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eVA User Groups

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eVA User Groups
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eVA User Groups

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  1. eVA User Groups

  2. Agenda • Costco: • How to continue purchasing from Costco • Update from Accounts Payable on PCard • Contracts and Mandatory Sources: • Where to find available contracts • What are mandatory sources • 5 minute break • Updating your PCard information in eVA • Tips and tricks • Information on Ad Hoc’ing Vendors • Overview of Workflow Purchases

  3. Costco – How do we continue to buy there? • Costco Only Accepts American Express Credit Cards. Over the counter payments will no longer be an option for JMU buyers once new Mastercards are issued. • Costco will begin accepting eVA “DO” purchase orders from JMU Departments on November 14th.

  4. COSTCO – Costs of Membership • JMU Departments will need to individually apply for membership at COSTCO.

  5. COSTCO – How to pay for Memberships? • Through Accounts Payable – • Request for payment for membership through an accounting voucher. Confirming order for accounting voucher in eVA. • Paper Check will be cut to COSTCO. Accounts Payable will notify department when check is available for pick up from university cashier. • Justification for membership should be kept by the department – be able to show that your department has saved $45.00 or $90.00 in a year to justify the membership. This justification is subject to audit.

  6. Costco Continued • Costco will accept only DO’s (not PRs, PCOs or EV’s) and they will need to be presented at the customer service desk prior to the purchase. The customer will be instructed to go to a specific register when checking out. • Upon checkout, Costco will give a copy of the receipt to the customer and mail the original with the PO paperwork every Monday and Thursday to Accounts Payable. Accounts Payable plans on paying NET 15 following the 5-day wait period for the departments and based on the group of invoices received every Monday and Thursday.

  7. Costco - Continued • Be sure to correct coding on faxed invoice from AP and fax back to AP within 5 days if the eVA accounting breakdown does not represent the correct coding of items purchased. This is an audit issue and if departments don’t correct coding to represent the actual purchase, ATV’s will be required with a copy sent to AP to be attached to invoice in file. • Accounts Payable will use the DO# as the invoice number for the transaction.

  8. Costco Continued • Refunds will be issued via credits. Documentation relating to the refund/credit will be sent back to Accounts Payable referencing the original DO #. Accounts Payable will key the credit in the Invoice field as “DOxxxxxxCredit”. • There will be an additional 1.5% service charge for processing a purchase order (COSTCO typically charges 5%). • Sales Tax Exemption will only be honored on purchases using a corporate card (individual or department).

  9. COSTCO and eVA • Costco purchase orders will need to be entered into eVA using the Vendor Ad Hoc process, making certain to select R02 in the PO Category Code field. (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!) • Costco will not accept declining balance purchase orders. Unique purchase orders will need to be presented for each visit. One purchase order to each invoice from Costco. • Purchase orders should be “Cost Not to Exceed” Purchase Order. Allow enough cushion in the cost not to exceed estimate to account for 1 ½% service charge as well. • $100.00 personal reimbursements processed through AP are still an option but only when employee has used their personal membership card. Sales tax will be charged and will be reimbursed by the university to the employee.

  10. COSTCO and Questions What Questions Do You Have? Costco’s Representative: Carolyn Hopper 540-432-8989

  11. Information on New PCard – Accounts Payable • Cards should be here by mid-November. • GE Capital will be the vendor and Mastercard will be the type of card issued. • When will cards be available? • Questions???? • Procedures for changing your PCard information in eVA is in packets. Demonstrations will be shown after the break.

  12. Buying on Contracts – General Information • JMU buyers can utilize contracts from a variety of sources. These contracts can reduce the amount of time spent to purchase an item by eliminating the bid process. There is no requirement to get a WaM quote if ordering off of an existing contract.

  13. Types of Contracts - Overview • State Contracts are contracts created by Department of Purchasing and Supply buyers. • JMU Contracts are contracts created and maintained by JMU Procurement Services buyers. • VASCUPP Contracts are contracts created by and maintained by one of the VASCUPP Institution buyers.

  14. VASCUPP • VASCUPP = Virginia Association of State Colleges and Universities Procurement Professionals • Consists of = University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, Radford, George Mason, VCU, William and Mary, Old Dominion, Virginia Military Institute and JMU

  15. Contracts – General Information • Contract use is optional to VASCUPP schools. (with exceptions of course!!!) • The decision to use a contract is based on whether it would be a greater benefit to our departments or would it be better to bid items individually. What serves the university better?

  16. Contracts – Where to find them? • State Contracts – eVA or DP&S website • http://dps.dgs.virginia.gov/dps/Buyers/buyers-bottom.htm • JMU Contracts - Procurement’s Website • http://www.jmu.edu/procurement • VASCUPP Contracts Website • http://www.vcu.edu/procurement/coopcon.htm

  17. Contracts - FAQ • How do I know if there is a contract available for use? • It takes research – JMU Procurement Services can assist. • Review the websites listed for the different types of contracts – most have search engines that can help narrow your search. • If you find a possibility, contact your procurement representative in Procurement Services for assistance.

  18. Contracts - FAQ • Is there any benefit to using one contract over another (ie. state, VASCUPP, JMU)? • Not really. Each contract should be examined to determine the pricing, delivery, and other items. This review will determine which contract is the most beneficial for their given purchase.

  19. Contracts - FAQ • When should I request a Term Contract? • JMU buyers are responsible for working with their customers to be aware of their repetitive purchases so we can establish term contracts when applicable. Term contracts obtain more favorable pricing and reduce the administrative cost as well as lead time for a good or service. • Term contracts are necessary when there is a repetition of product or service that in the aggregate costs more than $15,000.00 in a given year.

  20. Mandatory State Contract – when you must buy according to a contract already in place • Two Way Radios – contact Procurement • Copiers – contact Procurement • Cellular Phone and Pagers – contact Telecom These items must be purchased through the State Contract that are in place for these goods.

  21. Here are more exceptions! • Restricted items – furniture, copiers, narcotics, alcoholic beverages, firearms and ammunitions, property leases, purchases from state employees, cellular phones, two way radios • No departments should handle purchases of restricted items – the issuance of purchase orders must be completed by Procurement for these goods.

  22. Coming Next User Group (December) • Purchases of Furniture – Mandatory Source: • Virginia Correctional Enterprises (VCE) • Furniture, Seating and Office Systems If VCE cannot supply what furniture is needed, we still have to get a release from them.

  23. Mandatory Sources - FAQ • Why do we have to use Mandatory Sources? • To support other state business ventures, for example, the VCE contract helps to support the rehabilitation of inmates. Inmates are provided with job opportunities and are able to learn new skills that will not only keep them productive while serving their time, but also will help to make them more marketable for jobs when they are released from the institution.

  24. Mandatory Source - FAQ • What happens if I decide to order a Mandatory Source item from another vendor? • This is a state law violation – the Code of Virginia stipulates that buyers for state agencies use the mandatory sources.

  25. Break • 5 Minute Break

  26. Updating Your PCard Info in eVA • When you receive the new MasterCard you will need to update your SPCC information in eVA. • If someone else has you “Associated” with their card, they will need to create the new card in eVA and “Associate” you with it. • Handouts for updating card information are included with your materials.

  27. Updating Your PCard Info in eVA • Steps to create a new Pcard in eVA • Login to eVA • Go to Preferences on the Knowledge Center Page • Click on “Manage PCard Information” • Click on “Create PCard” • Enter all PCard Information • Associate users as needed by entering them into the “New PCard Users” search field. • Click “Submit” • It will take 24 hours before the new PCard will take effect.

  28. Deleting Your Old PCard from eVA • Steps to delete old PCard • Login to eVA • Go to Preferences on the Knowledge Center Page • Click on “Manage PCard Information” • Next to the existing “Alias” that you wish to delete click in the check box under “Delete.” • Click on the Delete button towards the bottom of the screen. • Make sure you are completely done using this card prior to deleting it.

  29. FAQ’s about eVA and new PCARD • Question: If I delete the AMEX from eVA today, do I have to wait until tomorrow to put in the new Mastercard? • Answer: No, both transactions take a nightly download to become effective, but you can do both steps in one day.

  30. FAQ’s about eVA and new PCARD • Question: Changing the PCARD from Amex to Mastercard will have no effect on already approved orders. Will it update composing or submitted orders to the new Mastercard PCard information? • Answer – The system validates the PCard selected at the time the buyer submits the requisition. Therefore, requisitions in a composing state will be flagged with an error when they are submitted if the PCard selected has been deleted.

  31. FAQ’s about eVA and new PCARD • Question: Will using the copy feature to create a requisition also copy the old PCard information if I have deleted that old card? • Answer: Yes but at the time you submit the requisition, you will receive an error message that the card is no longer valid. If you use the copy feature, be sure to select the valid PCard/Mastercard that is now valid.

  32. Tips and Tricks • Ad Hoc’ing Vendors • You may Ad Hoc a vendor if they are not registered in eVA (check to make sure they are not in eVA before every order) • You must change the PO Category Code to R02 (if you don’t do it at the time the requisition is created, you will eventually be requested to complete a change order). Taking an extra minute at the beginning will save you time down the road. • When Ad Hoc’ing a vendor you must do the work ahead of time to get their address, Tax ID, and other required contact information. • Documentation on Ad Hoc’ing a vendor is included in your materials.

  33. Tips and Tricks • Ordering Letterhead, Stationary, Business Cards from Workflow: • Things to remember: • * Create your order FIRST on the WORKFLOW website • Be sure to reference your tracking number from WORKFLOW on your eVA non-catalog requisition. • Be sure the eVA order is submitted very soon after entering WORKFLOW information on their website. • Review the guidelines/procedures that are located on procurements web site.

  34. Question and Answer Period • Ask your questions!

  35. Thanks for coming!