Sexuality in lifestyle branding
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Sexuality in Lifestyle Branding. Alyssa Aldrich. My Thesis:.

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My thesis
My Thesis:

Through a textual analysis of two specific advertisements, this paper will focus on how many companies, especially high fashion, such as Dolce and Gabbana, have effectively grabbed the attention of their target audience through lifestyle branding and sexual images. However, they have crossed the line on what is acceptable with their controversial ads, and the sexual images used are unrelated and unnecessary to selling their products.

Target audience
Target Audience

Dolce & Gabbana’s company is a brand that is a luxurious, an expensive, status symbol brand, and their target market includes people from 15 to 25, who are innovators, trendsetters and everyone who enjoys freedom and irony in fashion.

D&Gbrand is a fashion label, and it was inspired by the street contemporary music for a non-conventional personal style. It means “freedom.”

Ads that i analyzed
Ads that I analyzed:

Text #1

Text #2

In text 1
In text #1

Shows a man holding a woman to the ground by her wrists

A group of men stand and watch

Was extremely controversial and received many complaints.

The woman is positioned in a highly sexualized way and she is the only woman in the picture again and is surrounded by men

They appear to be floating in the sky, as there is nothing but clouds in the background. It really ads to the fantasy effect, but nonetheless, it is overly sexualized and unnecessary for the products in which are being advertised.

The debates over this advertisement in particular is over whether or not this image represents an artistic interpretation of a sexual fantasy, or if it just glorifies rape.

However, regardless, as this company continues to push the envelope and strives to remain “cutting edge,” the line between sexy and flat out offensive continues to blur.

In text 2
In text #2

Shows two women dominating a man

It’s not that Dolce and Gabbana are trying to make men appear more aggressive than women, since there are variations of the two.

In this ad, the man is in a chair being held down by the two women.

One woman is standing behind the man holding his neck and the other girl is in front of him, barely wearing any pants and a little sweater, and it looks like she is trying to undo his belt.

The man is unable to move. This implies that the women are trying to rape the man.

They are using highly sexualized images both of men and women, and the ads are glorifying sex and violence in some way or another.

Social implications

Social Implications:

1. Using sex to sell a product portrays a casual attitude about sex to young people, which can lead to our youth becoming more sexually promiscuous.

2. The promotion of materialism (Advertisers want you to think you need this new Gucci purse when really you already have very nice things that work just fine.) This results in people wanting bigger, better, and more things.