State and national issues
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State and National Issues. Presented to 59 th FAPT Conference West Palm Beach June 27, 2006. Here we go … (in no particular order). Legislation, 2005 and 2006 Security Issues Head Start Regs Federal Physical Standards Ag Trucks. Here we go … (in no particular order).

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Presentation Transcript
State and national issues

State and National Issues

Presented to 59th FAPT Conference

West Palm Beach

June 27, 2006

Here we go in no particular order
Here we go…(in no particular order)

  • Legislation, 2005 and 2006

  • Security Issues

  • Head Start Regs

  • Federal Physical Standards

  • Ag Trucks

59th FAPT Conference

Here we go in no particular order1
Here we go…(in no particular order)

  • FAPT-recommended State Board Rules

  • SESPTC and Scholarship

  • S-endorsement and DHSMV Records

  • STMS Customer Survey

  • School Bus Bid Renewal and New Bid

  • OTETA Contract Reprocurement

59th FAPT Conference

Here we go in no particular order2
Here we go…(in no particular order)

  • Review of Crashes and Reporting

  • Videos and Confidentiality

  • FAPT Website- Surveys, Dates…

  • Reporting of Student Data for Funding

  • Funding and Growth Trends

  • Monitoring Process (incl. ESE)

59th FAPT Conference

Here we go in no particular order3
Here we go…(in no particular order)

  • Hazardous Walking Reporting

  • School Bus Quality and Delivery

  • O2, CSRSs, and Kelsey Ryan Act

  • New curriculum (could it be?)

59th FAPT Conference

Here we go in no particular order4
Here we go…(in no particular order)

  • Bus Specs Updates

  • Hybrids, ULSD, Bio-diesel

  • Online Testing of Bus Inspectors

  • NCST Wrap-up

  • Others???

59th FAPT Conference

Legislation 2005
Legislation 2005

  • Only two significant bills:

    • Implementing legislation for S-endorsement

    • Appropriations: $451,431,961

  • Significant FAPT input into two failed bills to remove lap belts requirement

  • FAPT Position on safety restraints

59th FAPT Conference

Proposed legislation 2006
Proposed Legislation 2006

  • 99 and 622- Diana Kautz Safety Sponsors Act (failed)

  • 91 and others- Proximity of sexual offenders to bus stops (failed)

  • 359 and 1050- Driver cost-of-living increase (failed)

59th FAPT Conference

Passed legislation 2006
Passed Legislation 2006

  • Transportation FEFP- increased 10% to $496,575,157 (for fuel and other costs)

  • A++ (HB 7087)- Improvements to MS and HS learning; school opens no earlier than 14 days before Labor Day

  • HB 1465- Enhanced Speed Limit Penalty Zones; multi-agency traffic safety study

  • SB 428- Increases mileage to $.445

59th FAPT Conference

Passed legislation 20061
Passed Legislation 2006

  • SB 772- Relating to schools:

    • Was endorsed by FAPT to limit exceptions to use of buses

    • Clarifies that charter schools and districts may only use certain vehicles (NOT full size vans) for incidental transportation

    • Adds some agricultural education trips to limited circumstances when cars, trucks, or MPVs may be used

    • Students must be belted, may not drive on public right of way; may drive on private property if no other students

    • Drivers must comply with safe driver plan; driving records must be reviewed

    • Must have policy for liability and stating buses are to be used whenever practical

59th FAPT Conference

Security issues
Security Issues

  • School Bus Watch (SBW) program introduced in Osceola County, Lake Yale

  • New School Transportation Security Awareness (STSA) DVD available now

  • TSA has on-site security assessment program

  • NSTA, NAPT, NASDPTS coordinating SBW

59th FAPT Conference

Head start regs
Head Start Regs

  • Deadline for requirement to transport in school buses or AAVs extended to 6/30/06

  • Waivers may be granted from CSRSs and required attendants if “significant disruption (in program) and in best interests of children involved.”

  • NPRM published 5/30/06 would allow annual waivers of CSRS and attendant requirements

59th FAPT Conference

Federal physical standards
Federal Physical Standards

  • Implemented in Florida by s.1012.45

  • Recent changes by FMCSA lower blood pressure thresholds

  • New Florida physical July 1, 2006, conforms to the federal physical

  • SAFETEA-LU required expanded exemption program for diabetes for interstate drivers

59th FAPT Conference

Fapt recommended sbers
FAPT-recommended SBERs

  • Reviewed by FDOE management

  • Requires notice to parents about student safety responsibilities

  • Cleans up bus purchase rules

  • Requires local policies prohibiting cell phone use while actively driving and reducing idling

  • Requires pre-trip briefing for evacuation of students on field/activity trips

  • DOE will brief districts before implementation

59th FAPT Conference

Sesptc scholarship opportunity for 2007
SESPTC Scholarship Opportunity for 2007

  • SE States Conference offering $1,000 scholarship to each state

  • To support higher ed expenses

  • Max. income limit of $60K

  • Parent or guardian employed in public school transportation for five years

59th FAPT Conference

S endorsement and driver records
S-endorsement and Driver Records

  • All districts have verified compliance with S-endorsement

  • Congratulations!

  • Districts have begun reviewing driver records systems and deleting obsolete or incorrectly coded entries

  • DOE encouraging continued review

59th FAPT Conference

Stms customer survey
STMS Customer Survey

  • 58 responses to date (of 400)

  • 21 of these from trans. directors

  • High interest in state bids for video systems, parts, tires, fuel

  • Service delivery: strong on phone, email, conferences; weak on web apps, onsite visits, individual in-service

59th FAPT Conference

School bus bids
School Bus Bids

  • 2005-06 bid was renewed with Thomas, IC at same pricing

  • About 2,400 buses (record number)

  • New bid released by September

  • New bid will be for post-emissions buses with upgraded specs; most estimates are min. $5K increase

59th FAPT Conference

Oteta reprocurement
OTETA Reprocurement

  • Current contract with FirstLab expires Sept. 30, 2006

  • DOE and district advisors working with FDOT on new procurement

  • FDOT will issue RFP and award new contract

59th FAPT Conference

Crashes and safety
Crashes and Safety

  • 2005-06 to date: 11 fatalities in “other vehicle”; one pedestrian

  • Includes 7 children in tragic Union County truck-car crash; three serious injuries to bus riders and also to driver

  • 2004-05: 1 fatality on-board bus; 2 in other vehicle; 1 pedestrian hit by other vehicle; 2 peds by bus in load. zone; 1 ped by bus not in load. zone; others not classified as school bus related

59th FAPT Conference

Crashes and safety1
Crashes and Safety

  • Nationally, 20 deaths in loading zone in 2004-05, incl. 14 by own bus.

  • FDOE implementing greater accountability measures for crash reporting

  • School buses remain far safer than other modes

59th FAPT Conference

Videos and confidentiality
Videos and Confidentiality

  • FL law classifies videos on bus as student records

  • May be shown if personally identifiable information is redacted

  • FL Supreme Court refused appeal of ruling that districts do not have to release

  • Most videos in media come from law enforcement sources; districts advised to notify agencies of student records law

59th FAPT Conference

Funding reporting
Funding Reporting

  • All districts now using new student database reporting system

  • Requires collaboration of MIS, Finance, and Transportation

  • Districts with over 5% change being contacted and providing explanations and/or correcting data

59th FAPT Conference

Funding and cost trends
Funding and Cost Trends

  • Between 1995 and 2004:

    • State funding $$$ increased 21%

    • Trans. cost increased 50%

    • % reimbursement decreased from 66% to 53% (steady decline)

    • # of eligible transported students increased 13%

    • # of miles traveled increased 20%

59th FAPT Conference

New funding initiative
New Funding Initiative

  • Commissioner and State Board have initiated a new process for developing Legislative Budget Requests for state aid to districts and schools

  • Districts will be formally involved and will advise the Dept. and the Legislature

  • DOE wants trans. to be an active participant

59th FAPT Conference

Monitoring changes
Monitoring Changes

  • Fewer districts require on-site visits (prior compliance taken into account)

  • When on-site visit occurs, limited advance notice

  • District compliance generally improving

  • ESE component being considered

  • Process reviewed annually with districts

59th FAPT Conference

14 th ncst
14th NCST

  • Thanks to Karen Strickland, Mike Connors, Jerry Klein, Linda Fultz, Bill Schroyer (your esteemed FL delegation)

  • Thanks to Chuck Stevenson, Jean Zimmerman, Mike Connors, Bill Schroyer for service on writing committees

  • 2005 NSTSP now in print for sale; also free download at

59th FAPT Conference

Ulsd hybrids biodiesel
ULSD, Hybrids, Biodiesel

  • Sulfur in fuel reduced from 500 ppm to 15 ppm max (ULSD)

  • Fuel must be in place by October 15th

  • Engines built January 1st and up must meet new emissions specs using ULSD

  • National hybrid bus contract

  • Biodiesel being used in some districts

59th FAPT Conference

Vans and safetea lu

  • Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Trans. Equity Act- a Legacy for Users

  • Signed into law August 10, 2005

  • First federal law prohibiting use of new full size vans for student transportation

  • Extends longstanding Florida prohibition for public schools to prohibit van use by private schools and private providers

59th FAPT Conference

Air conditioning and specs
Air Conditioning and Specs

  • Comprehensive upgrade to A/C specs for 2006

  • Will allow ordering either roof-mounted or more traditional A/C systems

  • Other 2006 specs include high-back seats in all buses, three-point belts in Type A

59th FAPT Conference

Bus quality initiatives
Bus Quality Initiatives

  • FAPT has established ad hoc Quality Control committee to develop action plan for improving ready-to-use condition of newly delivered buses

  • FAPT Purchasing Committee continues to work on bus bid incentives for accountability of specs compliance and bus quality

59th FAPT Conference

Bus operators and techs our lifeblood
Bus Operators and Techs- Our Lifeblood

  • MCICAB will again recognize School Bus Operator of the Year

  • FDOE participating in Florida Public School Bus Drivers Association conference

  • Kudos to all participants in Florida and International School Transportation Safety Skills Competitions

59th FAPT Conference

Hazardous walking
Hazardous Walking

  • Web reporting system updated on June 16th

  • “Attestation to accuracy” now electronic

  • DOE seeking input from district advisors on improvements to reporting and record keeping

  • Considering a “sunset” provision requiring locations be reviewed each five years

  • DOE will review reports after each survey

59th FAPT Conference

New operator curriculum
New Operator Curriculum

  • Has received first step management approval; ready for State Board

  • Completely revamps the existing curriculum

  • Special emphasis on standard student crossing and RR crossing procedures

  • And more from Kay tomorrow!

59th FAPT Conference

On line inspection testing
On-line Inspection Testing

  • Inspector recertification written test (required every 5 years) now being performed via internet application

  • Initial certification written test (100 question test) internet app now in pilot test phase

59th FAPT Conference

Kelsey ryan act 2005
Kelsey Ryan Act (2005)

  • Amended s. 1002.20, F.S.

  • Gives students right to carry and self-administer epinephrine on school property

  • DOE guidelines published May 2006 cover student safety, identifying roles of parties, EMS role, nursing standards

59th FAPT Conference

Upcoming events
Upcoming events:

  • 56th SESPTC, July 16-19, 2006, Hampton, VA

  • 24th FPSBDA, July 19-22, 2006, Sarasota

  • Int’l Safety Skills, July 23-24, 2006, Reno

  • 3rd Tech-Inspect Competition, August 3-4, 2006, Ft. Valley, GA

  • Nat’l School Bus Safety Week, Oct. 15-21, 2006

  • NASDPTS/32nd NAPT, Nov. 3-9, 2006, KC

  • 16th TSD, March 9-14, 2007, Louisville, KY

59th FAPT Conference

Recent tans
Recent TANs

  • Quality Link, Trans. Profiles

  • Safety Week

  • Transporting Oxygen

  • Biodiesel Fuel

  • Bus Inventory

  • Inspector Test Schedule

  • Driver Physical Form

  • ULSD Fuel

59th FAPT Conference

Record keeping for audits
Record Keeping for Audits

  • Upcoming TAN providing guidelines for maintaining records needed to survive FEFP audits by Auditor General:

    • Ridership and driver worksheets

    • Student addresses archived

    • Membership categories, distance eligibility

    • IEP weighted funding

    • HazWalk

    • Summer school and SAI

    • Vehicles used

59th FAPT Conference


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59th FAPT Conference