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Student Work Study Training 2012-2013. Introduction. There are approximately 400 work study students at AU. While working at AU, you will be: Earning spending money Gaining valuable work experience Providing the college with needed services. Relax.

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Work Study Training



  • There are approximately 400 work study students at AU.

  • While working at AU, you will be:

    • Earning spending money

    • Gaining valuable work experience

    • Providing the college with needed services


  • You may be feeling somewhat nervous about starting your new job and have questions such as:

    • What are my duties?

    • How do I dress?

    • What if I don’t know how to do something?

  • Do not be afraid to ask questions. Your supervisor will be able to help you.


  • Absences: Your supervisor will tell you who to notify in case you must be absent. If you will be absent or late for work, you MUST contact your supervisor. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Appearance: Dress neatly and appropriately for the position you are assigned. Consult your supervisor about the dress code for the department in which you are working.

  • Conduct: Extended conversation and socializing can be distracting. Friends and family should not visit you at work. Please do not read newspapers/books or surf the internet during work hours.


Please understand that you can be terminated for any of the following reasons:

  • Working during scheduled class time.

  • Forging your supervisor’s signature.

  • Working under the influence of alcohol, stimulants, or other drugs.

  • Missing work for two consecutive days without notifying your supervisor.

  • Reporting more hours on your time sheet than you actually worked.

  • Violating the confidentiality policy of student records.

  • Having your supervisor complete your timesheets for you.

Grade point average
Grade Point Average

  • In order for students to remain eligible for on-campus employment, all students are required to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress . NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • SAP is explained in the Academic Catalog.

Telephone etiquette
Telephone Etiquette

  • Learn how to use the phone. If you have questions, ask your supervisor for help. Do not try to answer the phones until you have been properly trained.

  • Always identify yourself. Give your name and department when you answer or place a call.

  • Each call is important. Use courtesy, and BE A GOOD LISTENER.

  • Your voice creates an image. Use a pleasing tone of voice and speak clearly into the receiver.

Telephone etiquette1
Telephone Etiquette

  • Take complete messages: caller, area code and phone number, date and time, the message and your name. Keep pads and pencils by the phone.

  • When you put someone on hold, explain what you are doing and check back frequently. If you know the wait will be long, offer to take a message.

  • Be sure of what you intend to say before you place a call.

  • When transferring a call, please tell the caller that you are transferring the call and provide a brief explanation before transferring.

Use of office equipment
Use of Office Equipment

  • Students may not use office equipment, such as computers, copy machines, or word processors for personal use.

  • Computers are provided in the library for student’s use in writing papers and checking e-mail.

  • Students who are discovered using office equipment for personal use will be terminated immediately.

Types of student employment
Types of Student Employment

Federal College Work Study Program

  • A student must be currently enrolled full time in a degree-seeking program at Anderson University and have received a financial award that includes FWS employment eligibility.

  • Students must apply each year for financial aid using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

  • You must keep a 2.0 GPA to qualify for FWS.

Types of student employment1
Types of Student Employment

America Reads/America Counts Challenge

  • A designated off-campus agency that provides tutoring positions for students who are eligible for Federal Work Study.

  • A national campaign that challenges every American to help our children read and improve their math skills.

  • There are four local elementary schools in Anderson that participates in this program.

  • Contact the Financial Aid Planning Office for more details.

Types of student employment2
Types of Student Employment


  • Must be Federal Work Study eligible.

  • Tutoring Math and Reading in the local middle schools and high schools.

  • Contact the Financial Aid Planning Office for more details.

Types of student employment3
Types of Student Employment

Anderson University Work Study Program

  • A student must be currently enrolled full time in a degree-seeking program at Anderson University.

  • AUWS is not based on financial need determined by FAFSA.

  • You must keep a 2.5 GPA to qualify for AUWS.

  • Check with the Work Study Coordinator to find out if you are eligible.

Required documents
Required Documents

Paperwork must be completed and turned into Financial Aid 3 days prior to your first day of work. Incomplete paperwork will delay your start date.

  • Work Voucher

  • Work Agreement

  • Statement of Confidentiality

  • W-4

  • I-9

    • Must have original documents.

  • Direct Deposit Form

    • Attach voided check

  • Training Agreement

Paperwork and timesheets are found online
Paperwork and Timesheets are found ONLINE!

  • Paperwork:

    • Go to

    • Click on Admission, Financial Aid, Paperwork

    • From here you can print off your paperwork

  • Timesheets:

    • Admission, Financial Aid, Timesheets, and select the correct month.

Required documents1
Required Documents

  • W-4 Certificate (Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate)

    • The W-4 Certificate is used to designate the appropriate income tax withholding status for employees.

    • Students must complete this form and it will be held on file in the Business Office.

    • When completing your W-4 Certificate you have two choices concerning your preferred withholding status:

      • To claim EXEMPT (no money will be withheld)

      • To claim ZERO (0) or ONE (1), or more exemptions. (If you claim 0 or 1 or more exemptions, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will withhold a portion of your earnings.)

Required documents2
Required Documents

  • I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification Form)

    • An I-9 Form must be completed by the student and certified by the hiring Supervisor.

    • This form is used to verify an employee’s identity and eligibility to work in the United States.

    • Students must complete and sign Section 1 (top portion) and must provide the proper identification.

    • Original documentation is required.

Required documents3
Required Documents

  • Work Agreement

    • Students and Supervisors must read and agree to the policies and procedures on the work agreement.

  • Direct Deposit

    • Students are paid once a month through Direct Deposit into their checking and/or savings account.

    • All students must have a direct deposit form on file in the Business Office before they can receive a pay check.

    • Requires a VOIDED check or letter from bank.


  • Attach an updated copy of your schedule to each timesheet and make sure you did NOT work during class time. Students who work during scheduled class time will be terminated.

  • Timesheets are due in the Financial Aid Office (Rice Building) by 5:00 pm according to the date on the Work Study Pay Schedule. Late Timesheets will not be processed until next month. **Your supervisor may require you to submit your timesheet to them at an earlier time, so they can have time to process it.

  • NO Scratches/white out/mark outs/ or any other related markings are allowed. Timesheets with scratches/white out will be returned and will not be processed until next month.


  • Sophomore through Senior students are limited to 20 hours per week. Freshmen are limited to 10 hours per week.

  • Supervisors can NEVER complete timesheets!

  • The supervisor’s signature on the timesheet signifies that the student did work the hours that are listed and the total hours are added correctly.

  • I will email the students and supervisors when timesheets are due to the Financial Aid Planning Office. Keep in mind that your supervisor may have a deadline for you to turn in your timesheets to them.

Employee handbook
Employee Handbook

The Student Employee Handbook can be found on the Anderson University website by clicking on Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Employment.

All students MUST read thoroughly the handbook and be familiar with the university’s policies.

Any questions and/or concerns can be brought to the work study coordinator.


Leah Suttles

Financial Aid Counselor - Work Study Coordinator

[email protected]