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DELAWARE VALLEY REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT. 2011-2012 BUDGET PRESENTATION March 28, 2011. Mission Statement. The mission of Delaware Valley Regional High School is to enrich the lives of all students through exceptional education based on the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.

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delaware valley regional high school district


March 28, 2011

mission statement
Mission Statement

The mission of Delaware Valley Regional High School is to enrich the lives of all students through exceptional education based on the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.

areas of focus
Areas of Focus
  • Maintaining Our Excellent School System
  • Raising Standards and Expanding Opportunities
  • Building Professionalism
  • Planning for the Future
did you know
Did you know…
  • The 2011-2012 budget maintains existing staffing levels and programs
  • Additional State Aid and Federal Ed Jobs Funding allow for the restoration of 6 instructional positions
  • The district has met the state’s efficiency standard for administrative cost per pupil:  the district’s cost per pupil of $1,589 per pupil is $179 per pupil less than the DOE’s regional limit of $1,768
  • Transportation efficiencies have allowed us to reduce costs by more than $100,000 for the 2011-2012 school year
  • The Delaware Valley Regional High School has become a leader in Shared Services
shared services
Shared Services
  • Administrative:
    • Superintendent shared with Frenchtown Elementary School
  • Transportation:
    • Host district for Transportation Jointures: Alexandria, Kingwood, Holland, Delaware Valley, North Hunterdon-Voorhees, Hunterdon County Educational Services Commission
    • Special Education and Extracurricular Transportation Services provided to multiple districts throughout Hunterdon and Somerset County
  • Technology:
    • Host District for internet consortium with elementary districts
  • Facilities:
    • Provide licensed HVAC and Electrician services to K-8 districts on time and material basis
  • Purchasing Cooperatives:
    • Hunterdon County Educational Services Commission, Middlesex Regional Educational Services Commission, Somerset County, Alliance for Competitive Energy Services (ACES) Energy Consortium, Alliance for Competitive Telecommunications (ACT) Telecommunications Consortium
budget challenges
Budget Challenges
  • Health benefits premium increase
  • Providing adequate resources to continue curriculum development, professional development
  • Maintaining quality instructional services
  • Providing adequate resources to continue special initiatives for underachieving students
  • Constructing a budget that protects, maintains and improves the quality educational programs that DVRHS values in a difficult economic climate
  • All within a 2% tax levy cap
school budgeting 101
School Budgeting 101

GAAP Funds

Fund 10 – General Current Expense (11 & 12): operations, salaries, benefits, instruction, support services, equipment and supplies

Fund 20 – Special Grants and Entitlements: state and federal grants, IDEIA, NCLB

Fund 40 – Repayment of Debt: interest and principal on long-term debt

f10 expenditures 16 873 874
F10 Expenditures: $16,873,874





Where does the money go?

f10 expenditures 16 873 8741
F10 Expenditures: $16,873,874

Instruction and Support: $9,537,654 –Regular Education, Special Education, Basic Skills, Bilingual, Co-Curricular and Athletics, Tuition, Health Services, Related Services, Guidance, Child Study Team, Improvement of Instruction, School Library, Staff Training

Administration: $1,219,455 – General (Superintendent and BOE), School (Principal), and Central Services (Business Administration and Information Technology)

Facilities and Transportation: $2,468,595– Custodial and Maintenance, Pupil Transportation (regular and special education)

Employee Benefits: $3,648,170– Social Security, Unemployment, Workers’ Compensation, Health Benefits, Tuition Reimbursement

administration 1 219 455
Administration: $1,219,455

General Administration: $474,682 –Salaries for Superintendent, Secretary, Treasurer of School Monies, Professional Service Fees for Attorney, Architect, Auditor and Engineer, District Communications (phone, internet, postage), Liability Insurance Premiums, Election Expenses, Office Supplies and NJSBA Membership Dues

School Administration: $386,090 – Salaries for Principal, Vice-Principal and Support Staff, Graduation Expenses, Student Form and ID Printing, Report Card Expenses, Student Drug Testing, Membership Dues

Central Services (Business Administration and Information Technology): $358,683– Salaries for Business Administrator, IT Manager, Business Office Staff, Financial and Personnel Software and Payroll Processing, Business Forms and Office Supplies, Membership Dues

f10 revenues 16 873 874
F10 Revenues: $16,873,874



Where does the money come from?


f10 revenues 16 873 8741
F10 Revenues: $16,873,874

Other: $161,016 - Miscellaneous Revenue, Interest Income, Fund Balance, Tuition

State Aid: $3,801,381 – Special Education, Equalization Aid, Ed Jobs Funding

Local Tax Levy: $12,911,477 – Local property taxes (Does not include debt service)

your property tax bill
Your Property Tax Bill

Your township’s share of the high school tax levy is determined by the State of New Jersey based upon equalized property values, not by DVRHS.

Your total property tax bill is comprised of:

  • Local School Taxes (elementary school)
  • Regional School Taxes (DVRHS)
  • Local Taxes (Municipality)
  • County and Library Taxes

The high school tax levy represents a portion of your total property tax bill. As such, increases/decreases in high school taxes represent an increase/decrease in a portion of your tax bill – not your total tax bill.

2011 2012 tentative tax rates
2011/2012 Tentative Tax Rates


efficiencies source nj department of education comparative spending guide march 2010
EfficienciesSource: NJ Department of Education – Comparative Spending Guide March 2010
  • Lowest comparative cost per pupil in Hunterdon County High School Districts
    • DVRHS - $14,843
    • Hunterdon Central - $16,487
    • N Hunterdon/Voorhees - $15,913
    • South Hunterdon - $21,789
  • Ranked 14th lowest of 47 comparative districts statewide in per pupil administrative costs
donors and benefactors
Donors and Benefactors

The Delaware Valley Regional High School District greatly benefits from the support we receive from private contributors. The contributions made by these generous citizens assist in providing for educational projects and opportunities beyond the basics provided by local tax dollars.  Please join us is showing our appreciation.

The Board of Education wishes to especially acknowledge the ongoing support and generosity of the All Sports Booster Club and Band Boosters.  

  • $500.00 from DVR Parent's Group for an Anti-bullying Program
  • $7,500.00 from the Daniel Hutchins Foundation for Baseball Field Improvements
  • $18,885.00 from Daniel Hutchins Foundation for Locker Room Improvements
  • $1,000.00 from the DelVal Wrestling Foundation for Locker Room Improvements
  • $3,500.00 from the Daniel Hutchins Foundation for Weight Room Equipment
  • $26,364.00 from the DVR Administrators, Dr. Nastus, Mrs. Wasserbach, Mr. Sanford, Dr. Guenther, Mrs. Olcott, and Mrs. Hammerstone for Educational Purposes at the discretion of the Board
  • $10,000.00 from the DVR Band Boosters for Band Uniforms
  • $17,500.00 from the Hunterdon Orthopedic Institute for a new Football Scoreboard
  • $6,000.00 from Dr. Nicholas Avallone for Athletic Trainer Supplies
  • $1,000.00 from Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Avallone for Athletic Supplies
  • Dr. Nick Avallone - Sports Physician Services provided gratis (Since 2008-2009)
  • The Daniel Hutchins Foundation-Athletic Scoreboards
  • Dr. Nick Avallone - Duraband Training System throwing injury prevention tools
2011 school election
2011 School Election
  • Wednesday, April 27, 2011
  • Polling hours are 2:00 PM until 9:00 PM
  • Applications for Absentee Ballots (mail-ins due April 20) and Voter Registration Forms (due April 6) are available this evening
  • Your vote counts, please remember to vote!