attending is HIGHEST priority) • Allows you to book space on campus (Why?!) • ...because of insurance and liability (coming up in the “serious stuff” section) • MUST READ: Student Event Risk Management Manual (

  23. Step 1: Approval & EOHSS (cont’d) • Clubs must complete an EOHSS form, and include all Waivers, Bus Monitor Contracts, or Film Event forms • Waivers • Waivers are required for specific events • Alcohol, Sports, Bus Trips, Social/Cultural Events • Organizers need to ensure that attendees complete the waivers. • Online at “Print Waivers” • Bus Monitor Contracts • Any trip involving bus travel • Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) does NOT require Bus Monitor Contract • Must be submitted with EOHSS form • Online at “Manage your Bus contracts” • Film Showings • If you want to show a movie on-campus, you must complete a “film showing form” – available at: • Must be submitted with EOHSS form • Choice of films available at: •

  24. How does EOHSS approve? • Online • • KNOW THIS WEBSITE • Use your email address and your EOHSS PIN code to fill out online form and submit (attach bus monitor contracts and/or film showing forms) • Form gets approved by MSU Clubs Administrator and EOHSS risk management staff • Online form allows for back-and-forth between Approvers and Organizers, critiquing aspects and/or requesting changes (look for COMMENTS if form is not approved) • Once approved – event can proceed (book space on/off-campus)

  25. Risk Management Forms

  26. Waivers Waivers are required for specific events, such as Spectator/Cultural/Social Events, Bus Trips, Film showings, absolutely any event involving Alcohol, and any event involving Participatory Sports

  27. Showing a Film? • The MSU has a movie license with Criterion Pictures, found at; • • Films not found here i.e.. documentaries or independent films can only be shown with permission from the director or film/distribution company. • A completed Film Event Form MUST be submitted with EOHSS forms.

  28. Film Event Form The film event form can be found online on the Club Event Planning page.

  29. Online System • Access the Risk Management Form online at • Must send request email to Clubs Admin to receive PIN • Email request must be sent from McMaster email address • Paper forms are no longer accepted unless it is an EMERGENCY

  30. Failure to do so.... Not completing EOHSS forms and hosting events without approval can have SERIOUS repercussions and can result in: • Suspension of Club status • Monetary fines • Disbandment • Suspension from the university • Expulsion from the university • Recorded on your permanent record.

  31. Step 2: Booking Space On-Campus • 3 Main Departments which book space on-campus: • Conference & Event Services • Outdoor spaces, Classrooms, Lecture Theatres, Lobbies (except for those booked through MUSC and FHS) • MUSC Administration • The Student Centre: Meeting rooms, CIBC Hall, Banner Spaces, Information Tables, Bake Sale Table, Posters • Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) • MDCL and HSC

  32. Step 2: Booking Space on Campus (MUSC) • Before you can book anything with MUSC administration, you MUST complete the “Student Group Privilege Form” • Visit website: • Look under the “Reservation” tab • Fill out form, and send details • Please note the two Event Contacts are the ONLY people who can book space this year • To book space • Visit website: • Click on “Reservations” • Requests MUST be made by one of the Event booking contacts • Requests for meeting rooms MUST be made at least 5 business days in advance • Requests for tables MUST be made by the 15th of the previous month. • Choose what you would like to book (Meeting Rooms, Club Information Table, Bake Sale Table, Banner Space)

  33. Step 2: Booking Space on Campus (MUSC) Meeting Rooms – 5/month • Rooms must be clean and set to its original layout before leaving. • All CATERING must be provided by Paradise Catering • Please note you DO NOT need to submit an EOHSS form for rooms on the second floor. • For rooms on the third floor you WILL need to submit an EOHSS form. All bookings for rooms 311, 313, and 318 will not be confirmed until an approved EOHSS form is submitted to their office. • For rooms on the third floor you MUST fill out a Meeting Room Request/Special Event request, to see if the space is available and THEN, after it is put on hold, your group will fill out an EOHSS form, and send it to MUSC. AFTER the EOHSS form is APPROVED they will confirm your room booking. • Keys must be returned to the MUSC office (Rm. 222) by 12:00 pm on the first business day after the booking. • A fine of $10/day will be applied for each key that is late, to a max. of $125. Bake Sale Table- 1/month • Bake sale items must be homemade baked goods • Bake sale items are to be offered in exchange for a donation to the beneficiary and must not have a set price but may have a suggested donation. • Tables must be booked by the 15th of the previous month. Club Information Table • For information purposes ONLY • Food, drink, or merchandise may NOT be sold or handed out at these tables • Tickets for events may NOT be sold at these tables • Donations may NOT be collected at these tables • Tables must be booked by the 15thof the previous month. Music Table • Music volume must be appropriate for space and should not inhibit people at other tables from have a normal conversation • Tables must be booked by the 15th of the previous month. Banner Space • 3 locations- Food Court, MAPS Lounge, MSU Lounge • Banner space is booked on a weekly basis from Monday-Sunday • Clubs are allowed one banner space per week for no more than two weeks per month Poster Policy • Up to 8 posters may be dropped off at MUSC 222 for posting in the Student Center display cases by Friday at 12:00 pm • All posters must conform to the MSU Poster Policy

  34. Step 2: Booking Space on Campus (Conference & Event Services) • Prior to booking ANY space with Conference & Event Services, your club MUST have an APPROVED EOHSS form for your event. • Visit website: • Fill out booking form ( • Requests must be made a minimum of 10 (ten) business days, in advance, of the event • During the first 3 weeks of September and/or January it is not possible to book from Monday to Thursdays due to the time required by the Office of the Registrar, Scheduling, to finalize the undergrad schedule and room assignments. It is possible to submit requests for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays providing the requests are submitted a minimum of 10 (ten) business days in advance of event. • One executive member to submit requests throughout the year using a address only. • Requests for space, when the University is officially closed, will not be accepted. • To arrange access to existing AV in classrooms/lecture theatres, please email: Equipment Booking • Submit EOHSS form • By email: • In-person: McKay Hall 124 • Provide URL link to online approved form in the booking form • Clubs MUST have an APPROVED EOHSS form prior to booking space *Remember EOHSS approval can take up to maximum of 5 days • IMPORTANT: Conference & Event Services cannot advise on availability of space until a copy of the approved EOHSS form is received.

  35. Step 2: Booking Space on Campus (Faculty of Health Sciences, Misc.) • Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) • Visit website: • Choose either MDCL or HSC • Requests must be made a minimum of 10 (ten) business days, in advance, of the event • Clubs MUST have an APPROVED EHOSS form prior to booking ANY Space in FHS • Please note Clubs can no longer book out space on the 3rd floor of MDCL • Charge is $10.00/per hour. Payment MUST be received 48 hours prior to booking • Student Groups booking the Ewart Angus centre, and lecture theatres (1A1, 1A3, 1A4, 1A5 and 1A6) after regular business hours will be charged a $25 housekeeping fee • Requests and rates for audiovisual equipment and microphones need to be referred to CAVS. Note: 24 hours notice is required or booking will be cancelled. • Complete form and submit • Miscellaneous (see MSU website: for contact info) • University Cub • Celebration Hall • Institute of Applied Health Sciences • Clubs MUST have an APPROVED EOHSS form prior to booking space

  36. McMaster Email Addresses and EOHSS PIN Codes • McMaster Email Addresses • Each club is provided with an official email address • Login at http://univmail.mcmaster.caNOT through MUGSI, or the new McMaster Gmail. • This email address is the primary contact for clubs • This email address is used to complete EOHSS forms • This email is managed by the MSU but created by UTS • Passwords can be reset by the Clubs Administrator • UTS requires that club email addresses be signed into at least ONCE per MONTH or they will be deactivated • Only the McMaster email address are considered official (Listed as contact email for club on MSU website) • All communications from the Clubs Admin will be through this email • Can be redirected but must log in at least once a month! • Having problems? Contact Clubs Admin • EOHSS PIN Codes • Each club is provided with a 6-digit EOHSS PIN code • This PIN code is used to complete EOHSS forms • This PIN code remains constant for the club throughout its entire operation, so ensure that it is kept confidential

  37. Finances McMaster Students Union is a not-for profit organization • Therefore so are clubs The MSU is not charitable, and neither are its clubs • Charitable receipts are not available We must be Transparent and Accountable • Clubs may be subject to audits by the MSU All transactions must be accounted for with an ORIGINAL receipt, and proof the event took place. All money raised by the club must go to its programming or directed to a charity It’s important to manage all your bills and make timely payments • Ex: Underground Media and Design- Once a month Payments to establishments and companies are made through the club bank account. Clubs are responsible for all of their own finances. Any debt becomes the executive’s. • it is in YOUR best interest to be financially responsible The MSU assumes no responsibility for financial debts incurred by a Club

  38. Club Budgets • When submitting their application, clubs completed a tentative budget outlining basic revenue and expenses for their proposed fundraisers and events. • Clubs MUST now complete a FINAL budget, outlining in more detail their revenue and expenses for their planned fundraisers and events for the 2013-2014 academic year. • A budget template (Microsoft Excel) is available on the MSU Clubs website • You can create your own budget, but please use the template if you are uncomfortable with accounting • ALL Clubs MUST submit a budget REGARDLESS of whether or not they are requesting MSU Funding. • NO Club is receive funding without a request. • New and probationary clubs: maximum $100 • All other clubs are considered on an individual basis • Clubs must submit budget requests by ***January 30th, 2014***. • To be submitted electronically (.xsl file) saved with club name

  39. Budget Template

  40. ClubFunding (MSU) • All MSU clubs can request a funding amount from the MSU as (partial) reimbursement for operating costs related to the club • Club funding amounts are determined on an individual basis – there is no guarantee you will receive the amount requested • Clubs will be informed of their funding amounts in EARLY-OCTOBER • Club funding is provided as a reimbursement system. Club executives must first expend the funds, then utilize receipts to submit a claim form to the Clubs Administrator. • Club claim forms are available on the MSU Clubs website, Club Budget, Finding and Finances • Funds are issued by cheque, made out in the club name • Cheques can be picked up at the MSU Accounting Office (MUSC 201A) • To get reimbursed for an event clubs MUST submit: • A completed claims form • Attach all original receipts • Proof the event has taken place • Submission must be made by no later then Wed April 16th 2014 • No claims can be made for salaries, monetary gifts, alcohol or miscellaneous items not recognized as necessity • Receipts must match items from the original request

  41. Claim Form- Sample

  42. Club Cheques • Clubs will hand in their receipts along with the claim form to the Club Administrator who then submits the request for reimbursement to the MSU Accounting office • Cheque requests are submitted to accounting every 2 weeks (on Wednesday) • Club reimbursements will ONLY be made payable to the club’s name (not in an individual’s name) • therefore they must be deposited into the club’s bank account • Cheques are available for pickup in the accounting office (MUSC 201) • the person picking up the cheque (executive of the club) will have to sign for the cheque • Cheques are valid for 6 months only. After that they become stale-dated and they are NOT re-issued. • There are no direct deposits to club bank accounts • The MSU’s financial year ends on April 30th, funds not claimed before that date will NOT be available the next year

  43. Special Project Funding The purpose of the clubs Special Project Funding is to allow clubs the opportunity to work collaboratively on an event that brings clubs together and positively represents Clubs, the MSU and McMaster University. - Find the Special Project Funding Application on the clubs website under the Club Budgeting, Funding and Finances tab. - The following list outlines the criteria used to determine which clubs are best suited for funding: • 1) Maximum request of $500.00 • 2) Preference given to events with larger numbers of anticipated participants • 3) The promotional value of the event towards MSU clubs. For example, will this event foster an understanding and awareness of the MSU and/or club(s)? • 4) The event must be creative and the funding must be related to the success of the event • 5) Funding will not be allocated for alcohol or food (if it is not an integral part of the event and relevant purpose of the event) • Entry must be a group submission. Your group must be making an attempt at subsidizing the event in other ways i.e. ticket sales, raffles, sponsorships etc. The clubs should be able to fund at least 50% of the event by other means. • All submissions must be received at least 30 days prior to the date of the event. Preference will be given to clubs who have not previously submitted for the Special Project Funding. • Submit your completed application to the Clubs Administrator at • Applications will be reviewed and clubs notified of the outcome.

  44. Special Project Funding Cont.

  45. Undergraduate Student Initiatives Fund • Additional funding source through Student Affairs Student Services Committee • Applications judged on merit, quality, contribution to student life, and other various factors • Activities to be funded must have significant educational/cultural value and be of interest and benefit to McMaster students/faculty/staff • Applications available online • • Three application due dates: • September 27th, 2013 (Events September 1 – November 30) • November 29th, 2013 (Events December 1 – March 31) • February 15th, 2014 (Events April 1 – August 30) *Applications must be submitted in a word document and sent by email to*

  46. USIF Cont.