a trip to majestic khewra salt mines pakistan n.
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A trip to majestic Khewra salt mines PowerPoint Presentation
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A trip to majestic Khewra salt mines

A trip to majestic Khewra salt mines

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A trip to majestic Khewra salt mines

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  1. A trip to majestic Khewra salt mines, Pakistan World’s second largest salt mine

  2. Khewra salt mines are located at PindDadan Khan Tehsil of Jhelum District very near to the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad. Its one of the oldest mines still operating and producing unprecedented bulk quantities of 99% pure Himalayan Salt. Every year a huge number of tourists from around the world throng to it which compelled the government to make it a tourist resort. Location

  3. Guided tours are available to show the interior of the salt mine. Visitor usually embark on their journey on a train which runs through the length and breath of the mine. The interior of the mine houses marvelous structures made from Himalayan salt bricks Such as a replica of historic Badshahi mosque, replica of national monument “Minar-e-Pakistan” and a statue of the poet of the nation Dr. Allama Iqbal. Khewra Salt mine Interior Badshahi mosque, replica Replica of national monument “Minar-e-Pakistan”

  4. Himalayan salt that is mined from Khewra has many uses and is used for manufacturing some world famous products as show below: Himalayan salt cooking block and table ware Himalayan salt lamps Himalayan bath salts Famous products of Khewra Mine Himalayan salts bricks & tiles for construction Himalayan salt inhaler for asthma and other bronchial diseases Magnificent decor pieces

  5. For a complete range of Himalayan salt products and their details please visit : Address: Anwarabad Town, @1 Km Bhoun Road, Chakwal, Pakistan. +92-332-367-9921