Standards accreditation for occupational health services
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Standards & Accreditation for Occupational Health Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Standards & Accreditation for Occupational Health Services. Paul J Nicholson. Scope. Background Developing the standards Definitions The scope and aims The standards The accreditation process . Standards for Health. 2006 – Department of Health Standards for Better Health

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Standards accreditation for occupational health services l.jpg

Standards & Accreditation for Occupational Health Services

Paul J Nicholson

Scope l.jpg

  • Background

  • Developing the standards

  • Definitions

  • The scope and aims

  • The standards

  • The accreditation process

Standards for health l.jpg
Standards for Health

2006 – Department of Health

Standards for Better Health

  • Require a rigorous approach to assessment and accreditation of providers of NHS services.

    2008 – Lord Darzi’s Report

    High Quality Care for All: NHS Next Stage Review

  • Confirmed Government support for provider accreditation schemes in the NHS.

Standards for occupational health l.jpg

An integrated approach to working age health should be underpinned by:clear standards of practice and formal accreditation for all providers

Standards for Occupational Health

Developing the standards l.jpg
Developing the standards underpinned by:

  • Faculty of Occupational Medicine led

  • 47 people represented 35 organisations

    • Occupational medical & nursing professional bodies [AOHNP(UK), RCN, SOM]

    • Commercial OH providers [including COHPA]

    • Employer representative bodies [BITC, CBI, CIPD, EEF]

    • Worker representative bodies [Unite, USDAW]

    • NHS Plus / HSE / DETINI

  • Benchmarking to avoid re-work (ISO, Network Rail)

Key milestones l.jpg
Key milestones underpinned by:



Pilot web tool


body chosen




& piloting


1st draft



Definitions l.jpg
Definitions underpinned by:

  • Standard

  • Minimum requirement

  • Accreditation

Definitions8 l.jpg
Definitions underpinned by:

A standard is something considered by an authority or by general consensus as a basis of comparison in measuring or judging adequacy, quality, etc

Definitions9 l.jpg
Definitions underpinned by:

  • Minimum requirements relate typically to existing professional guidance

    • They must be met to satisfy the standard

    • They are intended to be well-defined and easy to understand

Definitions10 l.jpg
Definitions underpinned by:

Accreditation is a self-assessment and external peer assessment process used to accurately assess level of performance in relation to established standards and to implement ways to continuously improve the healthcare system.

International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua)

Accreditation is a voluntary process.

The scope of the ohs standards l.jpg
The scope of the OHS standards underpinned by:

  • The standards apply to broad-based clinical occupational health services, be they:

    • in-house services in the public and private sectors

    • commercial occupational health providers from single handed providers to large organisations

  • They do not apply to non-clinical services, e.g. occupational hygiene, ergonomics, etc.

  • They reflect existing professional guidance

Slide13 l.jpg
Aims underpinned by:

  • Enable OHS to identify the standards of practice to which they should aspire

  • Credit good work being done by high quality OHS, providing independent validation that they satisfy standards of quality

  • Raise standards where they need to be raised

  • Help purchasers differentiate OHSthat attain the desired standards from those that do not

The standards l.jpg
The standards underpinned by:

13 standards are grouped into 6 domains:

  • Business probity

  • Information governance

  • People

  • Facilities and equipment

  • Relationships with purchasers

  • Relationships with workers

The standards15 l.jpg
The standards underpinned by:

Business probity

A1 Conduct business with integrity

A2 Maintain financial propriety

Information governance

B1 Maintain adequate OHCRs

B2 Implement systems to protect confidentiality


C1 Ensure staff are competent

C2 Ensure appropriate supervision

The standards16 l.jpg
The standards underpinned by:

Facilities and equipment

D1 Conduct business in safe, accessible and appropriate facilities

D2 Ensure that medical equipment is safe and appropriate

D3 Ensure that medicines are handled appropriately

Relationships with purchasers

E1 Deal fairly with purchasers

E2 Be customer focused

Relationships with workers

F1 Ensure that workers are treated fairly

F2 Respect and involve workers

Standard a1 an ohs must conduct its business with integrity l.jpg
Standard A1 underpinned by:An OHS must conduct its business with integrity

Minimum requirements:

The following minimum requirements apply to all OHS:

A1.1 An OHS must only publish information about services which is factual and verifiable

The following additional minimum requirement applies to all OHS except single-handed practitioners:

A1.2 An OHS must take reasonable steps to ensure that all of its staff are honest and trustworthy

The following additional minimum requirement applies to an OHS that

outsources work to another organisation:

A1.3 An OHS must maintain systems to check the qualifications of and monitor the standard of work that is outsourced to third party providers

Examples of evidence l.jpg
Examples of evidence underpinned by:

Customer survey l.jpg
Customer survey underpinned by:

E1.1 An OHS must provide purchasers & potential purchasers with clear & user-friendly information on fees

E1.2 An OHS must agree with purchasers the extent and scope of any business continuity planning that is required to protect service delivery

E1.3An OHS must agree with customers, at the outset, the processes for referrals to the OHS, case management and reporting of cases of occupational disease and any onward referral of workers for further investigation

E2.1 An OHS must be in touch with individual purchasers to understand their culture, values & needs based on reliable and recent information

E2.4An OHS must use formal & informal methods to regularly seek information about customer satisfaction from purchasers & referring managers

Assessment accreditation l.jpg
Assessment & accreditation underpinned by:

Register for information

Register as a user / input OHS details

Upload evidence against minimum requirements

Perform self-assessment / develop action plans

Apply for accreditation

Application l.jpg
Application underpinned by:

Will include an attestation to:

  • meeting eligibility criteria

  • providing true and contemporaneous information

  • complying with all applicable laws and regulations and

  • having appropriate insurances

    Must be signed or co-signed by at least one registered health professional

Assessment accreditation22 l.jpg
Assessment & accreditation underpinned by:

At least once

every 5 years

What happens if an ohs fails l.jpg
What happens if an OHS fails? underpinned by:

  • It depends on what the challenges are

  • Clear recommendations

  • Timescales for improvement

  • Direct support from the SEQOHS office to attain full accreditation

We want services to pass,

it’s a supportive process

Web based tool l.jpg
Web-based tool underpinned by:

  • Online self assessment tool

  • Evidence record for external audit

  • Knowledge management system

Knowledge management system l.jpg
Knowledge Management System underpinned by:

Knowledge Management System


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How do i find out more l.jpg

Online: underpinned by:

How do I find out more?


Hard copy:

Faculty of Occupational Medicine

6 St Andrews Place

Regent’s Park

London NW1 4LB

How do i find out more27 l.jpg
How do I find out more? underpinned by:


FOM Winter Conference:

1st December 2010

Royal College of Physicians

Regent’s Park



SEQOHS will have its own web address