adpac supports the alliance the dental community n.
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ADPAC Supports The Alliance & The Dental Community PowerPoint Presentation
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ADPAC Supports The Alliance & The Dental Community

ADPAC Supports The Alliance & The Dental Community

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ADPAC Supports The Alliance & The Dental Community

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  1. ADPAC Supports The Alliance & The Dental Community

  2. ADPAC: Who are we? ADPAC is the voice of thousands of dentists who care deeply about their patients and their profession. ADPAC’s primary purpose is to elect candidates who understand the importance of dentistry and are committed to the nation’s oral health.

  3. ADPAC: Who are we? PACs allow like-minded citizens to pool small amounts of money in a common fund which is contributed to candidates who support their cause. By pooling resources, dentists have a broader, more sustained impact on the political process. ADPAC helps ensure that dentists have a seat at the table.

  4. ADPAC: Who are we? ADPAC Dollars Provide ADA Members, their spouses and Staff with the Access needed to reach Decision-makers on the Federal Level.

  5. ADPAC Supported Initiatives: • Sponsors CapWiz Grassroots Program nationally and in the states • Holds State PAC Conference to share “winning” ideas and initiatives • Sponsors dental community in Campaign School • Conducts Annual Washington Leadership Conference • Supports Dentist Members of Congress and those running for Congress

  6. ADPAC Grassroots Program Action Teams in every Congressional district Lead by Action Team Leaders The Alliance is a very important part of the Action Team structure.

  7. ADPAC Grassroots Program • Team Members: • Develop relationship with your Members of Congress; • To represent dentistry'spositions to your Representatives; • To help, to plan and to coordinate political activities, including: meet-and-greets, fundraisers, town hall meetings, office meetings; • To respond immediately to Action Alerts. • Team Leaders: • To create a Team, be a TEAM LEADER; • Plan and host fundraisers with your team; • To encourage and recruit more to join your Action Team; • Attend the Washington Leadership Conference; • Plus other responsibilities of Team Members.

  8. ADPAC Grassroots Program Understanding Political Power • The Alliance represent a great deal of latent political power • Power of group action in politics • Role of individual action in acquiring political power for dentistry • How well do you know your lawmakers?

  9. ADPAC Grassroots Program Steps in Developing Political Power • Knowing your lawmaker is not enough to influence their vote • Must be seen as a part of the lawmaker’s political organization • If you are not a political asset to your lawmaker, why would they be a political asset to you?

  10. ADPAC Grassroots Program Steps in Developing Political Power • Volunteering in a politician’s campaign is one of the easiest and most important ways of developing political power. • Types of volunteer activities • Dear colleague letters • Door to door • Phone banks • Finance committee • Advisory group

  11. Staying Informed:Keeping Tabs on Congress • Easiest way (passive): Google News Alert • How? • Go to • Click on “News Alerts” on the left-hand side • In the “Search Term” box enter the name of your Member of Congress and “health care” or “dentistry” • In the “How Often” box, pick how often you want news alerts emailed to you. • Enter your email address in the “Your Email” box. • Click “Create Alert” • Check your email and follow the directions to ensure you receive the Google News Alert.

  12. Staying Informed: ADA Resources • Capwiz – sign up at • Other ADA Resources: • Government & Public Affairs Update • Monthly Advocacy Newsletter • State Government Affairs Newsletter • ADA Advocacy Bulletin (breaking news) Email to sign up

  13. Join ADPAC Make a contribution to ADPAC Today ( Do it for the Practice!