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How to Store Your Wine? Important Tips

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How to Store Your Wine? Important Tips - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Read the important tips about wine storage. When you are going to store your fine wine, It is necessary to make sure that your wine is stored at the proper temperature . For more details about wine storage visit:

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Vital Tips for Wine Storage

In case, you’re not having a separate, climate-controlled wine cellar constructed

particularly for the intent of storing your precious wine, chances are that you are storing

your wine in a wrong way. Fortunately, you don't require anything quite that demanding

to enhance the quality and life of the wines you keep in your house! Hills Self Storage has

come up with vital tips for you to optimise the life of your wine bottles. Here are the vital

tips, which you need to bear in mind:


One of the most crucial components that can influence the quality of your wine bottles is

the climate in which you store your wine. It's imperative to check both the consistency

and the range of temperature of the surroundings where your wine bottles are being

stored. The majority of the experts will advocate storing the wine bottles at a steady

temperature ranging between 10 and 16 degrees Celsius. If bottles are stored at a

warmer temperature above the recommended range, your wine will age much faster and

would undergo a remarkable decrease in their lifespan.

Many people consider kitchen as the first place to store wine; in fact, it is a bad idea to

store wine bottles in the kitchen, as it's normally the warmest room in the entire home.

Secondly, people consider refrigerator for storing wine but it is also not a good solution

because the lack of moisture will dry off the cork, which could contract and allow decay.


It’s essential to store your wine bottles in a calm and dark place; however, it doesn’t

imply that they should be protected from the air supply. Yes, they certainly require a

petite bit of ventilation that will reduce the probability of catching mould and cut back on

the odours that can contaminate wine otherwise.


Light is the main adversary of your wine collection; direct light is extremely damaging to

the wine. The bottles require being stored somewhere in the dark area; however, as far

as possible they should be stored away from direct sunlight because UV rays are the

nastiest. In the wine, they cause chemical reactions, which end up destroying it entirely.

Household light bulbs normally aren't as harmful and will probably do nothing more than

fade the tag.



As per traditional wisdom, wine ought to be stored at an ideal humidity level of 70%. The

theory goes like dry air will dry off the corks that would allow air to get into the bottle

and destroy the wine. Certainly, this does happen, but unless you live in a desert or in

cold conditions, it possibly won’t occur to you. Or else if you’re storing bottles for 10

years or more but then we’re back to the topic of professional wine storage solutions. It

is regarded as safe anywhere between 50% and 80% humidity and also you need to place

a vessel of water in your storage area to enhance the conditions. On the other hand,

extremely humid conditions can elevate mould; however, this won’t influence an

appropriately sealed wine but can damage the tags. A dehumidifier can solve this


Private wine lockers & cartons

Ideally, the wine storage should be in a concrete room integrated with timber private

wine lockers. They should have adequate ventilation slots and quality lock too (if they are

kept in a self storage). Whether you’re storing at home or at a self storage facility, it is

imperative that you buy wine storage cartons for storing your precious wine safely.

Summing up

When it comes to storing your precious wine, you need to ensure that it is stored at the

right temperature (between 10 and 16 degrees Celsius) facilitating proper ventilation and

maintaining the ideal humidity level (between 50% and 80% humidity) as well as

protecting from direct Sunlight. Alternatively, you can leave the job to the experts by

using professional services of a self storage company, which will keep you at ease and

your precious wine will be stored in fresh state continually, tasting great.

Hills Self Storage is a Sydney based self storage company providing short and long term

wine storage units. If you’re looking for a wine storage in Sydney, look no further than

Hills Self Storage!