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Nutrition Facts

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Nutrition Facts. Pre-Assessment for FCS. Kimberly Hisler 1/18/10. Which fruit contains the most vitamin C?. B Vitamins play a role in keeping your blood, skin and _________ healthy. Eyes. heart. Nervous system. Bibliography.

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nutrition facts

Nutrition Facts

Pre-Assessment for FCS

Kimberly Hisler


b vitamins play a role in keeping your blood skin and healthy
B Vitamins play a role in keeping your blood, skin and _________ healthy.



Nervous system

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continued bibliography
Continued Bibliography
  • images/banana1.jpg
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  • eye_effect/real_eye.jpgImage
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continued bibliography1
Continued Bibliography
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continued bibliography2
Continued Bibliography
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bananas are not correct but
Bananas are not correct but…….
  • They do provide a good source of vitamin B6, potassium and fiber
  • Click here for more info


blueberries are not correct but
Blueberries are not correct, but
  • they do provide some Vitamin C and also

Vitamin E.

  • Click here for more information on blueberries


eyes are not correct
Eyes are not correct.
  • Eyes need Vitamin A to stay healthy
  • Click here for more info


the heart is not correct
The Heart is not correct
  • The heart need a variety of nutrients to stay healthy
  • Click here for more information