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Photo Assessment Album

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Photo Assessment Album
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Photo Assessment Album

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  1. PhotoAssessment Album • Walden University • Name: Alred • Course: EDUC-6731C-5 Assessment for Student Learning • Subject: Assessment Photo Album • Grade: Graduate School

  2. Methods & Purposes of Assessment Your Photo Album should include an explanation to your students on the purpose and methods of assessment they can expect from you and your course. You can equate it to a file of all the tools you have collected for a unit…every activity and/or summative or formative assessment. This allows the individual to “see” what the expectations are and how to achieve success Example: Students, • This Photo Album is an overview of the unit on xxxxxx (insert your unit name) so you can follow your progress as we complete the unit. • Please start by reading the entire assessment photo album requirements so you can see what information you should be concentrating on and what you need to collect as we proceed. • Periodically, you should review your progress while reading ahead to see what is expected of you for your final photo album. • Feedback and reflection are an important part of this process and will be part of our ongoing progress.

  3. Using Prior Knowledge-Understand Backwards Design • Please refer to the units you developed in EDUC-6730 • Your Photo Album should include: • You will understand…. You will be able to…

  4. Using Prior Knowledge-Understand Backwards Design • Your Photo Album should include: • State Standards for both subjects Example: Science Art Content Standard 1: Content Standard 3: Please include the standard wording

  5. Using Prior Knowledge-Understand Backwards Design • Your Photo Album should include: • Essential Questions – What questions (from your previous unit) should students ask themselves as they complete the unit?

  6. Using Prior Knowledge-Understand Backwards Design • Your Photo Album should include: • A list of the assessments – by name and associated task (if your album is a Power Point you can include the associated slide number that will explain or show the assessment information) • Create an explanation of each task and associated assessment with templates, pictures, or any other necessary information

  7. Photo Album - Feedback • Include all rubrics you intend on using for the unit • Feedback instruments from the instructor and/or student should be part of your Photo Album • Allow a section for students to reflect on their experience • Make sure all information is worthy of a graduate course

  8. Photo Album • Please provide information on your specific contribution to the group • This is not a listing of your emails or “chat”, rather an explanation or demonstration of your part in the group process

  9. Photo Album • Include: • Comments or suggestions from the class feedback on your unit/rubrics/project • Finally, include your reflective comments on the process

  10. Photo Album - Highlights • Includes: • Designing & Submitting a Presentation Tool such as a Power Point • Group Participation (Week 1 & 4) • Determining Appropriate Assessment Methods (Week 2) • Designing a Performance Task (Week 3) • Collaboration to create a rubric for the Photo Assessment Album (Week 4) • Designing a Rubric for Your Interdisciplinary Unit (Week 4) • Planning for Paper-and-Pencil Assessments (Week 5) • Group Revisions & Personal Reflection (Week 6) • Final Submission (Week 6)