jennifer volkman statewide hhw program coordinator proud nahmma member since 1995 n.
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Paint Product stewardship rollout in Minnesota

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Paint Product stewardship rollout in Minnesota - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Jennifer Volkman, Statewide HHW Program Coordinator Proud NAHMMA Member since 1995. Paint Product stewardship rollout in Minnesota. MN’s HHW Program 2014. oops. 67 Permanent HHW Sites 33 Seasonal 34 Year-round 19 VSQG/HHW sites ( 15 Advertise) 300 Mobile Events Days

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Presentation Transcript

MN’s HHW Program 2014


  • 67 Permanent HHW Sites
    • 33 Seasonal
    • 34 Year-round
  • 19 VSQG/HHW sites
    • (15 Advertise)
  • 300 Mobile Events Days
  • Some including VSQG’s
paint c ollected in mn 2013
Paint Collected in MN 2013
  • Collection Ratio:

60% Metro; 40 % Greater MN

  • Latex Reuse rate: 17% (61% highest)
  • Oil Reuse: 9% (70% highest)
  • 20,000 gallons latex to WTE or ADC on LDF’s
paint management methods

Local Reuse for both latex and oil based paint;

    • Increase above 25% most dependent on labor
  • All oil based paint is blended for fuel by HW contractors
  • Latex: 95% to Amazon; 5% WTE (2 counties)

Alternative Daily Cover (10-15 smaller counties)

Paint Management Methods
how we work together

MPCA provides support to MN Counties

    • Administrative: Statewide waste management contracts; $; program development)
    • Technical: facility management; site audits; training
    • Educational: Toolkits; coordinate group work efforts
    • Regular meetings: with Metro and Regional Program Managers to discuss the above
HOW WE WORK Together
why we work together

Statutorily mandated (MPCA contracts with counties and regions)

Consistency in programs

Share ideas and resources

Safety and Health

Purchasing power

We like each other!

WHY we work together
approach to paint stewardship hhw

Coordinated meetings to discuss program operations

    • Hours/seasonal operations
    • coordinating with retail
    • to bulk or not to bulk
    • More county/city collection sites due to lower level of regulation?
  • Review draft contract language
    • Liability language
    • Insurance language
    • requirements
Approach to Paint stewardship--HHW
approach to paint stewardship hhw1

Coordinate with HHW Programs to assess costs:

    • Small survey sample: 9% labor; 50% disposal; 41% administrative
  • Attend conference calls on roll out in other states
  • Meetings to discuss Plan content and legislation (Garth)
Approach to Paint stewardship--HHW
breakdown of work to implement a ps program



Plan Development

Contracts with Counties

Breakdown of work to implement a PS Program

Much was determined during the first two failed attempts; no major changes before final passage in 2013

  • Legislation provides a basic framework:

Subd. 2.Product stewardship program.

For architectural paint sold in the state, producers must, individually or through a stewardship organization, implement and finance a statewide product stewardship program that manages the architectural paint by reducing the paint's waste generation, promoting its reuse and recycling, and providing for negotiation and execution of agreements to collect, transport, and process the architectural paint for end-of-life recycling and reuse.

  • Implementation date: July 1 moved to Nov 1
  • Regulatory recourse: everyone stop selling paint!

Subd. 3.Requirement for sale.

(a) On and after July 1, 2014, or three months after program plan approval, whichever is sooner, no producer, wholesaler, or retailer may sell or offer for sale in the state architectural paint unless the paint's producer participates in an approved stewardship plan, either individually or through a stewardship organization.

paint stewardship plan

PaintCare was the only entity that submitted a plan

  • Plan reviewed, comments received by stakeholders; MPCA submitted comments to PaintCare.
  • Final Plan due July 3 or 7…
  • Main comments:
    • Projected collection volumes
    • Insurance and assurance
    • Education clarifications
Paint stewardship PLAn
paint stewardship plan1

Included: “evidence of adequate insurance and financial assurance that may be required for collection, handling, and disposal operations”

Plan is posted at:

Paint stewardship plan

Coordinate with your regulators before you finalize legislation!

MN regulates businesses down to the drop; no one is conditionally exempt (CESQG vs. VSQG)

Rules revised under “housekeeping” to regulate paint only collectors at the SQG level.

Adjustments to Metro County Ordinances also required.

Impact to county and state fees collected to run HW programs in MN

perceived regulatory barriers

Level of regulation for collectors: all HHW is fully regulated once collected; same for VSQG waste

ID numbers: must have one to drop off waste

Licensing: $

Receipts: to demonstrate proper disposal

Reporting: discussing nationally

Changes to rules is difficult in MN

Perceived Regulatory barriers
regulatory assistance

Guidance developed for Collectors and Generators located at:; scroll down to “Specific Wastes” look for paint

May 29th: Mailed guidance to ~3,200 businesses with the word “paint, wall coverings… etc. in the business name with a July 1 start.

Will be re-mailing to the 3,200 businesses with the revised start date of Nov 1.

Regulatory assistance
contract process

HHW Programs went through contract and provided comments to SWMCB and SWAA, which are the groups that develop policy for Metro and Greater MN solid waste programs

Association of Minnesota Counties and Minnesota Counties Insurance Trust also weighed in.

Template “for doing business in Minnesota” developed

Contract process
mn contract for hhw county programs

Recitals revise the relationship

Allows counties to continue to use established State Contract vendors.

Reduced liability and insurance provisions.

On-site services may require a different level of liability protection: bulking, transport, processing, reuse

MN contract for HHW/county programs
mn contract for hhw county programs1

Template was drafted and reviewed by 10+ county attorneys.

HHW Programs commented on draft

Draft submitted to PaintCare on June 3.

Initial response from PC is that the insurance and indemnification provisions are lacking

MN counties that PC provide specific examples of potential liability issues that they will have in Minnesota for merely reimbursing for services  provided under the State contract.

MN contract for HHW/county programs

HHW/VSQG Programs had businesses showing up with paint and demanding free disposal in May—word is getting out!

Not many questions have come in to MPCA

Removed HHW/VSQG sites from paint locator until closer to Nov 1 or when contracts are signed.

thoughts on the process

Those who draft legislation need to have a deep understanding of existing regulatory framework

More regular communications sooner


Future PS efforts; precedence and sustainability

Thoughts on the process