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E174 DataWindows, XML & XSL-FO in PowerBuilder 9.0 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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E174 DataWindows, XML & XSL-FO in PowerBuilder 9.0. Angelo Scipione Staff S/W Engineer Sybase, Enterprise Solutions Div. Scipione@sybase.com. Agenda. Review the basic concepts of XML Defining XML Templates in the DataWindow Painter

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E174 datawindows xml xsl fo in powerbuilder 9 0

E174 DataWindows, XML & XSL-FOin PowerBuilder 9.0

  • Angelo Scipione

    • Staff S/W Engineer

    • Sybase, Enterprise Solutions Div.

    • Scipione@sybase.com


  • Review the basic concepts of XML

  • Defining XML Templates in the DataWindow Painter

  • New DataWindow Properties to control exporting & importing XML

  • Enhanced methods for exporting & importing XML

  • Generating XSL-FO

Review of xml
Review of XML

Extensible Markup Language

  • Extends the ability to represent data

  • Metadata language=tags & layout can be customized

  • Data can be hierarchically structured with nesting

  • Easily parsed across applications, platforms, enterprises, and Web for data interchange

  • Spec at http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-xml

Xml document
XML Document

  • Well-Formed if structure follows XML syntax rules

    • Contains one or more elements

      • Element is a tree containing start-tag, content, end-tag

        • Start-tag is a name, enclosed by angle brackets, with optional attributes

    • One root; all element tags properly nested

  • Valid if structure conforms to a DTD or Schema

    • DTD defines grammar for XML document

      • Subset can be internal or external

Xml parsing
XML Parsing

DOM Parser

  • DOM provides API access to XML tree model

  • Useful if manipulating or re-traversing the document

    SAX Parser

  • Event-driven

  • Useful if extracting data once in single traversal

    Apache Xerces-C++ integrated in PowerBuilder 9.0

  • More on this (PBDOM) presented in E 171

Xml modeled by dom tree
XML Modeled by DOM Tree

<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8”?>

<!DOCTYPE menu SYSTEM menu.dtd>


<meal name=“breakfast”>


Scrambled Eggs



Hash Browns



Orange Juice



<meal name=“snack”>




















Datawindow data templates
DataWindow Data Templates

  • Defines the mapping between values from a DataWindow and locations in an external document format, like XML

  • References can be:

    • DataWindow control values (text)

      • Columns

      • Computed Fields

      • Texts

    • DataWindow Expressions (evaluated at runtime)

      • Columns

Datawindow data templates1
DataWindow Data Templates

  • References are specific to a DataWindow’s namespace

  • Persists as its child object in PBL, SRD

  • Can save more than one for a DataWindow

  • Must be uniquely named

  • Template employed at runtime by name with the new UseTemplate DataWindow Property

  • Used for data export and/or import

Other items in an export xml template
Other Items in an Export XML Template

  • XML declaration

  • Document Type declaration

  • Root element (required)

  • Child elements (any level of nesting)

  • Attributes

  • Literal text

  • Comments

  • Processing instructions

  • CDATA sections

Export xml template divided in 2
Export XML Template Divided in 2

Header Section

Optionally contains:

  • XML declaration (dialog)

  • Document type declaration (dialog)

  • Comments (dialog)

  • Processing instructions (dialog)

  • Root element (required)

  • Child elements (non-iterative)

Export xml template divided in 21
Export XML Template Divided in 2

Detail Section

Iterated for each row; can contain:

  • Detail (row) Start element

  • Child or sibling elements to the Detail Start element

  • Content and Attribute values (dialog)

    • DataWindow control references (dialog or drag-drop)

    • DataWindow Expressions (dialog)

  • Literal text

  • Comments, PIs, and CDATA sections

View features
View Features

  • Item-specific context menus, label-editing & dialogs

  • Header/Detail marked by line across TreeView

  • Drag-and-drop from Control List View and Column Specification View

  • View-level menu

    • New

    • New Default

    • Open (dialog)

    • Save, SaveAs (dialog)

    • Delete

Default template
Default Template


  • XML declaration

  • Root element (defaults to DataWindow name)

  • Detail Start element (defaults to DW name + “_row”)

  • Child elements of the Detail Start element named for each DataWindow column with content reference

  • Useful as starting point

  • Same structure assumed at runtime if no UseTemplate specified on XML export or import

Datawindow properties in powerscript
DataWindow Properties in PowerScript


Controls logical structure of XML data exported by DW

PowerBuilder dot notation:


Describe and Modify argument:

“DataWindow.Export.XML.UseTemplate { = ‘value’ }”

Datawindow properties in powerscript1
DataWindow Properties in PowerScript


Returns number of Templates saved for DataWindow

PowerBuilder dot notation:


Describe argument:


Datawindow properties in powerscript2
DataWindow Properties in PowerScript


Returns name of Template by array index (storage order)

PowerBuilder dot notation:


Describe argument:

“DataWindow.Export.XML.Template[” + n + “].Name”

Runtime template enumeration example
Runtime Template Enumeration Example

String ls_template_count, ls_template_name

Long l_template_count, i

l_template_count = &


For i = 1 to l_template_count

ls_template_name = &




Datawindow properties in powerscript3
DataWindow Properties in PowerScript


Controls type of metadata to accompany exported XML

PowerBuilder dot notation:


Describe and Modify argument:

“DataWindow.Export.XML.MetaDataType { = ‘value’ }”

Datawindow properties in powerscript4
DataWindow Properties in PowerScript


Controls location of generated metadata

PowerBuilder dot notation:


Describe and Modify argument:

“DataWindow.Export.XML.SaveMetaData { = ‘value’ }”

Methods to export xml
Methods to Export XML

DataWindow Painter

File…Save Rows As… menu item

Save as type: XML

Methods to export xml1
Methods to Export XML

SaveAs method

integer dwcontrol.SaveAs ( string filename,

saveastype saveastype,

boolean colheading )


Datawindow properties in powerscript5
DataWindow Properties in PowerScript


String containing DataWindow data exported in XML

PowerBuilder dot notation:


Describe argument:


Datawindow properties in powerscript6
DataWindow Properties in PowerScript


String containing XML Schema generated from Template

PowerBuilder dot notation:


Describe argument:


Datawindow properties in powerscript7
DataWindow Properties in PowerScript


String containing DTD generated from Template

PowerBuilder dot notation:


Describe argument:


Importing xml data into datawindow
Importing XML Data into DataWindow

  • Analogous to XML export

  • Piggybacks off of Export XML Template to interpret the logical structure and DataWindow mapping of XML document to import

  • Uses SAX parser for performance

  • DataWindow Import methods enhanced

Datawindow properties in powerscript8
DataWindow Properties in PowerScript


Controls logical structure of XML data imported by DW

PowerBuilder dot notation:


Describe and Modify argument:

“DataWindow.Import.XML.UseTemplate { = ‘value’ }”

Methods to import xml
Methods to Import XML

long dwcontrol.ImportFile ( { saveastype importtype, }

string filename {, long startrow {, long endrow {, long

startcolumn {, long endcolumn {, long dwstartcolumn }}}}} )

long dwcontrol.ImportString ( { saveastype importtype, }

string string {, long startrow {, long endrow {, long

startcolumn {, long endcolumn {, long dwstartcolumn }}}}} )

long dwcontrol.ImportClipboard ( { saveastype importtype

{, long startrow {, long endrow {, long startcolumn {, long

endcolumn {, long dwstartcolumn }}}}}} )

Xsl fo generator
XSL-FO Generator

XSL Formatting Objects

  • Second part of XSL W3C Recommendation covering presentation of XML

  • Spec at http://www.w3.org/TR/xsl/slice6.html#fo-section

  • XSL-FO processors can render to PDF

    • Apache XML FOP Project

    • http://xml.apache.org/fop

Datawindow properties in powerscript9
DataWindow Properties in PowerScript


String containing DataWindow data & presentation in XSL Formatting Objects

PowerBuilder dot notation:


Describe argument:


Sybase developer network sdn
Sybase Developer Network (SDN)

Additional Resources for Developers/DBAs

  • Single point of access to developer software, services, and up-to-date technical information:

    • White papers and documentation

    • Collaboration with other developers and Sybase engineers

    • Code samples and beta programs

    • Technical recordings

    • Free software

    • Join today: www.sybase.com/developer or visit SDN at TechWave’s Technology Boardwalk