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Faculty Senate Orientation Fall 2011. Welcome to the 2011-2012 Senate!. President Elect Rhonda Comrie President Jane Gillespie Past President Jonathan Pettibone. Online Resources for Senators. Webpage http://www.siue.edu/ugov/faculty/ Blackboard http://bb.siue.edu/.

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Welcome to the 2011 2012 senate
Welcome to the 2011-2012 Senate!

  • President Elect

    • Rhonda Comrie

  • President

    • Jane Gillespie

  • Past President

    • Jonathan Pettibone

Online resources for senators
Online Resources for Senators





Brief overview of senate structures
Brief Overview of Senate Structures

  • Executive Committee

  • Standing Councils

    • Standing Subcommittees

    • Working Groups/Ad Hoc Committees

  • Graduate Council

  • Representatives to University Committees


  • Senate Meets on the 1st Thursday of every Month during the 9 month academic year

    • Location: Mississippi/Illinois room of MUC

    • Time: 2:30 pm until finished (usually 4:30 pm)

    • No meeting in January & August

    • Special Sessions can be called by…

      • Executive committee

      • Written request of 5 or more senators


  • Senate Procedures

    • Quorum represented by presence of 50% of senate membership

    • Conducted under Roberts Rules of Order

    • Each present senator or alternate has one vote

    • Any senator may make a motion

    • All meetings are open to the public

      • Non-senators may speak by majority vote

      • Meeting may be closed by majority vote

      • No final votes may take place in a closed meeting


  • Councils meet every 3rd Thursday during the 9 month academic year

    • Location: MUC, varies depending on council

    • Time: 2:30 pm until finished

    • No meeting in August

    • Meetings are open to the public (but can be closed)


  • Council Procedures

    • Senators are assigned to councils by executive committee

    • Council members are assigned to sub-committees based on interest and need


  • Executive Committee meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the 9 month academic year

    • Location: International Room, MUC

    • Time: 2:30 pm until finished

    • Meets in August and January


  • Executive Committee procedures

    • Creates agenda for senate meetings

    • Meetings are closed to the public

    • No member of administration may serve

      • President meets once a month with Chancellor & Provost

      • Administration may be invited to attend

    • Power to act for senate on matters of immediate need

Membership and responsibilities
Membership and Responsibilities

  • Three year term beginning in Fall

  • Attendance is expected at all senate and council meetings

    • Alternate from same unit should be appointed if you cannot attend > 50% meetings

    • Seat may be declared vacant if you attend < 50% of total senate & council meetings without an appointed alternate

  • Must maintain 50% or greater assignment within your unit

Membership and responsibilities1
Membership and Responsibilities

  • Recall procedures

    • Initiated by faculty petition of at least 15% of unit

    • Recalled by majority vote (> 50%)

Membership and responsibilities2
Membership and Responsibilities

  • Election of President Elect

    • Elected by majority vote of all faculty in Spring semester

    • Term starts following Fall

    • Must be current member of Senate

      • Replacement senator elected by unit

Membership and responsibilities3
Membership and Responsibilities

  • Election of President Elect

    • Nomination Committee

      • President

      • President Elect

      • Chair of Rules and Procedures

    • Nominations may be made from the floor at the February meeting of the Senate

Membership and responsibilities4
Membership and Responsibilities

  • You represent your unit- be visible!

    • Communicate

      • With those you represent (Department and School)

    • Disseminate

      • The actions of the senate

    • Vote

      • For those you represent and your own opinion

Executive committee
Executive Committee

  • Officers

    • President Elect- Rhonda Comrie

    • President- Jane Gillespie

    • Past President- Jon Pettibone

  • Council Chairs

    • Curriculum- Sue Wiediger

    • Faculty Development- Musonda Kapatamoyo

    • Rules and Procedures- Morris Taylor

    • Welfare- Ken Moffett

    • Graduate Council- Marcus Agustin

  • UBPC

    • Chair of UPBC- Tim Schoenecker

Curriculum council
Curriculum Council

  • Membership: 7 to 13 senators

  • Openings for 2011/12: 5

  • The Curriculum Council is responsible to the Faculty Senate for :

    • formulating and recommending policy on undergraduate curriculum (instructional programs; courses of study; definitions of certificates, diplomas, degrees, student entrance, retention and exit)

    • for formulating and reviewing undergraduate curricular policy proposals

    • for reviewing the administration of all undergraduate curricular matters

    • for conducting undergraduate program reviews. "Undergraduate" shall be defined as including both dental and continuing education.

Curriculum council1
Curriculum Council

  • Subcommittees

    • Course Review

    • Program Review

    • General Education

    • Academic Standards and Practices

    • Committee on Assessment

    • Graduation appeals

Curriculum council2
Curriculum Council

  • Business finished in 2010-2011

    • Revised Operating Papers

    • Expanded course descriptions

    • Approved SET proposal

    • Oversaw many changes to courses and programs

    • Approved program reviews

  • Unfinished business for 2011-2012

    • Investigating a plus/minus grade system

    • Changes to the Form 90 (adding, modifying, dropping courses) review process

Faculty development council
Faculty Development Council

Membership: 11 senators

Openings for 2011/12: 3

Faculty development council1
Faculty Development Council

Responsibilities Include:

Develop and promote programs relating to faculty roles and responsibilities in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and service, such as the Fall Faculty Symposium, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning initiatives

To serve as liaison to SIUE faculty to identify faculty development interests

To coordinate the dissemination of information of campus, state, and national initiatives concerning faculty roles and responsibilities.

To encourage broad faculty involvement and open discussion within departments regarding faculty roles and responsibilities and coordinate these activities at college, school and university levels

To provide for the oversight of the Excellence in Undergraduate Education Program (EUE)

Faculty development council2
Faculty Development Council

  • Subcommittees

    • EUE Review and Oversight

    • Faculty Symposium

Rules and procedures council
Rules and Procedures Council

Membership: 6 to 12 senators

Openings for 2011/12: 2

Rules and procedures council1
Rules and Procedures Council

  • The Rules and Procedures Council is charged with

    • Recommendations pertaining to structuring the Faculty Senate, specifically the reapportionment of Senate seats, seating and unseating Senators, and the election of Senate Officers

    • examining the academic governance of the University per se including name changes and/or the restructuring of departments and schools

    • liaison with internal bodies , e.g. Student Senate, University Staff Senate, etc., and external bodies, e.g. SIUC and the Board of Trustees

    • evaluation of the Chancellor and the Provost and Vice Chancellor

    • recommending possible changes in the Board Statutes to the Board of Trustees

    • reviewing current practices and policies in the area of academic governance and formulating guidelines for the administration and governance of all academic units

Rules and procedures council2
Rules and Procedures Council

  • Subcommittees

    • Constitution and Bylaws

    • Evaluation and Liaison

    • Personnel

Welfare council
Welfare Council

  • Membership: 9 Senators

  • Openings for 2011/12: 4

    • The Welfare Council shall be concerned with, but not limited to policies pertaining to faculty evaluation, salary, promotion, tenure, leaves of absence, recruitment, retraining, development, rights and responsibilities, general faculty benefits, discipline, severance and grievance.

Welfare council1
Welfare Council

  • Subcommittees

    • Faculty Status

      • Honorary Degree and Distinguished Service Awards

      • Teaching Excellence Awards

    • Benefits and Facilities

    • Salary Equity

    • Grievance

    • Ombuds Office

Welfare council2
Welfare Council

  • Unfinished business for 2011-2012

    • Revisions to the All Employee Policy (documents on BB)

    • Revisions to the Family Leave Policy proposal

Graduate council
Graduate Council

  • Chair: Marcus Agustin

    • Serves as the representative body for the graduate school

    • Directly elected by graduate faculty

    • Members sit on both GC and FS

Working groups
Working Groups

  • SIUE Video Surveillance Policy (Welfare)

    • Steve Kerber

  • SET Implementation Committee (Curriculum)

    • Vicki Scott, Denise Cobb, Jon Pettibone

  • Task Force on Shared Governance (Ex. Com)

    • Duff Wrobbel

  • Family Leave Policy (Welfare)

Representatives to university and state bodies
Representatives to University and State Bodies

  • Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE)

    • Adam Weyhaupt (Alt. for Martha Latorre)

  • Intercollegiate Athletics Committee (ICAC)

    • Reports yearly to Senate

  • Academic Technology Steering and Implementation Committee (ATSIC)

    • Melissa Thomeczek

  • University Center Advisory Board (UCB)

Representatives to standing committees
Representatives to Standing Committees

  • University Planning and Budget Council (UPBC)

    • Susan Breck

    • Larry LaFond

  • General Education Committee Chair

    • Tom Jordan

Other events
Other Events

  • All Faculty Meeting

    • Called once per year by the President

    • Generally in Spring

    • Two weeks notice of agenda must be given

    • Topic generally set by Executive Committee

  • Faculty Development Symposium

    • Once per year

    • Run by FDC