Communication and leadership
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Communication and Leadership. Putting on Conferences and Contests. Why Have Speech Contests. Showcase for Toastmasters Recognizes Outstanding Speakers Promotes Inter-club Awareness Develops Spirit of Teamwork and Pride Builds Morale and Solidarity Builds Area/Division Unity. Resources

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Communication and leadership


Putting onConferences and Contests

Why have speech contests
Why Have Speech Contests

  • Showcase for Toastmasters

  • Recognizes Outstanding Speakers

  • Promotes Inter-club Awareness

  • Develops Spirit of Teamwork and Pride

  • Builds Morale and Solidarity

  • Builds Area/Division Unity

Seminar overview




Sequence of Activities/Checklist

How to make:



Working Agenda



Finance and Registration


Speech Contest


Hospitality and Reception


Seminar Overview



District Speech Contest Chairman

Area/Division Governors

District Officers

Past District Officers


Area Contest Guide

Area Management Handbook

TM Speech Contest Rulebook

TM Speech Contest Manual

TM Supply Catalog



Event Chairperson

Host Club or Area








Chief Judge


Responsibilities before the contest
Responsibilities(Before the Contest)

  • Area or Division Governor sets the date and time.

  • AG or DvG, together with Contest Chair, sets the venue and format.

  • AG or DvG appoints the Toastmaster and Chief Judge.

    • Chief Judge (and only the CJ) appoints the tiebreak judge.

  • Club EVPs schedule speech contests and pass winners names to Contest Committee.

  • Contest Committee recruits contest officials (including judges, timers, ballot counters and calligrapher).

  • Event Chair arranges for certificates of participation and appreciation.

Responsibilities during the contest

Presiding Officer

Call to order



Event Chairperson


Event flow

General administration


Flow of the contest

Contestant introductions

Silent periods

Contestant interviews

Chief Judge





Conduct of the contest

Contest procedure



Timing contestants

Controlling silent periods

Timing other speakers

Responsibilities(During the Contest)

Responsibilities after the contest
Responsibilities(After the Contest)

  • Send names, titles of speeches, and contact information for contest winners to next higher level Contest Chairperson

  • Distribute certificates of appreciation to contest officials

  • Ensure that all meal payments and other fees have been collected

  • Prepare accounting of contest receipts and payments for AG or DvG

  • Ensure that all bills are paid

Contest flow
Contest Flow

  • Presiding Officer calls the contest to order and introduces guests and dignitaries

  • Presiding Officer introduces Toastmaster

  • Toastmaster introduces Chief Judge

  • Toastmaster introduces and interviews contestants

  • Presiding Officer recognizes Toastmaster and Chief Judge

  • Presiding Officer presents recognition awards

  • Presiding Officer introduces the Event Chair who recognizes the contest committee chairs and officials

  • Presiding Officer recognizes Event Chair

  • District Representative announces contest winners

  • Presiding Officer adjourns contest

Introductions and protocol
Introductions and Protocol

  • Introductions are made in order of official position, top-down, current officers and then past officers:

    • Non-Toastmasters and Honored Guests

    • International Officers, Directors, and past Officers and Directors

    • Honored Guest/District Representative

    • District Governor and past District Governors

    • Elected District Officers (appointed officers optional)

    • Home Division Governor then visiting Division Governors

    • Home Area Governors then visiting Area Governors

    • Club Presidents

  • The general form of introduction is: Office/Educational level/Name (e.g., District Governor, Distinguished Toastmaster John Q. Public).

  • In general, only officers one level below the contest level are introduced (e.g., at Division contests, Area Governors are introduced, but not Club Presidents). At Division and lower level contests, past officers are optionally introduced and only at the level of the contest (e.g., at a Division contest, only past Division Governors would be introduced, not past Area Governors).

  • When a couple (husband and wife, officer and companion) are both TM officers, the higher ranking officer is introduced in his/her proper sequence and the companion is introduced at the same time.


  • Define the job

  • Find the right person to do the job

  • Explain your expectation


  • Follow up

  • Recognize achievement

Finance and registration
Finance and Registration

  • Makes the budget and disburses funds

  • Orders supplies (certificates, trophies, awards)

  • Prepares registration lists

    • Alphabetical list

    • [Optional] categorical lists (club, area, division, meal choice)

  • Distributes registration lists:

    • Hospitality and Reception Committee (2 copies)

    • Area or Division Governor

    • Event Chairperson

  • [Optionally] Provides representative to Hospitality and Reception committee to help identify dignitaries.

Note: Finance and registration is the only committee that requires approval of the host club because this committee will be responsible for disbursing funds from the club treasury.


  • Responsible for all promotional activities connected with the contest…

  • Prepares and distributes contest flyer…

  • Assists the Contest committee in preparing and distributing information packets to contestants and contest officials…




How to make a flyer
How to Make a Flyer

  • Toastmaster Logo

  • District identification

  • Sponsoring organization(Area or Division)

  • What event

  • When

    • Date

    • Time (am, pm)

      • Registration

      • No-host cocktails

      • Contest start

  • Where (map)

  • Why

  • How much

  • Contact

  • Registration form

  • Name

  • Educational accomplishments

  • Current office

  • Guest name

  • Club/Club No.

  • Meal options

  • Prices

  • Late fees

  • Contact

    • Name

    • Address

    • Phone number

  • Check payable to

Speech contest committee
Speech Contest Committee

  • Identifies contestants and the titles of their speeches

  • Verifies contestants’ eligibility

  • Identifies and contacts all contest officials

  • Prepares and distributes information packets to officials and contestants

  • Provides the names of officials and contestants (with their speech titles) to the Program committee

  • Identifies any special equipment requirements for officials and contestants and notifies the Facilities committee of these requirements

Note: This committee is responsible for all aspects of preparing for and conducting the speech contest. Because the Chief Judge is responsible for the contest officials and the actual conduct of the contest, it is suggested that the Chief Judge chair this committee.

Program committee
Program Committee

  • This committee is responsible for developing the program for this event. This task is accomplished in close cooperation with the Presiding Officer (AG or DvG), the Event Chairperson, and the Chief Judge.

  • The committee should produce two documents:

    • Working Agenda

      The working agenda is a minute-by-minute description of event activities. It includes appropriate allocations of time for the Presiding Officer, speaking dignitaries, the Chief Judge, the District Representative, and the contestants.

    • Program

      The program is an outline of the contest activities FOR THE AUDIENCE. It should contain a brief overview of the sequence of events with only key times identified (e.g., call to order and return from dinner recess). The program should identify participating officials, the District Representative, and the contestants and their speech titles.

      The program should NOT contain any information identifying the contestants Club or Area. It should NOT contain any special recognition (e.g., Toastmaster of the Year) if candidates for these honors are contestants.


  • Room arrangement (lecterns, risers, head table)

  • American flag and District/Division/Area banners

  • Tables and chairs for reception, timers, raffle, and trophies

  • Work room for Chief Judge and ballot counters

  • Special contest equipment (timing lights and backup timing devices, microphones, flipcharts, overhead projectors, screens, etc.)

  • Food and food service needs

Hospitality and reception
Hospitality and Reception

  • Working closely with Facilities, this committee is responsible for setting up the contest room, including:

    • Placing name cards when appropriate

    • Decorating the head table and arranging seating at the head table (with concurrence and approval of the Presiding Officer)

    • Checking in attendees, distributing meal choice tickets, if necessary, and collecting fees for late registrants and walk-ins

    • Recognizing dignitaries and preparing a protocol list of introductions for the Presiding Officer

Note: It is a good idea to have a member of the Registration committee assist Reception with guest check-in and to identify dignitaries.

Raffle committee
Raffle Committee

This committee is responsible for planning, preparing, and conducting a fund raising raffle if the Presiding Officer and Event Chairperson elect to have one.

  • Solicits gifts/prizes from clubs, individuals, and other organizations

  • Obtains and sells raffle tickets

  • Conducts raffle drawing

  • Prepares an accounting of the raffle for the Finance committee