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MediaMind & Omniture Integration (Internal) PowerPoint Presentation
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MediaMind & Omniture Integration (Internal)

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MediaMind & Omniture Integration (Internal) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MediaMind & Omniture Integration (Internal). Liri Raviv | Product T raining Manager May 2011. Agenda. Omniture Genesis Integration Data Setup Limitations FAQs Omniture Clicks integration. By the end of this session…. Animation if needed Is “Fade - very fast”.

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Presentation Transcript
mediamind omniture integration internal
MediaMind & Omniture Integration (Internal)

Liri Raviv | Product Training ManagerMay 2011

  • Omniture Genesis Integration
    • Data
    • Setup
    • Limitations
    • FAQs
  • Omniture Clicks integration
by the end of this session
By the end of this session…

Animation if needed

Is “Fade - very fast”

  • You will what the Omniture integration provides.
  • You will know what to do to set up an Omniture integration.
omniture genesis integration1
Omniture Genesis Integration

Ad Serving and Analysis tool

Web Analytics tool


Report and analyze campaigns across multiple media

benefits of integration
Benefits of Integration

MediaMind integration with Omniture will provide agencies and advertisers the following benefits:

Full picture and understanding of:

  • Campaign effectiveness
  • How campaigns influenced viewer’s behavior on the website

Better optimize:

Less time probing for data

  • Campaign placement

More time for reports analysis and action taking

  • Creative
  • On-site conversion
end results campaign performance inside omniture
End Results: Campaign performance inside Omniture

See ad, placement, site and campaign results inside Omniture

See impression, clicks, interactions and conversion information

before you start
Before you start…
  • Review costs:
  • Make sure to have the agency sign the contract
    • Get the contract relevant to your region here
how we transfer data to omniture
How we transfer data to Omniture

Data is transferred in two parts:

  • Daily Data feed from MediaMind to Omniture, including serving data
  • Real-Time conversion information, triggered by a conversion

Note: This will be available in the SiteCatalyst Suite

how it works daily data feed
How it Works – Daily data feed

Sends Advertiser Names

Sends a daily data feedwith Ad Serving Data

data transfer data feed
Data Transfer – Data Feed
  • MediaMind sends a dailydatafeedto Omniture
  • The feed contains the following data:
  • Note: there will be no discrepancies here – Omniture uses our data
real time data transfer conversions
Real Time Data Transfer – Conversions
  • User converts on the advertiser’s website  Omniture code is activated
  • Omniture code sends Tag ID to MediaMind
  • MediaMind reads the user’s cookie and sends the following data to Omniture:

Last Impression

Last Click

conversion logic
Conversion logic
  • MediaMind does not keep track of the calls to Omniture, or count conversions on our end (unless additional regular conversion tags are implemented)
  • As conversion calculations change in Omniture per client setup, and their counting logic is different than ours, in any case MM and Omniture conversion numbers are likely to be different (see Omniture guide)
  • Note: retrieving conversions information from Omniture is part of the one tag solution that is in planning.
when is this info available
When is this info available?

Animation if needed

Is “Fade - very fast”

  • The data feed transfer - is active as soon as the integration is set up (using the wizard)
  • Conversion information appears once the site was updated with the new Omniture code
integration setup
Integration Setup
  • By MediaMind:
  • Create a user for the account and ask Support to enables it
  • Create Omniture Integration Conversion Tag in MediaMind
  • Send the required information to the agency/advertiser
  • By Agency or advertiser:
  • Run Omniture Integration wizard
  • Update the website with new Omniture code
step 1 request permission for the user
Step 1: Request permission for the user
  • Create a user for the integration on the agency account and give them Omniture permissions (you can also use an existing user of this account)
  • Send the account and user name information to Support

Note – you must have this permission, otherwise there will be no data transfer!

step 2 create an omniture integration tag
Step 2: Create an Omniture Integration Tag
  • Create a new conversion tag for the desired advertiser
  • Select the tag type to be Omniture Integration
  • All tag information is automatically created
  • Note:
  • - Omniture tags cannot be deleted
  • - Code cannot be generated for these tags
step 3 send the information to the agency
Step 3: Send the information to the agency
  • They will need this information to run the wizard:
    • MediaMind User Name (permitted to run the integration)
    • MediaMind Password
    • Advertiser ID
    • Conversion Tag ID
    • Eyeblaster Time Zone (EST or Additional)
step 4 running omniture integration wizard
Step 4: Running Omniture Integration Wizard
  • The agency can access the wizard from their Omniture Suite (Appear under Genesis)
  • Who will run this? May be different in each case.
step 4 running omniture integration wizard1
Step 4: Running Omniture Integration Wizard

Click here to see a detailed walkthrough in the appendix

step 5 updating website with omniture code
Step 5:Updating Website with Omniture Code

Advertiser’s Page

  • New Omniture Code is created by the wizard and received by Email
  • The Advertiser’s website is updated with the new code
    • Usually done by a Webmaster

Note: our conversion code does not need to be on the page, but the advertiser site needs to be updated with the new Omniture code libraries

Omniture Code

what are the current limitations
What are the current limitations?
  • The list of available metrics is finite and can’t be tailored
  • Multi-account GCM is not supported (campaigns or conversions)
  • 3rd party tracking for conversions cannot be used in this integration
  • Search data is not available
  • Display data is available in Omniture’s reporting system, however Omniture’s data is not available in MediaMind’s system
what if mediamind tags are on the website
What if MediaMind Tags are on the Website?
  • There is no need to implement MediaMind Tags on the Advertiser’s website.
  • However, if MediaMind Tags are alreadyimplemented on the Advertiser’s website, there is no need to remove the tags
  • The Omniture Integration will work as before

Note: The data in Eyeblaster and in Omniture will be different, as the metrics are calculated in a different way in each system

when to bring up integration
When to bring up integration?

Only discuss integration when Omniture is on the site or web analytics is being discussed

When the client brings this up

If the clients has already an Omniture integration we must step in as we have the best ad serving integration

If web analytics is being discussed

click tracking
Click tracking

Animation if needed

Is “Fade - very fast”

  • The same type of information integration that is often used for web analysis
  • Manual integration - you can add tokens to the click tracking URL that Omniture tags on the site will be able to read
  • Omniture will know of clicks and some information about them
  • Read about token implementation here

Note: Method is prone to large click discrepancies

clicks integration1
Clicks integration

Animation if needed

Is “Fade - very fast”

  • To know the full campaign information you can set up in Omniture upload of excel files with this information
  • Omniture offers this as a service (called Saint)
  • In general – click integration is time consuming and error prone, and prone to discrepancies
by the end of this session1
By the end of this session…

Animation if needed

Is “Fade - very fast”

  • You will know what types of integrations are available for Omniture and what they will give the client
  • You will know what to do to set up an Omniture integration.
data transfer conversion information
Data Transfer – Conversion Information[cID]&advID=[aID]&var=[VAR]&rnd=[RAND]

data transfer conversion information1
Data Transfer – Conversion Information

var s_1_Integrate_Eyeblaster_ACM_get_0 = {

"lastImpId": 1409644,  Ad ID

"lastImpSId": 1533,    Site ID

"lastImpPId": 780167,    Placement ID

"lastImpTime": 1242121320,     Impression Time

"lastClkId": 1409644,         Ad ID

"lastClkSId": 1533,  Site ID

"lastClkPId": 780167,         Placement ID

"lastClkTime": 1242121380,   Click Time

"errorCode": "" };  Error Code


Name the Eyeblaster integration

(only a naming convention)


Input information from Eyeblaster’s system

Choose Eyeblaster’s Time Zone you would like to see data in


Naming alignment

Mapping SiteCatalyst’seVars – will be done with Omniture’s help