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  1. Arogyasutra The basic principles of healthy living…

  2. Welcome to Arogyasutra’a Arogyasutra is an Ayush Department approved and a GMP certified Indian base company located at Patiala (Punjab) INDIA. Visit us: Arogyasutra provides you Govt. Approved Ayurvedic and Herbal Products. Arogyasutra has experience of about 8 years in International market. Arogyasutra works with world class Importers & Exporters in domestic and international markets. Herbowealth is a sales channel of Arogyasutra in the world of MLM. Visit us: Email: Contact@ +91 9041020999/9988460619


  4. The Process • Join as an Independent Associates • No Regn Fee, No Renewal Fee • You can refer any number of distributors, but they will be placed in two teams in a Dual Team Network (DTN) • Become a part of herbowealth just by registering yourself with company totally free. And start building your personal term under your id. • Out of the two teams, the one with higher sales of Combo Pack in a week is called as Left Child and the other as Right Child • Anyone above the age of 18 years can Join as an Independent Distributor • •You don’t need to pay any Registration Fee and there are No compulsory Purchases. There is no Renewal Fee to keep your distributorship live. • •Once you get your Distributor ID No, you can start purchasing the products of your choice at Distributor Price and sell at MRP • •One person can have only one Distributorship. Husband and wife can have only one Distributorship.

  5. You can also create a Sales Network by sponsoring new people as Distributor. It is your responsibility to train those Distributors on Sales, Products and Leadership. For these efforts you will be paid various incentives and bonuses based on the Sales created by the people in your Sales Organization. • You can sponsor any number of distributors and they will be placed in two teams in a Dual Team Network (DTN) • DTN will have people sponsored by you and also those sponsored by your sponsors and placed under you. • The Sales Organization starting with you and the people whom you have sponsored and all those who come under them is called Personal Team Organization (PTO) • •Your Income will be a combination of • –Retail Profit from selling the products to customers • –Commissions and Bonuses based on the sales volume in the DTN and PTO • •Your income will have no bearing on the number of people within your Sales Organization.

  6. Advantages of being with herbowealth • Getting Certified • Becoming a part of the Wellness Community. • Promoting our native herbs and Ayurveda. • Serving good health to society while earning huge Income. • Working on making your Future brighter and secured. • Saving humans and upcoming generations from deadly health disorders caused by chemical exposure from modern science based products.

  7. Different types of Income/Rewards • Retail Bonus • Dual Team Bonus • Leadership Rank Bonus • Sales Turnover Bonus • Leadership Coaching Bonus • Leadership Business Centre • Car Fund Bonus • Incentive Trips

  8. 1. Retail Bonus All products carry a Retail Margin of 15% on MRP If you buy any single product or multilpule products you will get 15% discount on MRP. (Combo Pack will not count on this)

  9. 2. Dual Team Bonus • Once you register with herbowealth, you become part of a Global Wellness Community • One COMBO HEALTH PACK costing Rs. 5500/- will carry 100 Points • You can create Super Dist. on both the teams. • Dual Team Bonus will be paid on Weekly basis based on the CHP sales only. • You will get 10% of the total Points generated in the weaker child. • Profit Factor (PF) is Rs.60/- • Upper limit for DTB is Rs.9,00,00 per week

  10. When you have One CHP getting sold on both teams, you get Rs.600/-Upper Limit is Rs. 90,000.00 Income = 10% of 1000 Points = 100 Points Profit Factor (PF) is = 60/- Income : PF X p 100X 60 = 6000/- Combo Health Package (CHP) – Only CHP sales volume will be counted for this bonus

  11. 3. Leadership Rank Bonus Rank Cash Reward CHP Matching OR SINGLE PRODUCT SALE • Bronze : 1500 10:10 50,000 • Silver : 3000 25:25 100,000 • Gold : 7500 50:50 300,000 Platinum : 20000 100:100 500,000 • Diamond: 50000 200:200 10,00,000 • Ruby : 100000 500:500 25,00,000 This is one time cash award bonus Only on Combo Health Pack Matching

  12. Various bonuses based on the Sales Volume generated in the Organization. * Should be ACTIVE with 500 INR every month SALES TURNOVER Bonuses

  13. 4. Sales Turnover Bonus (Level Bonus) • This bonus is based on the Business Volume generated in your Personal Team Organization (PTO). Volume from CHP won’t be counted for this Bonus • Paid upto 9 generations in your PTO, and will be paid on base of your rank. • Paid Monthly • Personal Team Organization (PTO)

  14. Sales Turnover Bonus

  15. Illustration of Sales Turnover Bonus Every Dist. Turnover is 1000/-

  16. 5. Leadership Coaching Bonus • This bonus is for supporting and coaching your immediate downlines to earn high level of income. • You will be paid a percentage of the Performance Bonus Income of your downlines to certain levels PTO income only.

  17. Illustration of Business Coaching Bonus

  18. 6. Leadership Business Centre Diamond Club, Crown Additional Business Centres when you qualify diamond + ranks, there would be extra incomes, rewards and incentives as per performance and efforts of club members.

  19. 7. Car Fund Bonus 3%

  20. 8. Incentive Trips as 3% • Based on Ranks you can travel to various destinations with Family and your team and enjoy • Destinations: Indian tourism spots, Asian countries, European countries and North American countries. Trips are for Husband & Wife. Crown Club trips are for the entire Family. In addition company will be announcing promotional Incentive trips on time to time basis.

  21. Continue with us on this road and make sure your money work for you & We make sure that your money grows with us! Thank you for your valuable time! Have a great MLM life… Thank You, Arogasutra Herbal Products India. • For more information please logon to, For more assistance please contact us:,