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Enesys RS Data Extension

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Reporting over SharePoint lists using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and Enesys RS Data Extension. Enesys RS Data Extension.

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enesys rs data extension

Reporting over SharePoint lists using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and Enesys RS Data Extension

Enesys RS Data Extension

Enesys RS Data Extension is a Reporting Services Data Processing Extension that makes it possible to use all the power of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services over your SharePoint data.

With Enesys RS Data Extension query language based on XML, you can retrieve, merge, join and calculate data from any SharePoint list.

Besides making it possible to build live interactive reports, Enesys RS Data Extension is also the perfect solution for solving business problems, by integrating and computing data from multiple SharePoint lists, that would otherwise needs the development of custom applications.

This presentation explains how Enesys RS Data Extension works.

enesys rs data extension1
Reporting Services ArchitectureEnesys RS Data Extension
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services is a complete reporting platform with an extensible architecture.
  • Building on this architecture, Enesys RS Data Extension provides a new type of data source that makes it possible to query SharePoint lists.

Report Designer






Report Builder

Report Manager Report Viewer

Programmatic Interfaces:XML Web Service and URL Access

Report Server

Report Builder – Query generationDrill-through Report generation

Data Sources

(SQL, XML, Oracle, …)

Report Processing



Data Processing

Data Processing





Html, …)








Report Server Databases

reports data source and dataset

Reports, Data Source and dataset

A report relies on one or more Dataset and one or more Data Source.

We will explain those simple concepts to show how Enesys RS Data Extension works.

enesys rs data extension2
Building a reportEnesys RS Data Extension
  • Building, designing and testing reports before deploying them on a report server is done with Microsoft Business Intelligence Development Studio (provided as part of the SQL Client tools).
  • Business Intelligence Development Studio is a subset of Visual Studio.

SQL, Oracle, OLE DB, ODBC, XML, …

A report relies on data identified by a Dataset.

A Dataset queries a Data source for retrieving data

A Data source retrieves the real data.

enesys rs data extension3
Data SourceEnesys RS Data Extension
  • A Data Source specifies connection information for reporting data.
  • Various types of Data Source are available out of the box (SQL Server, Oracle, XML, …).
  • Once Enesys RS Data Extension is configured, it is possible to create a Data Source of type « Enesys SharePoint Data Extension 2008 » for addressing SharePoint lists.
enesys rs data extension4
DatasetEnesys RS Data Extension
  • A Dataset identifies data to be used for report generation.
  • Requires a data source.
  • Specify the query that will be executed for retrieving data.
  • The query syntax will depend on the type of data source you are addressing. Obviously, when you retrieve data from a SQL data base, you will use an SQL Query for retrieving the necessary data.
enesys rs data extension query

Enesys rS Data extension Query

SharePoint data is not relational by nature. To overcome this limitation, Enesys RS Data Extension provides an XML based query language that will let you manipulate SharePoint data in a relational way.

enesys rs data extension5
Query Construction PrinciplesEnesys RS Data Extension
  • A query is composed of several statements executed sequentially.
  • Each statement has a specific function.
  • Resulting data of each statement is stored in a temporary table.
  • “sqlQuery” statements can manipulate data resulting from other statements using SQL Select syntax.
  • The overall query result is the data resulting from the last statement.




enesys rs data extension6
Query BuilderEnesys RS Data Extension
  • To make it easier to build Enesys RS Data Extension’s Queries, we are providing a separate tool that let’s you build queries using a graphical interface.


  • Some demonstrations:
  • Enesys RS Data Extension in ActionThis screen cast shows how to build a report from scratch using data from two joined SharePoint lists.
  • Query Builder - Single list queryShort demo showing how to build a simple query using the Query Builder tool.
  • Query Builder - Joining multiple listsShort demo showing how to join multiple lists using the Query Builder tool provided with Enesys RS Data Extension.
enesys rs data extension7
Features SummaryEnesys RS Data Extension
  • Retrieve data from any SharePoint list
  • Merge multiple lists from any site
  • Roll up list’s items within a site collection
  • Support for report’s parameters (single and multi-values)
  • Expand recurring events
  • Break down SharePoint multi-value columns into multiple items
  • Support for specific SharePoint features: folders, meeting instances, item versions,…
enesys rs data extension8
All the power of Reporting Services over your SharePoint DataEnesys RS Data Extension
  • Scalable Reporting platform.
  • Sophisticated reports:
    • Grouping, sorting, filtering, expressions,
    • Tables, Matrix, Tablix (2008),
    • Charts,
  • Execute reports from SharePoint when installed in integration mode.
  • Deliver reports to SharePoint document libraries, via email, …
  • Report subscription
  • Export to PDF, Excel, Word (2008), …
  • Extensible architecture…
enesys rs data extension9
Evaluating Enesys RS Data ExtensionEnesys RS Data Extension
  • In order to build, design and preview reports, you do not need to install a report server. Business Intelligence Development Studio, the report’s authoring tool provided with Reporting Services, does not rely on the report server:
  • Install Business Intelligence Development Studio which is available on Microsoft SQL Server CD/DVD (start regular install and only select Business Development Intelligence Development Studio for installation).
  • Run Enesys RS Data Extension installation program which is available for download on our web site (http://www.enesyssoftware.com). It will automatically configure your Business Intelligence Development Studio installation.
  • Create your first report with the help of «  Enesys RS Data Extension in Action  » video.
  • For more information:
  • Check our web site http://www.enesyssoftware.com (various samples, videos and other information available).
  • Download a copy of our product’s documentation.
  • Ask a question to our support: support@enesys.fr.