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AVID Pro Tools 9

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AVID Pro Tools 9. Sales Proposal By: Allyson Gelnett. Allyson Gelnett Sales Representative 75 Network Drive Burlington, MA 01803 Tel: 978.640.6789 Fax: 978.640.3366 Cell: 484.888.1181 Agelnett@avid.com www.avid.com.

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AVID Pro Tools 9

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avid pro tools 9

AVID Pro Tools 9

Sales Proposal

By: Allyson Gelnett


Allyson Gelnett

Sales Representative

75 Network Drive

Burlington, MA 01803

Tel: 978.640.6789

Fax: 978.640.3366

Cell: 484.888.1181



  • Ms. Gelnett is an Avid Sales Representative. Her responsibilities include distribution and expanding into new markets within the South East region of the U.S. As part of the Avid sales team, Ms. Gelnett has the pleasure of selling “authentic passion, as well as solutions.” “The success of Avid solutions depends greatly on the faces representing them.” The intricacy of technology coerce, it inspires her. First and foremost she is an expert within the industry and a salesperson second – effectively representing professionals in the video and audio world. “But at the end of the day, it boils down to understanding how the product or solution benefits the customer.”
  • Previously she worked at Walt Disney Records in Los Angles, CA , with a highly established marketing and sales team. Promoting records, selling her co-workers on key events she planned, and push for her clients radio play. She has volunteered at a variety of industry events including the CMA Awards Show 2010 & 2009, the CMA (Country Music Festival) 2009, AES Audio Masters Golf Tournament, CMT (Country Music Television) Radio Forum 2009, and has attended the ASCAP Awards as well as coordinating the Brian Wilson Album Release Party in 2010. She has also participated in community service for organizations such as Rutherford County Kids, Boys & Girls Club, CASA Christmas Angels, Boulevard Terrace Nursing Home, and Habitat for Humanity.
  • Ms. Gelnett received her Bachelors of Science in Recording Industry with a concentration in Music Business and a minor in Marketing from Middle Tennessee State University in August 2011.


Founded in 1987; headquarters located in Burlington, MA; they have been around from the start of the digital era. Avid is highly well known in the audio and video world, especially after acquiring the company DigiDesign in 1995 and their DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) Pro Tools.

Product Line:

Avid produces a diverse selection of video solutions and digital audio to further develop your creative dreams.

  • Awards
  • 14 Emmy Awards
  • 1 Grammy Award
  • 2 Oscar Statuettes
  • Avid PhraseFind grabs Videography’s “Best in Show Vidy Award” at NAB 2011
  • “One or more Avid Solutions were used to produce the top 10 highest grossing films of 2009!”
  • “For the last 9 consecutive years every nominee for a Sound Editing Oscar used Pro Tools Systems. (Scott Millan and David Parker).”

Industry Buzz:

Involved in: SXSW (South by SouthWest) Music Festival, NAB (National Assoc. of Broadcasters), The Los Angeles Film & Recording Studios,

“Zac Brown Band tours with Avid’s VENUE.”

  • Avid’s founder and creator Bill Warner, invented the NLE (NonLinear Editing)
  • Environmental Policy 
”It is Avid’s responsibility to minimize our impact on the environment, in our global operations and in the products we design, manufacture and market. We will follow sound environmental practices and encourage our employees to identify opportunities for reducing waste and conserving energy.”
  • Pro Tools
  • Media Composer
  • M-Audio
  • Pinnacle Studio
  • Sibelius
  • Euphonix
  • Interplay

Logic Studio

  • $499.00 USD
  • Mac Software, created by Apple, Inc.
  • Demo content DVD containing Logic Artist Projects from: The Killers, Lily Allen, and Santigold

Digital Performer

  • $499.00 USD
  • By MOTU


  • $399.00 USD
  • By Roland
  • Cubase
  • $499.00 USD
  • Includes Reverence
  • Created by the Steinberg Company
  • Record/Reason Duo
  • $449.00 USD
  • Created by Propellerhead
  • Live
  • $549.00 USD
  • Created by Ableton
chambers guitars
Chambers Guitars

“Chambers Guitars has been the leading music lessons program in Murfreesboro for over 25 years. Its teachers have over 50 years combined experience and its lessons program is the largest in the county.”

Store Manager:Forrest

Employee’s: 4

Independent Contractors: 6

Average # of Customers:30 daily

Buyer’s Competitors:

  • Johnny Guitars
  • Musician’s Friend (Major)
  • Music Stop
  • Concert Musical Supply

414 Memorial Boulevard

Murfreesboro, TN 37129

(615) 898-0055

Open Weekdays 11am-7pm; Sat 10am-5pm



  • What computer programs do you do you currently carry?
  • How much shelf space do you currently allocate to those products?


With the music industry heading from a physical to digital means, what type of opportunities for growth do you see for your store?


How would increased profitability impact your store?

Need Payoff

If I could show you how carrying Avid’s Pro Tools 9 (D.A.W) will increase profitability, would you give me five more minutes of your time?

  • Intuitive User Interface helps you get results!
  • 1st class Virtual Instruments & Plug-ins
  • Built-in Score Editor & Easy MIDI Editing
  • Do More with Industry trusted tools
  • Conveniently Works on Mac or PC, with ANY audio interface
  • Automatic Delay Compensation
  • Works with any Avid audio interface, any third-party Core Audio/ASIO interface (up to 32 channels supported), or standalone.
  • Design larger mixes with synchronized audio tracks (96 voices)
  • “New Pro Tools 9.0 PACE copy protection with iLok USB key.”
  • Get coveted pro features such as multitrack Beat Detective, OMF/AAF/MXF interchange, DigiBase Pro, and full Import Session Data dialog as standard
  • Adding hands-on control options with EUCON integration for Artist & Pro Series consoles/controllers
  • Build intricate mixes with 256 internal busses, 160 aux tracks
  • Work with video more easily with the Time Code Ruler & variable stereo pan depths

“Avid music production tools are the standard for top recording studios and Grammy®-winning artists across all genres, while also redefining the personal, mobile and project studios that make the thriving indie music and digital DJ scenes possible.”

“The world’s most advanced music and audio creation program.” “The next generation of Pro Audio Production.”

“With Pro Tools 9, you can truly compose, record, sequence, edit, and mix the way you want—in more ways than ever.”

Avid’s founder and creator Bill Warner, invented the NLE (NonLinear Editing) which later evolved within Pro Tools after Avid acquired DigiDesign.

In 2004, Avid acquired M-AUDIO enabling Avid to offer a wider range of audio tools including: microphones, speakers, keyboards, digital DJ systems, and I/O interfaces.

“Pro Tools 9 requires an iLok USB for authorization – the iLok will hold your authorization on the key, which can be moved between computers should you want to work on a different system.”

  • Gain unrivaled sound quality, power, creativity, and ease of use”
  • Find performance-driven systems for every need and budget
  • Design effortlessly with a comprehensive, professional toolset

BRAND RECOGNITION: The leading music industry standard Digital Audio Workstation.

*Exclusive distribution to YOUR STORE!*



  • Ultimate value to the buyer

Buyer Benefits:

  • Increase in revenue $$$$
  • Market Diversity
  • Market Share
  • Increase in Store Traffic and acquire new customers

End User Benefits:

  • Consumers such as MTSU Audio Production majors will or can receive a student discount and way of purchasing the program closer to campus
  • Create tracks effortlessly with a comprehensive, professional toolset
  • Inspiration from 70+ instrument and effects plug-ins and more
  • Build projects easily exported and shared to others
  • Personal hands on experience with the industry’s leading D.A.W. program
  • The ability to work on music anywhere your computer goes.

*The results of purchasing Avid Pro Tools 9.*

profitability analysis
Profitability Analysis

Spreadsheet Notes:

Option: The three options available for purchase

Total Units: The # of units available with each option

Unit Cost: The cost charged to the business for every unit.

Total Cost: The total # of units * total cost.

Qty Discount: If purchase 6 or more units, receive a $10.52 discount.

Net Cost: Total cost minus quantity discount.

MSRP: Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

Revenue: Total units * MSRP.

Net Profit: Revenue minus net cost.

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