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Better Steps For Your Online Business PowerPoint Presentation
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Better Steps For Your Online Business

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Better Steps For Your Online Business - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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It’s era of technology, era where most of our needs are fulfilled with just few clicks. Internet has made our life way more comfortable than we could imagine few decades back. With the increase in technology, our lifestyle also changed dramatically and changed the way we do basic tasks like sending mails, banking, purchasing things, contacting people etc. Internet has brought almost everything on our finger tips. As the use of internet is increasing, it has provided an opportunity for business owners to grow their business worldwide, to reach customers they could not few decades back.

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Better Steps For Your Online Business

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better steps for your online business

Better Steps For Your Online Business

For setting up online business, all you have to do is follow few simple steps and instructions which we will discuss one by one in details and your business will be ready to enter the online world. These days it has become easier than ever to develop & design your own website and have it uploaded either for free or cost that suits your pocket. It is not important to have complete technical knowledge to develop a website. Let’s move with few basic steps to get you started your online business.

steps to be followed to open your online business

Steps to be followed to open your online business are:

Choosing Domain name

Choosing the correct domain name is extremely necessary. It is ideal if your domain name is similar to that of your business name or your brand so it is simple for your sponsors and potential customers to find out your website. Once website name is finalized and it is up and running, you have to invest plenty of resources into promoting it and conveyance in traffic. Keep in mind to check the name’s accessibility to check whether the domain name of your choosing is free to use or available. If the name is not accessible, don’t get demoralized. Often the owner of the domain name is willing to sell it and it’s simple to work out who owns the name by merely wanting it up in “whois” section on the domain registration portals.

pick a web hosting service

Pick A Web hosting Service

Web hosting services offer space for storing and access for websites. Don’t get attract by free internet hosts as they put advertising on your website to cover their prices. As a business owner, you must be searching for an internet host that’s esteemed and reliable. Before going for hosting services, it is important to have a rough idea about how much space your website would take and how much traffic you are expecting through your website (web hosts can help you with an estimation). Read the reviews of different clients to perceive how frequently they encounter downtime or technical issues and how rapidly those issues are resolved.

design your website

Design Your Website

Website designing was work of professional as it was complicated and technology used to design these websites was not that advance as compare to technology used these days and people had less knowledge about it. Today designing your website is less complicated than ever and can be done by an individual who have little knowledge about it. There are two methods via which you can design your own website:First is to start from scratch and design your website which will include coding, complete technical knowledge and is very time consuming and can cost you good amount of money as well.Second method is way easier. There are plenty of professionally designed templates available, which are either free of cost or cost very less. All you have to do is choose any of the themes to design your website. Few of them also offer live preview, so that you can check the chosen theme on demo website and ones you finalize the theme for your website add it to your cart and download the file. If you do not want anyone else to use the same theme as yours, you can become the sole owner of it by checking the option.

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