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Guild Wars. A Comprehensive Game Evaluation By: Michael Alff. Guild Wars. Campaigns Two new campaigns released every year. 1 st Campaign: Guild Wars – Prophecies (Released 4/28/05) – Focus of Evaluation 2 nd Campaign: Guild Wars – Factions (Released 4/28/06)

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Guild wars

Guild Wars

A Comprehensive Game Evaluation

By: Michael Alff

Guild wars1
Guild Wars

  • Campaigns

    • Two new campaigns released every year.

    • 1st Campaign: Guild Wars – Prophecies (Released 4/28/05) – Focus of Evaluation

    • 2nd Campaign: Guild Wars – Factions (Released 4/28/06)

    • 3rd Campaign: Guild Wars – Nightfall (World Release 10/27/06)

  • Developed By: ArenaNet

    • Subsidiary Of / Published By: NCsoft

  • MSRP: $49.99 USD

  • ESRB Content Rating: Teen Violence

    • User Agreement: Children under the age of 13 are not permitted to play.

  • Classification

    • Competitive/Cooperative Online Role Playing Game (CORPG)

    • Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG)

Getting the game
Getting The Game

  • Retail Purchase

    • Packaging with Fancy Artwork

    • Access Key

    • Installation CD

    • Game Manual

      • Game Story

      • Profession Overviews

      • Hero Overviews (Major NPC)

      • Enemy Overviews

      • Poor Job on “How to Play”

    • Quick Reference Guide

      • Keyboard / Mouse Layout

      • Attribute Point Allocation Guide

      • Skill Type Descriptions

  • Purchased Online

    • Downloadable Software

    • Available At:

    • Access Key

    • Online Manuals Available


1. Download Software / Insert CD

2. Run Installation Wizard

3. Provide Installation Location

4. Accept User Agreement

5. Enter Access Key

6. Play Game


Game story
Game Story

  • Setting

    • Ancient Content of Tyria

    • Kingdoms and Magic rule the land

    • Strongly associated to many mythical gods

  • Starts in peace time (Pre-Sear)

    • Introductory Training Area

    • Using Skills

    • Setting Attributes

    • How to advance in the game

    • Choosing Secondary Profession

  • Major Game Event Searing

    • Meteor shower like event reaps havoc across Ascolon, a kingdom of Tyria.

    • Starts main part of game.

Game story continued
Game Story Continued

  • Main Game (Post-Sear)

    • Start off defending Ascolon against a group of invading beast like enemies, the Char.

    • Travel to nearby land Kryta and liberate inhabitants from the White Mantle, a cruel group of elite knights in power.

    • Advance to a jungle-like area where player learns of an evil race known as the Mursaat, set on conquering Tyria, by releasing an ancient evil army.

    • Travel to the Desert to “ascend” and become worthy of defending Tyria against its greatest threat.

    • Head off to Hell, a volcanic wasteland, to destroy the Mursaat, and ultimately save all of Tyria fulfilling the Flame Seeker Prophecies.

Game modes
Game Modes

  • All Gaming Exist on ArenaNet Server

  • Player vs. Environment (PvE)

    • Story Driven

    • Start at level 1 and advance to level 20 (Max).

    • Cooperative Missions

      • Advance game story

      • Main objective of PvE is to complete all

      • Standard Mission & Bonus Mission

      • No Team Re-spawn

    • NPC Quest

      • Between Coop Missions

      • Can be a prerequisite to a Coop Mission

      • Team Re-spawn

    • Buy / Earn Skills, Weapons, Armor

  • Player vs. Player (PvP)

    • Start out at level 20

    • Multiple types of competition: Survival, Capture and Hold, Points Based, Etc.

    • Up to 16 players (8 vs. 8)

    • Guild Ladder Ranking (PvP Scoring)

    • Items / Skills available for use earned in PvE

Character professions
Character Professions

  • Each Guild Wars Character is comprised of 6 base classes where a primary and secondary profession are chosen:

    • Elementalist – spell casting class using air, water, earth, and fire magic for both damage and defense.

    • Ranger – Ranged attacker, master of pets and traps and sprits that effect surrounding players and enemies.

    • Warrior – Short ranged melee attacker, heavily armored.

    • Monk – Heals and restores players in party, also smites enemies with holy damage.

    • Necromancer – Utilizes corpses of fallen enemies / party members, curse caster.

    • Mesmer – spell casting class, master of illusion, manipulates targets actions against them.

  • Entire set of primary professions skills and attributes.

  • Limited subset of secondary professions skills and attributes.

Game play
Game Play

  • Goal Oriented Game

    • Goals Become more difficult as player progresses.

    • Focus on one mission / quest at a time.

    • Completing missions /quests opens new goals.

  • Team play is a must for this game.

    • Group with other players to achieve common goals.

    • Group with computer controlled henchmen.

    • Create or join a guild.

    • Mix of different character types on a team.

  • Gain Experience

    • Completing Quest and Co-op Missions

    • Triggers Leveling (20 Max)

    • PvE Scoring (doesn’t really matter)

Game play continued
Game Play Continued

  • Items

    • Collect items dropped from fallen foes.

    • Exchange items for gold or keep for use.

    • 5 Classes of Items

      • Plain - Abundant, Low Value

      • Blue – Frequent, Medium Value

      • Purple – Less Frequent, Medium Value

      • Gold – Semi-Rare, High Value  Standard for a good weapon.

      • Green – Extra Rare, Enormous Value  Obtained from bosses only.

    • Buy / Sell / Trade with NPC or Human Player

  • Armor

    • Use materials and gold to craft customizable armor.

    • Different Modifications (ex. 20% resist cold damage)

    • Upgradeable using Runes. (1 upgrade per armor piece)

    • Enormous Selection.

  • Weapons

    • All professions can use all weapons

    • Some more effective dependant on profession attributes.

    • Various Upgrades (usually 2 per weapon allowed)

Game play continued1
Game Play Continued

  • Interactive NPCs

    • Provide Quest

    • Buy / Sell Items

    • Join you in battle

  • Missions / Quest

    • Battle to an area

    • Obtain an Item

    • Kill a boss

    • Defend and area under attack

  • Death Penalty

    • Each time you die you incur -15% max hp and energy. (-60% Max)

    • Regain by killing foes.

    • DP removed when you enter a town or outpost.

  • Additional Goals Are Titles.

    • Several tiers to titles.

    • Display titles under character.


  • Allowed to carry up to 8 skills at once.

  • Skill Effectiveness increase with attribute points.

  • 75 Skills per Profession that are unlocked through gameplay.

  • Skills adjustable at a town / outpost, locked otherwise.

  • Variety of skills allows for near limitless character builds / strategy .

  • Skills have energy cost, casting time, and recharge time associated with them.

Game fun
Game Fun

  • Fun Game Play

    • Create multiple characters adds new dimension to the game.

    • Personalize Your Character

      • Custom Look

      • Guild trademark is customizable cape.

    • Holiday Events exist in dynamic world.

      • Special Quest

      • Special Rewards

    • Variety

      • Many choices of play lead to low repetition.

      • Every item / character has multiple choices.

  • Not Fun Game Play

    • Internet disconnection in middle of quest or mission.

    • High death penalty makes quest near impossible.

    • Some goal must be completed at once and take a very long time (hours).

    • It may be difficult to locate specific elements key to game play.

Special features
Special Features

  • Team Coordination Compass

    • All players in party can see.

    • Ping a location.

    • Draw paths through maze like areas.

  • Automatic Drop Allocation

    • Gold evenly dispersed throughout party.

    • Item drops assigned in a round robin fashion.

  • Holiday Events

    • Christmas party with unique rewards.

  • Enemy Targeting Feature

    • Call out targets allowing party members to attack targets called.

  • Competition Among Location

    • Guild Wars locations: US, Europe, Japan, Australia, etc.

    • Successive PvP wins = Favor of the Gods

      • Better Drops

      • Access to Elite Areas

  • Self Adjusting (Price) Economy  Price of items (buy and sell) adjust to supply and demand.

User interface
User Interface

  • Controls Are Easy To Use

    • Can access everything with keyboard

    • Can point click all functionality also.

    • Many different ways to do the same thing.

    • Hot keys for advanced users

  • Uniform Information Presentation

    • Consistency across all visual representations.

    • Descriptions shown on mouse hover.

  • Fully Customizable Interface

    • All elements / windows are sizable & movable.

    • Each show a different aspect of the character

      • Location, Quest, Attributes, Guild Members.

    • Layout does not interfere with game play.

    • View / Hide all controls as you like.

Graphics and sound
Graphics and Sound

  • Graphics and Artwork

    • In depth 3D environment with full camera control.

    • Very detailed artwork with excellent color choices.

    • Beautiful and realistic looking terrain.

    • All cut-scenes include all players (characters) and are done with graphics that are the same as in the game itself.

    • Can become choppy with a less powerful graphics card, low memory, or slow internet connections.

  • Sound

    • Standard annoying background music.

    • Particular sounds to particular enemies.

    • Sound is part of game play as particular sounds indicate particular actions / events.

    • Player speech only during cut-scenes.

Game advantages
Game Advantages

  • Great Team Communication

    • Navigate on compass to all players in real time.

    • Different channels for communication.

      • Local, Guild, Team, Trade, Whisper

  • Balanced Game

    • No one strategy dominates.

    • All strategies have counter strategies.

  • Never Ending Game

    • If you were to ever complete everything, a new campaign is probably being released.

    • PvP encourages continuing game play.

    • Replay Value is high.

    • Highest tier of titles difficult to achieve and take a very long time to complete.

  • Everything Is Available For A Price

    • Online trading system gets you items.

    • Services available from players

      • Power leveling

      • Complete quest / missions

      • Get player to a location.

Game disadvantages
Game Disadvantages

  • Human Player Availability

    • Some Missions / Quest become much harder without human players.

    • Can be difficult to find specific character for a mission.

    • If players quit or disconnect during a quest / mission, goal becomes near impossible.

  • Updates

    • Updates are frequent (almost every time I log on).

    • Sometimes takes upwards of 10 minutes on broadband..

    • Some updates lag the game play for a few days.

    • Usually have no noticeable effect.

  • Internet Dependence

    • Disconnections aren't frequent, but do occur.

    • No Internet = No game play.

  • System Requirements

    • Quite a large demand on computer resources.

    • Usually requires additional and expensive graphics cards and memory.

    • Any connection under broadband will limit game play.

Compared to similar games
Compared to Similar Games

  • Game depends on combination of choices (skills, attributes, etc) not, how long you have been playing.

  • Level cap puts all player on an even battlefield.

  • You can warp between towns outpost, unlike similar games where you must battle to a location.

  • No Subscription Fees!!!

  • Shared Storage lets you transfer items / gold from one character to another.

  • No Cheat Codes, enough said!


  • Design Mistakes

    • Designed as if it corrects all mistakes of previous games in similar genre.

    • However, no indication of completed quest.

    • Scoring System for PvE has little impact on game play and does not necessarily reflect anything about a player.

  • Audience

    • Majority are 18 – 40.

    • User Agreement says under 13 is not allowed.

    • Surprisingly large female population.

    • Aimed for frequent gamer.

  • Bugs

    • Some locations allow you to walk inside a wall.

    • Frequent updates correct before most notice.


  • Improvement

    • The tutorial in the beginning of the game.

    • Disconnection recovery.

    • Offline Accessibility

      • Practice Areas

      • Training Areas

  • Purchase

    • Yes: If you’re a serious gamer looking for a long term commitment game.

    • No: If your just looking for a once in a while game.

Guild wars

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