Go Green, Hwa Chong!
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Go Green, Hwa Chong!. Done by: Leon Lim Siah Zhi Xuan Andre Poh Nigel Tan. Current Situation. Many students do not see being environmentally friendly as an important thing.

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Go green hwa chong

Go Green, Hwa Chong!

Done by:

Leon Lim


Andre Poh

Nigel Tan

Current situation
Current Situation

  • Many students do not see being environmentally friendly as an important thing.

  • Although Hwa Chong has solar panels installed, many students still are not conscious about saving and protecting the environment.

  • Therefore, our group thinks that raising awareness is an important part of making our school 'Green'.

Current situation1
Current Situation

  • Also, we think that Hwa Chong has the potential to harness different types of renewable energy such as wind energy and solar energy.

  • Furthermore, Hwa Chong a large campus, allowing more structures within the campus to have tools (solar panels, micro-turbines) to harness these renewable energies for electricity.

Project overview
Project Overview

  • Our action plan on how to green the school which includes:

  • Initiatives

  • Raising awareness

Project overview1
Project Overview

  • Target audience:

    everybody in Hwa Chong


  • We propose the following initiatives to green our school:

  • Installation of more solar panels

  • Making use of old & unwanted CDs

  • Micro-wind turbines on roof-tops

  • Vegetation on the rooftop

  • Replacing current lights with LED lights

Go green hwa chong

LED lights

Solar Panels

Green roof, plants on roofs

Micro Wind Turbines

Why raise awareness
Why raise awareness?

  • To educate the boys in HCI on the importance of ‘greening’ the school

  • Why is it essential to ‘green’ our school

  • To tell the pupils that they too, can play a part in saving the Earth

Ways to raise awareness
Ways to raise awareness

  • A video

  • Having professionals to give talks about renewable energy

  • Encourage students to take initiative to make Hwa Chong a “greener place”.

Intended outcome
Intended outcome

  • We hope that from these methods of raising awareness, the students at HCI are able to:

  • Understand the importance of being environmentally friendly.

  • Be more pro-active in making our school a “greener place”.

Go green hwa chong