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school social work role a national agenda n.
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School Social Work Role: A National Agenda PowerPoint Presentation
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School Social Work Role: A National Agenda

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School Social Work Role: A National Agenda
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School Social Work Role: A National Agenda

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  1. School Social Work Role: A National Agenda Leticia Villarreal Sosa, Type 73, LCSW, PhD, Graduate School of Social Work, Dominican University Laura Richards, LCSW, CSSWS, Office of Social Service Research & Development, Louisiana State University ACSSW National Research Summit June 28th, 2011

  2. Agenda • Presentation and Discussion of Role Paper Project • Continued Discussion of Louisiana Project • Audience discussion and reaction to Role Paper Project • Focus Group Discussion

  3. Rationale • Historically there has been a lack of role clarity (Agresta, 2004) • Need to distinguish between role of school social worker and other school based professionals (Agresta, 2004, 2006) • Changing nature of public education requires the need for role definition of school social workers. • Need to synthesize current discussion and literature about the role of the school social worker.

  4. Increase Legitimacy of the Profession • Poorly defined role expectations can lead to decreased legitimacy (Altshuler & Reid Webb, 2009). • Better defined roles can help with social marketing to the greater school community which in turn, helps to solidify role (Beauchemin & Kelly, 2009). • Role definition will have implications for social work training standards. • Role definitions allow for development of accountability and evaluation standards.

  5. Intended Audiences • School Social Work Practitioners and Researchers • Policy Makers • Other School Personnel and Administration

  6. Current Status of Project • Work in Progress……. • Development of wiki space ( • Phone conference meeting • Development of tasks/duties • First Role Paper in progress • Conceptualizing project (next steps, goals, collaborations, etc.)

  7. Literature Review • Several studies underway looking at school social work roles • Dr. Joanne Corbin of Smith College • Laura Richards, Louisiana State • Linda Openshaw and colleagues, Texas A&M • Research on Role Description • Frameworks and Models (Ecological and Systems) • Specific roles related to social issues (child abuse, HIV, dropouts, violence). • Role within specific models (community schools, RTI, etc.) • National and state studies of tasks and roles. • Theoretical frameworks to help understand school social worker roles (e.g. role theory)

  8. School Social Work A Growing Profession • School social work has grown to a profession of over 20,000, with national and state organizations (Schools Social Work Association of America [SSWAA] • School social work has a growing international presence with estimates of over 50,000 practitioners in more than 40 countries (Huxtable, 2006 as cited in Kelly, 2008).

  9. What is School Social Work? • Practiced in a school setting • Support students in all aspects of their lives • Bridge between school, home, and community • Definitions that encompass micro to macro practice • 5 task dimensions (cited in Constable 2009) • Relationships with and service to children and families • Relationship with and service to teachers and school staff • Services to other school personnel • Community services • Administrative and professional tasks

  10. History of Social Work • Evolved over the past 100 years (Richards, 2011) • 1918-compulsory school attendance • 1930s-emotional support for children • 1950s-experimentation of different methods • 1960s-role confusing to school personnel • 1970s-research on practice models • 1980s-federal legislation • 1990s-standards of practice • Today-changing due to policies affecting public education

  11. Current Changes and Challenges • Response To Intervention (RTI) • Data-based decision making • No Child Left Behind • Evidence-based practice • Accountability • Less concern for social emotional needs • Increasing mental health concerns and increase in populations that have limited access to mental health services. • Continued School Reform efforts • Where is the school social worker voice in this process?

  12. Questions and Comments • What advice would you provide in the development of this role paper? • What type of collaborations do you think are necessary? • Reactions and Questions? • Theoretical orientations • Contact: or

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