Generation transmission nat gas network co optimizations
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Generation, Transmission & Nat Gas Network Co-Optimizations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Generation, Transmission & Nat Gas Network Co-Optimizations. Transparent, Repeatable, Defendable, and Published. Market Simulation & Analysis. Proven power and natural gas market simulation tool

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Generation transmission nat gas network co optimizations

Generation, Transmission & Nat Gas NetworkCo-Optimizations

Transparent, Repeatable, Defendable, and Published

Market simulation analysis
Market Simulation & Analysis

  • Proven power and natural gas market simulation tool

  • Uses mathematical programming, optimisation and stochastic techniques (MIP, LP, SO)

  • Robust analytical framework:

    • Security Constrained Unit Commitment and Economic Dispatch

    • Stochastic Renewable Energy Models

    • Interregional Planning

    • Monte Carlo Simulation Risk and Reliability Analysis

    • Portfolio Optimization and Fuel Cost Minimization

    • Users can enable different co-optimizations for different cases

  • Power system model scalable to thousands of generators and transmission lines and nodes, or zonal or regional representations such as pipe and bubble

Integrated Gas and Electric Model

Plexos integrated tools
PLEXOS Integrated Tools

  • Production Cost w/ Co-Optimization of Ancillary Services

    • Detailed nodal production cost or zonal (pipe and bubble) production cost with user settable time intervals from sub hourly, to hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, annual

    • Co-Optimization of Sub-Hourly Ancillary Services with Energy Market and Transmission Power Flows

    • Co-Optimization of Production Costs (nodal or zonal) Electricity Market and Natural Gas Network

  • Mid Term Co-Optimization

    • Annual or monthly constraints such as emissions or hydro decomposed to short term optimization of Production Cost

  • Long Term Planning Co-Optimization of Generation and Transmission Expansion as well Natural Gas Network Expansion

    • Chronological or Duration curve (nodal or zonal) Co-Optimization of Generation and Transmission and User can enable co-optimization of natural gas network expansion with transmission and generation expansion or fix generation and transmission expansion and elect to optimize the natural gas network to accommodate the generation transmission expansion scenarios.

    • The model optimizes using Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) in which the transmission expansion and generation retirements are modelled as “integer” decisions to ensure full commissioning of transmission upgrades and full decommissioning of generating units in one particular year. Generation expansion is modelled using continuous variables, allowing partial power plants to be built in a particular year.

  • Reliability Evaluation

    • Convolution Method to calculate LOLEand LOLP and true Monte Carlo Simulation to consider transmission network and renewable generation uncertainty

Integrated planning database in plexos

Generation Characteristics

Electrical Network Data

Natural Gas Network Data

Demand and Energy Shapes

Fuel Prices

Hurdle and Wheeling Rates



Annual Environmental Constraints

Energy Constraints

Mid Term Optimizations


Integrated Planning DatabaseIn PLEXOS

Single Database


Multiple Types of Studies

FOR Transmission

FOR Generation

FOR Gas Pipeline

Renewable Variability

and Uncertainties

Demand Uncertainty


Generator Costs Transmission Line Costs

Pipeline Costs

Gas Storage Costs

Energy Efficiency Cost Curve

Demand Shapes


Transparent repeatable defendable and published
Transparent, Repeatable, Defendable, and Published

  • Transparent:

    • The LP formation is open to the PLEXOS user and software and datasets developed to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Control system and software commercial

  • Repeatable:

    • Developed Cases and Study Processes Can Be Transferred to Other PLEXOS Users

  • Defendable:

    • PLEXOS licensed in United States, Australia, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Russia, and Africa

      • PLEXOS Installation Sites: 136

      • Countries PLEXOS Installed: 33

      • PLEXOS Licenses: 769

      • PLEXOS Users: 716

  • Licensed by National Labs, ISO’s, Utilities, Generators, Regulators

  • Published:



  • Example PLEXOS Licensed Users