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Article 1 (qualitative study) PowerPoint, interactive whiteboards, and the visual culture of technology in schools. Aim.

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Article 1 (qualitative study)PowerPoint, interactive whiteboards,and the visual culture of technology in schools

  • The focus of the ethnographic study presented in this paper was how ICT (Information and communications technology) was used for teaching and learning in a medium-sized secondary school in England.


  • In this article, I describe how visual technologies have become primary teaching tools in a modern secondary school:
  • how teachers and students in that school use PowerPoint software, IWB, LCD data projectors, and other associated technologies in the course of their day-to-day classroom activities
aylmer school
Aylmer school
  • Group 1) putting an IWB and a computer on the teacher’s desk, new ICT suites for student and also The students and teachers also had access to Microsoft Office (PowerPoint is the most common software tool in use in Aylmer classrooms)
  • Group 2) without an IWB had an LCD data projector
data collection
Data collection
  • data were collected over a period of two terms

(six months).

  • The data comprised some 100 hours of observation in classrooms
  • Qualitative data collected by teaching observation in the class and have a daily conversation with teachers and student.
  • some very sound teaching occurred using IWBs and data projectors – indeed, using PowerPoint itself – during my observations at Aylmer
  • Visual technologies may be conflated in the minds of students and teachers
  • The PowerPoint mindset may be problematic to teaching and learning.
  • Visual technologies may imply a certain type of classroom teaching
  • Policy has a significant impact on the classroom use of visual technologies