the twilight series
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The Twilight series

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The Twilight series - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Twilight series. By: Emmie Worrock. The person who started it all…. Stephanie Meyer is the author of the books. She started writing Twilight because of a dream she had. She has a husband and three sons, they all live in Arizona.

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the twilight series

The Twilight series

By:Emmie Worrock

the person who started it all
The person who started it all…
  • Stephanie Meyer is the author of the books.
  • She started writing Twilight because of a dream she had.
  • She has a husband and three sons, they all live in Arizona.
  • The day she started writing the book was the day one of her sons started swim lessons.
twilight book one
Twilight: book one
  • It is about a girl named Bella who is 17 years old and she decides to move to Forks, Washington to live with her father. Her first day of school, she meets a very peculiar boy named Edward who she has to sit beside. She finds out that he and his family are vampires and that she is in love with him. There is a conflict where she has to choose between her desires or needs.
new moon book two
New Moon: book two
  • Edward and Bella are together in this book, except Edward leave her because he realizes the danger he puts her in. Jacob, her very good friend, is there for her during the tough time Edward is gone. She realizes that they are close friends, but he wants to be more than friends. He turns into a werewolf. Edward’s family goes to Bella and says Edward is in trouble. She has to leave Forks and Jacob to save Edward.
eclipse book three
Eclipse: book three
  • Bella is grounded in the beginning of the book because she left for three days to find Edward. She gets ungrounded and she finds out that newborn vampires are on the loose in Seattle. Edward and Jacob have to work together to keep the vampires from entering Forks for Bella’s sake.
twilight the movie
Twilight: the movie
  • There is going to be a movie that is supposed to come out next December. IT IS PROBABLY GOING TO BE THE BEST MOVIE YOU WILL EVER SEE IF YOU ARE A BIG FAN OF THE BOOKS! AHH! I’M SO EXCITED!
  • This is who is supposed to play Bella in the movie.
  • Her name is Kristen Stewart.
  • This is who is supposed to play Edward in the movie.
  • His name is Robert Pattinson.
  • This is who might play Jacob in the movie.
  • His name is Tyler Posey.
twilight sites
Twilight sites
  • If you want to know more about this series, then go to this site: Stephanie
  • If that site isn’t enough, then press the tab on the left side of that site that says fansites.