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Como – 8 th April 2004 IDEA kick-off meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Como – 8 th April 2004 IDEA kick-off meeting

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Como – 8 th April 2004 IDEA kick-off meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Como – 8 th April 2004 IDEA kick-off meeting. Introduction to IDEA. Andrea Giuliani. Outline. What is IDEA ? Short review of the tasks and some comments Discussion on the budget Meetings and connections among participants Where is DBD today and what is our role.

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Presentation Transcript

Como – 8th April 2004

IDEA kick-off meeting

Introduction to IDEA

Andrea Giuliani


  • What is IDEA ?
  • Short review of the tasks and some comments
  • Discussion on the budget
  • Meetings and connections among participants
  • Where is DBD today and what is our role

What is IDEA ? (1)

IDEA is NOT a Double Beta Decay experiment

  • the budget is ridiculously small
  • three different techniques are represented

what IDEA should NOT be

  • a small correction to the funding of

existing experiments

  • of course, “pecunia non olet”, but I hope that

IDEA will be something more than just a little

bit more money for NEMO, CUORE, GERDA...


What is IDEA ? (2)

what IDEA should provide:

  • as a minimal target, the realization of specific, well defined, projects

which increase the potential of existing/future experiments in a

documentable way

  • the active collaboration of physicists coming from different

experiences for the completion of these projects

  • as a maximal target, new ideas (and their experimental tests) not

contained in the present programs for Double Beta Decay search

a selenium-based bolometer

an enriched TeO2 bolometer working properly



Review of the tasks

  • Isotope enrichment
  • 82Se project
  • 150Nd project
  • Cosmogenic induced activity
  • Underground crystal growth
  • Rejection of surface radioactivity
  • Ge diodes in liquid nitrogen

Isotope enrichment

S. Jullian


  • Production of 82Se
  • Production of 150Nd with the novel Ion Cyclotron Resonance enrichment

method (it requires substantial R&D work and success is not guaranteed)

  • Feasibility study on the enrichment of Ca in 48Ca with novel techniques
  • Enrichment of Cd in 116Cd
  • Enrichment of Te in 130Te
  • Further production of 82Se (subject to revisions of the enrichment plan)
  • Supply of the European Bank of Isotopes with the nuclides produced,

in common with NW

Leading contractor: CNRS


  • only the first point is well defined
  • not enough money/resources for all the points  selection
  • selection depending on programs in NW and on results from other tasks

82Se project

D. Lalanne

Objectives :

  • Chemical purification of the 82Se produced in task

“Isotope Enrichment”

  • Realisation of the 82Se source for tracking experiments
  • Feasibility study of a bolometric experiment based on 82Se
  • In case of positive outcome of the previous item,

development of Se-based bolometers

Leading contractor: CNRS


  • well defined, “low risk” task

150Nd project

S. Pirro

Objectives :

  • Realisation of a NdF3 bolometer (requires substantial R&D work)
  • Realisation of a bolometer based on NdGaO4 or on compounds

with a similar magnetic ordering

  • Development and test of small scale Nd-based bolometers
  • Study of the background in Nd-based bolometers,

in case of success in the previous items

Leading contractor: INFN


  • “high risk” task  nobody knows if a Nd-based bolometer can work
  • in about one year we should have a definite answer

what to do in case of failure?

  • result affects selection of isotopes in task “Isotope Enrichment”

Cosmogenic induced activity

S. Cebrian / M. Pavan

Objectives :

  • Development and upgrade of the cosmogenic activation codes
  • Study of particular Ge detectors with a well known “cosmogenic history”
  • New experiments based on irradiation of Ge and TeO2 samples

with high energy protons at accelerators

  • Analysis of the irradiation results to check/upgrade activation codes

Leading contractors: Zaragoza / INFN


  • well defined, “low risk” task
  • coordination with JRA1 is required

Underground crystal growth

A. Giuliani / J. Morales

Objectives :

  • Crystallization of TeO2 in radio-clean conditions, by eliminating

radioactivity coming from crucibles and other elements

  • Feasibility study of underground Ge crystallization plant (LSC)
  • Feasibility study of underground TeO2 crystallization plant (LNGS)
  • Realization of underground test crystallization plants (in the event

of positive outcomes of the previous studies and of positive issues of

cost negotiations with the companies specialized in crystallization)

Leading contractors: INFN / Zaragoza


  • strong connection with “Cosmogenic Induced Activity” task
  • it is unlikely that funds are enough for test crystallization plants

Rejection of surface radioactivity

O. Cremonesi

Objectives :

  • Implementation of various surface analysis methods
  • Implementation of various surface cleaning procedures
  • Realisation of surface sensitive prototype bolometers
  • Development of CUORE-like modules with foreseen reduction of

surface radioactivity by a factor between 10 and 100 with respect

to present CUORICINO modules

Leading contractor: INFN


  • very critical task: the CUORE success depends

on the success of this task


Ge diodes in liquid nitrogen

S. Schönert


  • Study of adsorption materials, especially for Kr and other potential

contaminants like cosmogenic 7Be

  • Upgrade of the potential of the existing nitrogen (gas) purification

plant (which is housed in LNGS) in order to serve a large self-shielding

liquid nitrogen tank

  • Test operation of Ge diodes in purified nitrogen

Leading contractor: MPI Heidelberg


  • task with a well defined self-consistent program

Meetings and connections

General meeting: every SIX months (merged with NW meeting)

  • Check of the milestone achievements
  • Set of future milestones
  • Next general meeting: October 2004

location to be decided during this meeting

THREE months after each general meeting: “middle term deadline”

  • Advancement reports of the task leaders

(to be put on the WEB site)

  • General report of the coordinator on the basis

of the task advancement report

  • Next middle term deadline: 15th July

Sub-meetings of the working groups when necessary, keeping the

coordinator informed of their occurence