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Secondary Aerosol Formation from Combustion Aerosols. Joakim Pagels. Div. Aerosol Technology (EAT). Objectives. ?. Improved understanding of the contribution from combustion sources to secondary aerosol formation, importance for both health and climate

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joakim pagels

Secondary Aerosol Formation

from Combustion Aerosols

Joakim Pagels

Div. Aerosol Technology (EAT)



  • Improved understanding of the contribution from combustion sources to secondary aerosol formation, importance for both health and climate
    • Primary and secondary emission factors
    • Influence of transformation on composition, morphology, hygroscopic
    • properties and optical properties
    • Implement in-situ techniques to determine composition and morphology
  • Sources studied in chamber upon UV and O3 exposure
    • Biomass combustion/Wood smoke emissions
    • Engine emissions
    • Indoor sources, e.g. Incense, Fragrance products,
    • Building material etc
  • Field measurements in indoor and outdoor air
    • Identify SOA signatures in indoor and outdoor air
    • Transformations from outdoor to indoor air
  • Team: Joakim Pagels, Mats Bohgard, Anders Gudmundsson, Christina Isaxon, Erik Swietlicki, Pontus Roldin,....... new diploma workers and external co-workers
ongoing projects
Ongoing Projects

Secondary Aerosol Formation from Anthropogenic Combustion Sources.

Partners: Erik Swietlicki, Copenhagen University (Merete Bilde), Umeå University (Christoffer Boman), Insbruck University (Armin Wisthaler)

Funding Period (2008-2010, 2.8 MSEK)

Single Particle Chemical Composition and Mixing Characteristics of Fine and Ultrafine Particles in Indoor and Outdoor Air

Partners: Erik Swietlicki

Funding Period (2007-2010 2+2 year Research Assistantship, 1.4 +1.4 MSEK)

Aerosol Mass Spectrometry for Characterisation of Particles in Flue gases from Wood and Crop Fuels - A tool for Minimising Emissions.

Partners: Erik Swietlicki, Umeå University (Christoffer Boman)

Funding Period (2008-2009, 0.5 MSEK)

Equipment for Research on Aerosols and their Effects on Climate and Human Health – Funding to buy a HR-TOF-Aerosol Mass Spectrometer

PI: Erik Swietlicki, Partners: CAST

Funding Period (2007, 4.5 MSEK)

primary biomass emissions








Primary Biomass Emissions

Efficient Hot Airstarved Low Temp.

ageing of diesel emissions
Ageing of diesel emissions

Robinson et al. 2007 Science

ageing of soot1


Ageing of soot

Fresh Soot:

H2SO4 coated Soot:

ageing of soot2


Ageing of soot

Pagels et al. 2008, Khalizov et al. 2008 to be submitted to AS&T

Fresh Soot:

H2SO4 coated Soot:


Aerosol Particle Mass analyzer (APM) (Ehara et al., 1997)

Inner electrode

Aerosol entrance



High voltage


Outer electrode

Mass classified aerosol exit


  • Select particles of known mass even
  • for agglomerates
  • In-situ measurment of particle morphology
  • Determine mass fractions of condensed
  • species in secondary aerosol formation
planned activities
Planned activities


  • Implementation of Aerosol Mass Spectrometer PhD/MSc projects
    • Pilot study on ageing of indoor combustion aerosols (incense and ETS) using O3 as oxidant.
    • Field measurements in Vavihill
  • Implementation of Aerosol Particle Mass Analyzer PhD/MSc project
    • Morphology and Mass-Mobility relationship of welding and candle soot agglomerates.
  • Preparing aerosol chamber for UV exposure experiments


  • Measurements of fresh and aged wood smoke in Umeå.
  • Measurements of fresh and aged engine exhaust in Chamber.
  • Field measurements using AMS in indoor and outdoor air
other projects long term goals
Other Projects/Long Term Goals
  • A detailed understanding of the processes involved in transforming combustion aerosols in outdoor and indoor environments.
    • To predict influence of processing on chemical composition, hygroscoppic properties, optical properties, morphology and other health and climate relevant properties
  • Influence of chemical composition, morphology/surface area/particle size on health effects of airborne particles
    • Lung deposition of highly agglomerated nano particles using modified RESPI
    • Apply the AMS to measure chemically resolved lung deposition
    • Cell exposures to complement human exposures and allow detailed studies on the influence of composition, size surface are etc on health effects
    • Building a deposition chamber for cell exposures which mimics deposition in the respiratory tract
    • Use secondary combustion aerosols in human exposure studies
markers f or wood and cellulose burning
Markers for Wood- and Cellulose-Burning

Any Wood, Biomass, Paper, Wood Products, Cellulose containing Products: