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Technology Panel. Adriana Linares Lincoln Mead. The Deadly Dozen: 12 Technology Mistakes Your Firm Cannot Afford to Make. Understand Your Dependence. How dependent are you on technology? How tech-aware are you? What if your computer was not available for a day? A week?

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Technology panel

Technology Panel

Adriana Linares

Lincoln Mead

The deadly dozen 12 technology mistakes your firm cannot afford to make
The Deadly Dozen: 12 Technology Mistakes Your Firm CannotAfford to Make

Understand your dependence
Understand Your Dependence

  • How dependent are you on technology?

  • How tech-aware are you?

  • What if your computer was not available for a day? A week?

  • What would happen to your clients?

12 clinging to outdated technology
12. Clinging to outdated technology

  • If it’s not broken – don’t fix it?

  • If it is broken – find a work around

  • Ignoring the productivity dollar

  • Watch your technology’s competitors?

  • Outdated Technology brings RISK

11 failure to maintain
11. Failure to Maintain

  • Reduces the unexpected, and therefore reduces risk.

  • Create and follow a periodic maintenance plan for your hardware and network.

  • Ensure that software updates to happen.

  • Protect your equipment. (UPS / Surge)

  • Standardize hardware purchases whenever possible.

10 going cheap on security
10: Going Cheap on Security

  • Even a small network needs security.

    • Anti-virus software (No brainer, Right?)

    • Firewall for Internet connection?

    • Do I need to encrypt?

    • Physical security of equipment?

    • Proper destruction?

9 outsourcing misfire
9. Outsourcing Misfire?

  • Understand your core competencies. (It’s not I.T., trust us)

  • Strike a balance between in house abilities and outsourcing for more intense tasks.

  • Make ‘tech saavy part’ of your hiring goals.

8 moonlighting
8. Moonlighting!

  • Your clients can moonlight as lawyers, too.

  • Paying $150 vs $50?

  • You set IT strategy / goals: Budget for IT support for the detail work.

  • Again, not getting client work done while installing new software, repairing a computer, fixing a printer…bad idea

7 failing to plan for a disaster
7. Failing to plan for a disaster

  • Don’t forget your obligation to protect your client data!

  • Offsite Storage Vs Firebox Vs Online Archive?

  • 1 File Per Month Rule…

  • Emergency contact list

    • For clients?

6 yielding to old guard mentality
6. Yielding to ‘Old Guard’ mentality

  • The “Shirley Factor”;

    (Shirley does what’s best for Shirley not you)

  • Fear vs. sound reasoning;

  • The buck stops with you, not Shirley

    • Attorneys don’t know what their assistants don’t know

  • Failure to offer/deliver training

    • New systems, software, hardware

    • Ongoing

5 clinging to out dated business practices
5. Clinging to out dated business practices

  • That’s the way we’ve always done it!

  • Advance the firm as a business.

  • How do your client's businesses run?

  • Keep up on practice management tools

    • Case management, T&B software

4 stepping over a dollar to pick up a dime
4. Stepping over a Dollar to Pick up a Dime

  • Read the entire technology plan/proposal (resist flipping to the last page);

  • Be wary of the WalMart (WhiteBox) Computer!

  • Put yourself in your client’s shoes.

3 getting seduced by shiny
3. Getting Seduced by ‘Shiny’

  • Understand the difference between NEED and WANT. (Seems simple but…)

  • Make sure you have a BUSINESS reason/plan for a purchase.

2 failing to budget for training
2. Failing to Budget for Training

  • Admit it: You can’t afford the technology without training.

  • Staff will ‘self train’ to meet the minimums.

  • Online options / DVDs for flexibility.

  • Amortize training (& depreciation) into your TOTAL COST of OWNERSHIP

  • Managing your practice is a continuing effort;

    • GET REFERENCES from Vendors

1 neglecting to plan
1. Neglecting to Plan

  • Technology is not a ‘Crisis’ purchase!

  • Proactive vs. Reactive dollars

  • Create a business plan or an ongoing budget:

    • This is where I am;

    • This is where I want to be at the end of the year;

    • This is where I want to be after 5 years.

    • What is the true cost of a transaction? How can I cut that?


  • Our dependence on technology means that if we do not stay on top of it, we put our firm and our client at risk.

  • Embrace the business opportunities to grow or change.

  • Allow the experts to do it right

  • Remember ALL of ITs’ budget:

    • Base Cost + Maintenance +Training + Destruction

Technology panel
…and now some Chea…Inexpensive Legal Technology tips to help deal with those (and other) headaches. (The abbreviated version…)

Get ms office up to date
Get MS Office Up To Date.

  • Simpler (more relevant)interface

  • More tools.

  • Better automation

  • Support for PDF

  • …And love for the Apple crowd.

    • Office 2011 with Outlook(Finally)

Improve your pdf awareness
Improve your PDF Awareness

  • Have a “PDF First” Policy

  • Learn to manipulate PDFs

  • Understand security

  • Converting from PDF > Word

  • Use “Comments and Markups”

    • Esp: Prebills

Cut the cord and improve disaster recover at the same time
Cut the Cord (And improve disaster recover at the same time…

  • Netbooks + Tablets + MiFi + Hosted apps (cloud) = Practice on YOUR terms.

A few law firm saas examples
A Few Law Firm time…“SaaS” Examples

Gear basics pick a phone make it smart
Gear Basics - Pick a Phone-Make it Smart time…

IPhonevs Blackberry vs Android vs Palm vs Microsoft?

There IS something out there that will work for you.

How can i improve my marketing
How can I improve my marketing? time…

  • Social media WORKS!

  • Know where your clients look…

  • General & Legal specific services

Technology panel

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